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Mastering the “Barely There” Look with Organiqs Makeup

November 8, 2012

I discovered Organiqs during the Beyond Beauty Expo that I attended in September. Organiqs is a fairly young Danish brand which specializes in organic makeup made from responsibly sourced natural materials. Their natural and simplistic approach is evident in their brown paper packaging and their minimalist color tones. They’ve consciously excluded bright colors from their makeup line, partly because the natural and organic ingredients limit what colors they can include. But also, because they wanted to create a makeup line for women who only need the bare essentials.

Like me! I guess…?

Since I don’t use makeup that often, I’ve been waiting until I became quite familiar with their products in order to do a review. Just so we can make it clear, I want to let it be known to my readers that I have generously received the following products from Organiqs, but they have not paid me to write this review. 

Which means I am going to give my most honest review.

So let’s get started. These are the products I received from Organiqs:

1. Kabuki Powder Brush
2. Organic Bronzing Powder
3. Organic Foundation 
4. Organic Lipstick

Kabuki Powder Brush 

Just lightly running your fingertips through this brush is in itself a divine experience! The brush feels exquisitely soft and thick. It is made of synthetic hair which easily picks up the powder and  allows you to apply it evenly across the skin. Although the handle is made of light aluminum, the weight distribution feels balanced because of how thick the brush is at the top.

I’ve been using the brush for a couple of months now and I have yet to see any shedding or fraying of the hairs. The combination of the brush’s softness and thickness, along with the natural tones of the powder results in a very light and subtle effect. When using this brush, I can see how it would be difficult to overdo it with the powder. You’d have to really be trying!

Compared to other synthetic kabuki brushes, the quality of this brush in relation to its price makes it very worthwhile.

Retail Price: EUR 19,50

Organic Bronzing Powder, Natural Beige (No. 001)

I am quite pleased with how this powder blends in so well with my skin tone. You would think that a Danish makeup brand would suit only those who have very light complexions. But I suppose that’s the magic of Organiqs, they’ve really gotten down to the basics. So although their color palette is very limited, the colors have been selected to blend in with the majority of skin tones. Even warmer skin tones like mine.

The powder’s ingredients include organic jojoba oil (to strenghten and protect the fatty layers of the skin and improve skin elasticity), bamboo silk (to absorb moisture and give a flawless silk-matte finish), babassu oil (for a smoothing effect), calendula oil (for its protective properties) and vitamin E and antioxidants to nourish the skin and protect it from free radicals.

I love this powder because of how subtle it looks on my skin, and how it makes my complexion so much softer-looking. I tend to brush just a little bit over my skin after I put on my daily moisturizer, to give my skin a warm and matte finish.

Retail Price: EUR 19,95

Organic Foundation, Warm Beige (No. 015)

This is a liquid foundation that gives the skin a warm and soft effect. Again, I am really surprised at how well this foundation blends in with my skin tone. What’s more, its hydrating  properties never leaves the skin looking too dry or caky. Because the overall results are so subtle, this foundation is great for people who want to softly enhance their skin’s natural look. But it wouldn’t be the best foundation for people who are looking for something heavier to cover up dark blemishes.

The foundation’s ingredients include argan oil (for its smoothing and nurturing effect), natural orange extract (to help blend with the skin’s natural glow and radiance), babassu oil (for a smoothing effect), jojoba oil (to strenghten and protect the fatty layers of the skin and improve skin elasticity), calendula oil (for its protective properties) and vitamin E and antioxidants to nourish the skin and protect it from free radicals.

Retail Price: EUR 18,95

Organic Lipstick, Soft Rose (No. 051)

This lipstick would be great! …if you happen to have pale, colorless lips. As it so happens, this lipstick is the EXACT same color as my lips. So, when I put it on, it’s like painting pink on pink. Nothing changes. If this lipstick were more moisturizing, that would have been its one redeemable point. But it’s not that hydrating either. So it’s really too bad.

In any case, the Organiqs line has two other lipstick colors: Rose and Dark Rose. They are still very subtle. And I think Organiqs could up the moisture in their lipstick. Otherwise, I’d rather just stick to my lip balm.

The ingredients are great though: macadamia oil (to recover and protect the skin’s elasticity), babassy oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil and vitamin E and antioxidants.

Retail Price: EUR 12,95

Bonus: Organiqs Brown Paper Notebook

When the lady with Organiqs sent me on my way with a little stash of Organiqs makeup, she also gave me a very simple Organiqs notebook. I’ve looked around on their website and I don’t see this notebook anywhere, so I’m not sure if Organiqs has it for sale.

The notebook’s cover is made of the same brown paper material used in their product packaging. There is a black elastic band to keep it shut, a black ribbon to bookmark your pages, and the inside has little pouches on the side to keep scraps of paper or business cards.

It’s such a simple, classic little notebook. And I love it to death! It’s small, portable and unpretentious. I use it to write down my weekly goals and also, it’s where I keep tabs on wines that I’ve tried and liked :p

So, to sum up my thoughts on Organiqs makeup…

What I LOVE:

  • The brand’s natural and minimalist concept.
  • The great quality of the products for a reasonable price.
  • I never feel like I am clogging my pores with gunk.
  • The scent!! I didn’t even notice that their makeup hardly has any scent to it. It’s so subtle!
  • Subtleness. Organiqs has mastered the “barely there” makeup look.
  • The packaging is so simple and clean. And recyclable.


  • The foundation, weighing at 15ml, is too small for the price.
  • The lipstick colors are perhaps a little TOO natural.
  • Hard to find. Because Organiqs is such a brand new name, they are not yet distributed in many stores.

Where to find Organiqs: Their website Organiqs.dk or you can buy it online at Nelly.com