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Ma Boîte À Beauté May 2013

Ma Boîte À Beauté – May 2013 Beauty Box For Summer Travel

June 13, 2013

Ma Boite A Beauté - May Box

If that photo above looks a little busy to you, it’s because Ma Boîte À Beauté May 2013 Beauty Box came with a total of 8 beauty products.

6 of which were full-sized products! 

The contents in the box are geared for “Summer Travel”:

1) BOURGOGNE BEAUTÉ Face and Body Milk
2) AFRIKISSIME Hair Mask Conditioner
3) BRITANIE Gentle Shampoo
4) POLAAR Moisturizing Gel Cream
5) ATTIRANCE Melon Body Yoghurt
6) PURA BALI Purifying & Moisturizing Massage Oil
7) KARITÉ Instant Bronzing Water
8) ELITE Kohl Smoky Effect Eyeliner

Ma Boîte A Beauté (MBAB) is a French beauty box. At this time, they don’t ship internationally. Which is too bad, because the beauty products they send out are always of top quality (check out the contents of my first Ma Boîte A Beauté beauty box).

Recently, MBAB came out with a new formula called the MAYA box.

You pay 29 euros + 3 euros for shipping. And you are guaranteed at least 120 euros worth of beauty products and a minimum of 7 different beauty products.

They offer the MAYA box only once every two months. But you can still subscribe to the regular 16 euro beauty box which comes out every month.

Here are my first impressions of each product in the
MBAB MAY MAYA Box! (now say that with me 5 times) … 

BOURGOGNE Beauté Face and Body Milk


With Vine Extract – 250 ml (Full Size) 

This lotion comes with a lot of lotion! Even though it’s formulated for the face and body, I would only dare use this on my body.

The smell is quite peculiar. I’d say it’s a mixture of soap and candy.  The lotion feels cool and is sufficiently hydrating.

Retail Value: 18 €

AFRIKISSIME Hair Mask Conditioner 

AFRIKISSIME Hair Mask Conditioner

With Shea Butter and Orange Blossom – 200 ml (Full Size)

What a coincidence! It so happens that I’d been looking for a great conditioner! Afrikissime is a natural cosmetic brand which features shea butter as the star ingredient in their products.

You can use this regularly after shampoo. And once a week as a mask.  The scent is quite natural, with a hint of spice. I’ve already had great results from this conditioner!

Retail Value: 20,50 €

BRITANIE Gentle Shampoo

BRITANIE Gentle Shampoo

With Wheat Protein – 50 ml (Not Full Size)

Another great hair care product! Britanie is a natural and organic brand that uses locally sourced ingredients from the coastal regions of France. The scent of this shampoo is light, fresh and zesty.

I’ve used this with and without conditioner. And each time, I’ve gotten remarkably soft and shiny hair. I would definitely buy the full size version of this.

Retail Value (of the full size): 21,00 €

POLAAR Moisturizing Gel Cream with glacial water and arctic micro-algae

POLAAR Moisturizing Gel Cream

With Glacial Water and Arctic Micro-Algae – 20 ml (Full Size)

Polaar is a brand that capitalizes on glacial water from beyond the polar circle. Because “experts unanimously agree that polar plants contain the most potent and purest natural antioxidants” …really?

In any case, this moisturizer is suited for normal to combination skin. It is a gel that feels really cool on the skin. Unfortunately, my skin reacts kind of badly to this moisturizer. And the smell is too masculine for me.

Retail Value: 34,90 €

ATTIRANCE Melon Body Yoghurt with avocado oil

ATTIRANCE Melon Body Yoghurt

With Avocado Oil – 100 gr (Full Size)

Attirance is a natural cosmetic brand from Latvia. I love the melon smell of this body yoghurt! And the creamy texture just makes me want to eat this!

But don’t eat it. Because that’s not what this lotion is for.

Actually, I’m not gonna lie. I did taste this. And you know? It wasn’t bad!

Retail Value: 9,90 €

PURA BALI Purifying & Moisturizing Massage Oil with sesame seed oil

PURA BALI Massage Oil

With Sesame Seed Oil – 75 ml (Not Full Size)

This is a purifying and moisturize massage oil. It’s actually more like a dry oil. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the skin. So actually, it’s not ideal for massaging (you want an oil that stays on the surface of the skin to help reduce friction).

But in any case, this oil is still really nice to use on the skin. The smell makes me think of incense. It’s a scent that you would associate with spas.

Retail Value (of the full size): 13,50 €

KARITÉ Instant Bronzing Water without auto-bronzing

KARITÉ Instant Bronzing Water

100 ml (Full Size)

Karité emphasizes that this product contains no auto-bronzing. This was the only product that has no use for me. I’m already perfectly happy with my brown tanned skin. I tried this out anyway, just to see what it’s all about.

At first, when you spray it on, you get these droplets on your skin that has the look and consistency of runny poo. But once you rub it in, the resulting look is actually natural and not as orange as I’d feared.

Retail Value: 20 €

ELITE Kohl Smoky Effect Eyeliner

ELITE Kohl Smokey Effect Eyeliner

(Full Size)

The only makeup product that came in the box. I really like the thickness of this eyeliner because it’s easy to apply. It doesn’t smudge too much.

It’s really great for getting that smokey eye effect. But I’m just not sure how I’m going to sharpen the tip once it gets blunt.

Retail Value: 11,15 €

Ma Boîte À Beauté May 2013

If you add up the retail value of all the full-size products, this box came out to being around 115€ in value at least.

Not too bad, since I only paid 32€ for everything. Plus, I got to discover two great haircare products that has done wonders on my hair!

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the contents of this box.

I’ll probably end up giving away the Karité Bronzing Water to someone who could use it more than me…

Any takers?