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A Free Makeup Session With UNE

December 12, 2012

I have this weakness… I can’t say no to free things.

So when Mademoiselle BIO (one of my favorite natural cosmetics shop) offered me a free makeup session with the brand UNE, I simply couldn’t resist. I’m going to go ahead and spoil the ending for you…. I actually ended up buying one of the UNE makeup products that was used on me today. So in the end, it wasn’t entirely a free lunch.

Overall though, I was quite pleased with the resulting look and the product that I took home.

UNE is another up and coming french natural and organic makeup brand. It’s been making a splash through a recent surge of marketing. In case you were curious, UNE is the word for “one” in french. Their powders, blushes and shadows are made from minerals. Just like with Organiqs, I noticed that UNE’s color palette also tends to be on the light and subtle side. No bright pinks or teals, which was actually a little bit disappointing since I’ve recently become fond of bold-colored eyeshadows. UNE’s eyeshadow color palette does include dark browns and black, which were used for my makeup session this afternoon.

My makeup artist, who introduced herself as “Whitney, like Whitney Houston,” didn’t just expertly put makeup on my face. She also gave me helpful makeup tips. For example, when putting blush on your cheeks, don’t just focus on the round fleshy part of your cheeks. Use upward motions and taper the blush up to your temples with graduating intensity. Hey, I’m learning! I asked her a lot of questions, especially about the brushes that she used and where she got them and whether she preferred natural bristles over synthetic bristles. She said she had no preference.

Choosing which product to purchase among the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick that she used on me, I went with the mineral powder foundation. Mainly because the powder is great at making my complexion look smooth and uniform without giving away the fact that I’m wearing makeup at all. The powder comes in this white sliding rectangular container with a reflective surface. I also received a free makeup bag and an “I am Une” bag for the powder (which is more like a little brown sock).

My takeaway thought from today, and I think we can all agree on this: getting makeup put on your face with the use of brushes is one of the most relaxing sensations in the world.


 1) UNE Makeup Collection. A warm and soft color palette.

2.) Before. 

3.) And after.

4.) Soft Minerals Powder Foundation.

5.)  Sliding container.

6.) The powder inside its I am Une “sock” and UNE Natural Beauty makeup bag.


To learn more about UNE’s brand, I encourage you to visit their website: www.unebeauty.com