The December 2013 Goodeboxe

Thursday December 12, 2013 | Beauty

YUM. That’s the unifying theme of this month’s Goodeboxe.

Every product was chosen with sensuous self-satisfaction in mind.

The curators of Goodeboxe nodded in acknowledgement to the Holiday season. Then cheerfully put together a box of “pure indulgence with zero guilt.”

Goodeboxe December 2013

Every product was chosen to stimulate, soothe, and titillate the senses.

Sweetriot Nibs

1) Sweetriot – Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs.

YUM! Tasty, anti-oxidant packed, fairly traded and only 1 calorie per “peace.” Comes in this small reusable tin can.

Inside, there was a little piece of paper with my “fortune.” Kind of like a fortune cookie.

Maya Angelou

[Good quote, but I’m pretty sure it’s spelled Maya AngeloU]

Sweetriot sources their chocolate only from farmers in Latin America so that you can enjoy chocolate that’s “sweet for the world & sweet for you too!”

An upgrade from the Ricola cough drops of last month.

Deep Steep - Candy Mint Foot Stick.

2) Deep Steep – Candy Mint Foot Stick.

This smells so YUM!

But what if, in an absent-minded moment, you use this on your foot and then accidentally take it to your mouth? And then lick it?! That would happen to me.

This is a festively hydrating stick that you can use for your heels and cuticles. The peppermint and spearmint essential oils works to refresh and promote increased circulation, while cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil & beeswax provides softness and healing.

I love the roll-on stick form that this product comes in. Just be sure to clean your feet first…

Lotus Wei - Infinite Love Mist & Inner Peace Mist

3) Lotus Wei – Infinite Love Mist & Inner Peace Mist.

I have been obsessed with aromatherapy in the form of spritzers and mists!

My greatest love of all is fresh rose floral waters in a chilled spritzer bottle.

But these mists by Lotus Wei have taken me deeper into the world of aromatherapy mists and sprays. YUM!

The Infinite Love Mist is made from the exotic blend of wild fireweed, Hong Kong orchid, pink magnolia and other aromatic plants “to dissolve irritation, codependency, past trauma & hard heartedness.”

The Inner Peace Mist is made from pink lotus, arctic lupine & red hibiscus, just to name of the flowers which work together “to dissolve high levels of stress, anxiety, lack of feeling supported & heart palpitations.”

Choose your flower

Because these mists mainly contain plant and flower essential oils, they are noticeably stronger than floral waters.

During times of stress, you can mist these above and around your face, on your pillows, sheets, office space, friends, loved ones, etc.

Hip E Chick - Winter Wonderland Soy Candle

4) Hip E Chick – Winter Wonderland Soy Candle.

This is a 100% hand poured pure soy wax and essential oil candle. Scented with a blend of Mexican wild greens, fruits & poinsettia.

The smell is soothing, though slightly too faint for me to cry YUM!

But you can be at ease knowing that this candle by Hip E Chick is lead free and devoid of synthetic dyes or additives.

 Shea Radiance - Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream

5) Shea Radiance – Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream.

This is a rich and decadent body butter. The main ingredient is shea butter which is healing and beneficial for all skin types, even oily and blemish prone skin. And ideal for chronically dry, sun damaged, or eczema prone skin.

The smell is sweet and spicy and just YUM!

When you apply it, the texture is thick and feels a little sticky. But it absorbs quickly.

And the yummiest part is how long my skin feels soft and velvety.

This body butter is great for combating winter’s drying assault on the skin!


This month’s Goodeboxe was quite a treat!

Every product offered some unique and titillating delight to the senses. Titillating! That’s not a word you can just toss around all the time.

The winning product of this box is the Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream by Shea Radiance. The cream is divinely moisturizing. And the brand’s mission includes the promotion of sustainable development for women-led cooperatives in West Africa.

Which makes this product both luxurious and a thoughtful gift to give this Holiday season!!

Shea Radiance is currently offering a 20% promotion throughout their online shop. So get on it!

My Seaside Skincare Routine (Video)

Saturday November 9, 2013 | Skin Care


I’ve literally taken the plunge and made my first blog video ever.


The video combines two things that I love…

Skincare + The Ocean.

Basically, it’s a video of me washing my face in the ocean. The absolutely cold and FREEZING ocean.  

