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Wanna know what’s beautiful? Love.

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Ziba readers!!!

Does anyone know the history of how Valentine’s Day began?

Neither do I.

You know, I’ve always wondered about Saint Valentine. Who was he? Was he a he? Or a she? Why did he get this romantic day named after him? Did he die from true love? What makes today February 14 so special? And why is February spelled like that? I am always asking pointless questions.

But nevermind.

If you ask me whether or not I celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ll respond with an affirmative “I Celebrate Love!”

And I do! I think Love is Beautiful. It gives a profound depth to our lives.

And I’m not just talking about the sugarcoated fantasy kind of love that is overdone in so many books and hollywood movies.

I’m talking about the truest kind of true love.

The kind that causes us to step outside of ourselves and realize that we are a part of something so much more. The kind of love that is unselfish. That compels us to forgive. The kind of love that a mother has for her child. The love that friends have for each other. Or even the simple kind love that fills our hearts, when in a moment of quiet, we see all the beauty that surrounds us. All of that.

I am pro-that kind of love.

So, when I say Happy Valentine’s day, you can take that to mean that I wish for your day to be filled with Love, Beauty and Harmony!!!

But hey, anyway. If it happens to be in your life, that “cheesy kind of love” can also feel quite alright =)

Love Animation

** p.s. this is a still from a little stop-motion video made by Oliver. If he ever gets around to finishing it, I am going to put it up here because it’s very cute and sweet!