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My Time In Paris Is Drawing To An End

May 20, 2013

A year and a half!

That’s how long I’ll have lived in Paris by the time I leave next month.

My unconsummated love affair with this maddeningly beautiful city is now quickly coming to an end.

I’ve known it for months. But I’ve just been hesitant to say it on this blog. Mainly because Ziba has always been a blog based in Paris.

Paris is, after all, the city where Ziba was born.

In fact, Paris is where many of my colorful plans and daring dreams have taken shape.  

And I’d willingly stay forever if I could. But in order for me to move forward with my dreams and my goals, I have to leave this place. And I have to be open to the changes in my life that are coming.

Yet, it’s been a blast! I’ll be taking many magical memories with me. All those long meandering walks and bicycle rides, the fresh baguettes and buttery croissants, the friends and smiling folks in my neighborhood, surprise bobo art shows, dancing around in rock concerts, picnicking by the river, planting little plants on our balcony, gazing at the moon through our telescope…

And yet, it hasn’t entirely been picture-perfect either. There have also been moments of pure frustration. The kind of frustration you get from living in a super tiny apartment in the attic somewhere in the heart of the heart of Paris. Picture lots of things falling out of small cabinets and onto your head, bumping elbows with door frames and tripping on stacks of books…

But in the end, I know my boyfriend Oliver and I will always look back at this time in our life with much laughter and happiness.

And so, you ask, where am I going now? Well, in the fashion of true nomads, all I can say is… well, right now I can’t say for sure yet.

Yeah, I knoow. Crazy, right? But this is the way I’ve been living my life for the past six years. And I’m just trying to get to a place (both physically and figuratively) where life will finally be a little more stable.

As of right now, all I know is that life is taking us farther and farther out west.

And so, what does this mean for you, my dear readers? 

It means that you are getting a change of scenery. It also means, you are going to start seeing more and more reviews of non-French cosmetics. And alas, I think it might also mean that my blog posting schedule will be a little more erratic as I go through another transitional period in my life.

But, in the spirit of true nomads, I have this feeling that years from now… yes, many years from now…

My path will lead me right back here again…

To Paris.

Parisian Sidewalk

Looking out into Paris

Peacocks in Bois de Vincennes

Parisian Barge, passing through

Paris Bridge Walkway

A Light Above

Photos taken by and copyright of Oliver Squibb.