Although it may seem like I gripe excessively about how cold it is in the video, what you don’t actually get to see are the other people walking around in parkas and winter gear.  

But that’s how much I believe in the restorative properties of the ocean.

These are the products that I use during my seaside skincare routine


Oh! There is one thing I forgot to mention in the video.

So I’ll mention it here…

The reason I like natural and organic cosmetics is because

I don’t want to pollute our beautiful planet anymore. 


The Last of My French Skincare Products

Tuesday August 20, 2013 | Beauty Skin Care

At the risk of inflating already inflated egos, I have to say… the French are incredibly skilled at making certain things.

They are skilled at making fine wines, breads, cheeses, designer apparel… and some of the best cosmetic products in the world.

Tapping away at my keyboard, I wistfully sigh over the fact that I no longer have such easy access to my favorite french skincare products. 

As a way to reminisce, I am now going to take this time to show you what I brought with me when I left Paris two months ago.

The Last Souvenirs From Paris…

French organic skincare products: lift'argan, cattier, jonzac

While they are made by different brands, all of these products share one similar characteristic.

From the lavender palette of the packaging to the mild scent and cool soothing sensation of the creams, they have been designed to be gentle and soothing on the skin.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that french women are obsessed with pampering their skin ever so gently.

Starting from left to right, the products in the photo are…


1) Lift’Argan Light Moisturizer.

This is a good all-around daily moisturizer.

The cream is light, absorbs easily, and leaves the skin moisturized and comfortable throughout the day.

My favorite thing about this cream is the light scent, which is nutty with floral accents.

As the name of the brand suggests, Lift’Argan creams are made with the restorative properties of Argan oil.


2) Cattier Gentle Cleansing Milk.

A cleansing milk that respect’s the skin’s natural balance.

It is made from cornflower water and sunflower oil. It is super gentle and suitable for all skin types. I do not hesitate to use this on my eyes and my lips.

This is a runner up to my number one favorite cleanser of all time, Alorée’s Sweet Purifer Cleansing Milk.

The Cattier cleanser is most effective if used in conjunction with a micellar water.


3) Cattier Perle d’Eau Cleansing Micellar Solution.

I’ve already talked about The Magic Of Micellar Water.

The Cattier Micellar has neither alcohol nor perfume. Instead, it is formulated with the soothing properties of floral rose water and orange flower water.

It cleanses and purifies while refreshing the skin at the same time.

And the best part: it’s incredibly good at removing stubborn makeup. You are more likely to find this one at a botanist’s shop than a pharmacy.


4) Jonzac Intense Moisturizing Cream.

A rich cream that is suitable for dry to very dry skin.Formulated to minimize the risk of any allergic reaction.

I purchased this one for my mother, whose mature skin needs lots of care and nourishment.

Jonzac products are made from the thermal waters of Jonzac, located in the south-west region of France.

Thermal waters are used for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.


5) Jonzac High Tolerance Rich Cream.

Another good all-around daily moisturizer.

This one is suited for normal to dry skin. Its especially ideal for those who have reactive and allergy-prone dry skin.

Apart from how gentle and soothing Jonzac products are, I also really like how affordable they are.


A Few Close-Up Shots…

Jonzac High Tolerance Rich Cream

[A pump for your convenience, though it makes it difficult to squeeze out the last remaining drops.]

Lift'Argan Light moisturizer for normal to combination skin

[How cool that the bottom moves up as you use up the product, so you are sure to use up every last bit of the cream!]

Cattier Perle d'Eau Cleansing Micellar Solution and Gentle Cleansing Milk

[My darlings. These two are quite a dreamy pair.]

All these products are natural and organic. But most importantly, they are gentle and they respect the skin’s natural balance.

They are luxurious not because they break your bank, but because they are deliciously soothing and sensuous.

So. If you ever find yourself in Paris, and you are looking for these specific products, you should be able to find them at My Top 3 Beauty Addresses In Paris.

The reality however is that not all of us can afford to fly to Paris anytime we want to stock up on such fantastic french beauty products.

This is why I keep dreaming about my Ziba shop!

I want it to be a shop filled with the best of the best natural and organic skincare products from all around the world! 

And I want to make sure they are as affordable for as many people as possible.

Wouldn’t that be so lovely?