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Keeping Cool Cosmetics in the Fridge

August 21, 2012

Between the yogurt and the jams, I’ve been stashing some of my creams and lotions inside the fridge.

Why, you might ask?¬†I have two main reasons for practicing this form of “cryogenic cosmetics”:

1) The products in my fridge are natural and organic creams. Because they don’t have as many or have the same preservatives as conventional cosmetics, they have a shorter shelf life. When you want to preserve an apple a little bit longer, you put it in the fridge right? Well, the same goes for natural and organic cosmetics.

2) Cool creams applied on the skin feels amazing! Even if keeping cosmetics in the fridge does not necessarily extend their shelf life, just the sheer sensation of coolness on the skin makes it a worthwhile practice. Try it sometime ūüôā

Other things to note about the preservation and maintenance of cosmetics:

  • Keep mainly just the creams and lotions in the fridge. For other cosmetics such as make-up and nail polish, keeping them in a cool dark place should be an effective enough way to store them.
  • Cosmetics deteriorate quickly under heat and humidity. The worst place to store your cosmetics is in the bathroom because of the changes in temperature and the level of moisture.
  • Bacteria and mold can grow and quickly multiply in your cosmetic products. So when applying cosmetics, be sure that your hands have been cleaned and be sure to properly close bottles, jars and tubes after each use.
  • Keep an eye out for expiration dates. Changes in color and smell may be signs that your cosmetics have been contaminated. In this case, be sure to properly dispose of them.

What you will find in my fridge these days:

1. Andalou Naturals Daily Defense Facial Lotion Pour Le Visage with SPF 18 
2. Andalou Naturals Luminous Brightening Eye Serum Pour Les Yeux 
3. Vichy Replenishing Nourishing Body Care 
4. Florame Tender Moisturizing Cream (From Ziba’s Boutique)
5. Florame High Protection Sun Cream For The Face with SPF 50 
6. Lavera Balancing Calendula Day Cream (From Ziba’s Boutique)
7. Thémis Eye Contour Smoothing Gel 
8. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer