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Beauty vs. Coffee, An Inner Conflict

August 18, 2012

Coffee at a Parisian Café

When you love coffee as much as I do, you probably welcome studies that highlight the health benefits of drinking coffee. These widely varying health benefits include lower risks of developing certain types of diabetes, skin cancer and depression. But when it comes to our beauty and the health of our skin, drinking too much coffee may end up sabotaging our endeavors towards complete radiance.

I would just like to make one thing clear, here and now. I have no intentions of completely cutting coffee out of my life any time soon. But, to help take down the level of my coffee addiction down a notch, I thought it would help if I write down a list of the pros and cons that I get from my daily cup of joe:


1. Coffee smells A-H-MAZING. The smell is enough to pull me inside any café I happen to walk past.
2. Cakes, cookies, chocolates, and all sweet desserts are ten times better when paired with a cup of coffee.
3. It provides a quick boost of energy.
4. You’re happy! And any conversation you happen to have after a cup of coffee is sooo much more interesting. At least for the first ten minutes.
5. When applied topically in addition to certain creams, coffee has a lot of beauty benefits.


1. It is highly addictive. I am a case in point.
2. I don’t know when enough is enough. So I usually end up shaky and jittery like a crack addict. (Not attractive. -2 beauty points)
3. It makes me actually very tired.
4. I lose quality of sleep. (-3 beauty points)
5. Coffee stains my teeth. (-4 beauty points)
6. Coffee dehydrates my skin. (-5 beauty points)
7. It gives me very strong B.O. (Does this happen to anyone else? It makes my B.O. kind of smell like… coffee. -5 beauty points)
8. It makes me want to eat sweet foods.
9. Doesn’t usually taste that great on its own. (Sometimes, I do luck out with an espresso that, by itself, is The Bomb)
10. I have a very strong suspicion that coffee is the culprit behind the dark circles around my eyes. (-3 beauty points)

So, after tallying all the negative beauty points, the conclusion is that my coffee addiction is slowly transforming me into a jittery, cake craving insomniac with stained teeth, raccoon eyes, dry skin and body odor that, oddly enough, smells like coffee!!

The inner beauty fanatic in me is laughing and crying at the same time.

Which is why I’ve recently decided to chill out a bit with the coffee. Instead, I’ve opted to buy a bag of delicious matcha green tea from a fantastic organic Japanese tea shop. And I have been drinking a cup of this savory green tea every other morning, which has helped to keep my coffee cravings at bay. Plus points for the load of anti-oxidants in green tea!



What about you? Are you a cracked out and conflicted beauty + coffee addict? What are your ideas for easing out your coffee addiction?