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Alorée Sweet Purifying Cleansing Milk

J’Adore: The Sweet Purifier Cleansing Milk by Alorée

May 28, 2013

Is it possible to become addicted to your cleanser? Because I would say that I’m addicted to my cleanser. Like crazy.

I’ve gone through a lot of cleansers before. So when I say that Alorée’s Sweet Purifier Cleansing Milk is by far my favorite, I am not exaggerating. After that horrible experience I had with the Alorée CC Cream Second Life, I’m so happy to shed a positive light on a different Alorée product.

This cleansing milk proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Alorée truly is a top notch skincare brand.

Alorée Sweet Purifying Cleansing Milk

Alorée, Le Safe Spirit

Alorée is a young and promising organic french skincare brand.

The brand launched in 2011 during the Beyond Beauty Expo in Paris. That year, Alorée won the Beauty Organic Award for its innovative use of chlorophyll as an active ingredient in its products.

The main active ingredients in Alorée products are in fact a complex of anti-oxidants, which includes chlorophyll, polyphenols, oligo-elements and omega-3. These ingredients work to slow down signs of aging by reducing the level of intracellular oxidation induced by UVB rays. In short, the anti-oxidant complex of ingredients help to boost cellular metabolism and oxygenation in the skin.

Abiding by “Le Safe Spirit”, Alorée products are made with a high content of natural ingredients. They are free of preservatives and synthetic perfumes and are therefore suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Alorée, Le Safe Spirit

The Sweetest Cleanser, Ever

The Sweet Purifier Cleansing Milk by Alorée gently removes makeup and impurities from the skin’s surface. At the same time, the main active ingredients work to oxygenate and detoxify the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for normal to dry skin.

How To Use It: You can apply this directly on your face or with a cotton pad, then rinse with water. It’s gentle enough to use for both mornings and evenings.

Aloree Cleansing Milk Closeup

Aloree Cleansing Milk Closeup

My Experience:

Let me tell you! I have been using this cleanser for a month. And oh my goodness, I am positively addicted to it!

I think it’s mainly the scent that I’m addicted to. To me, the scent is so sweet to the point that it’s intoxicating. It’s a very natural scent actually, like green apples. And whenever I catch a whiff of it, I want to run to the bathroom and wash my face!

I also really love the soft, milky texture of this cleanser. When I apply it to my face, it feels incredibly soothing. I don’t hesitate to use this over my eyes, as it never stings. This cleanser also works well with my Clarisonic.

But what I really love to do is to give my face a massage with this cleanser. I swear I was lost in the bathroom for what seemed like hours, just enjoying the scent and the feel of this cleanser while massaging my face!! Okay, granted, this was while I was in Amsterdam and I may have been under the influence of a few things…

Really though. This cleanser always makes me want to take my time and give my face a therapeutic cleansing massage.

By the way, if you don’t know about the benefits of massaging your face or you don’t know how to go about giving your face a massage, I highly recommend watching this DIY Face Massage video by Kristen, an esthetician and founder of Holistic Vanity skincare.

The Results: Clean, soft and pampered skin. Howerver, this is not the most powerful of cleansers. So whenever I wear makeup, the only way I feel like my skin is sufficiently clean is if I use a l’Eau Micellaire beforehand.

What I like about Alorée’s Sweet Purifier Cleansing Milk:
– The sweet, intoxicating scent!
– The gentle, milky texture
– Feels very soft and soothing on my skin
– Does not sting, gentle enough to use on my eyes
– Effective at removing light makeup
– Natural and organic ingredients
– Oxygenating properties of chlorophyll

What I don’t like about it:
– I can’t rely on this cleanser alone. I usually have to use it with a l’Eau Micellaire beforehand. Or in conjunction with my Clarisonic brush.

How Much: €16 for 125 ml at Mademoiselle Bio

Would I Buy It Again: Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times YES!!! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get back to the U.S. and will no longer be able to find this cleanser (T_T)


*Ingredients sourced from organic agriculture
Certified organic by ECOCERT
100% of total ingredients are from natural sources
59.6% of total ingredients are from organic agriculture

Alorée Sweet Purifying Cleansing Milk

Concluding Thoughts

For such a gentle cleanser, I’m rather surprised at how well the Alorée Cleansing Milk works at removing makeup. But if you tend to wear heavy stubborn makeup everyday, it’s best to use this cleanser with another makeup remover.

I would highly recommend Alorée’s Cleansing Milk if your skin tends to become inflamed and irritated. This cleanser will gently clean your skin while giving you a sweet and soothing experience!

Product Review: Andalou Naturals Facial Lotion & Eye Serum

October 12, 2012

Today, we are going to have a quick glance at two skin care products by Andalou Naturals:

1) Daily Defense Facial Lotion with SPF 18 (80 mL / 2.7 fl oz)
2) Luminous Eye Serum (19 mL / .6 fl oz)

It’s almost a year now that I’ve been using these two products. I picked up the Facial Lotion first because of its regenerating fruit stem cells and UVA/UVB protection combo. I liked it so much that I bought it again and I picked up the Luminous Eye Serum. And I also bought the same products for my mum.

Now I am about to finish my third tube of the Facial Lotion. As you can see from the crinkly state of the tubes, I have been desperately trying to squeeze out every last drop of cream since living overseas means it’ll be harder for me to restock on these products.

Andalou Naturals is a natural and organic cosmetics company from California, whose fruit stem cells infused products are made with natural and fair-trade ingredients, with a minimum 70% certified organic content and are animal/cruelty-free. The Fruit Stem Cells help our own skin’s stem cells defend against environmental aggressors while stimulating, repairing and regenerating at the cellular level in order to slow down the aging process. Their BioActive 8 Berry Complex include: Açai Berry, Arronia Berry, Bearberry, Bilberry, Black Elderberry, Goji Berry, Rosehips Berry and Sea Buckthorn Berry. It is an impressive portfolio of super antioxidants that combat environmental stressors, support cell turnover, increase collagen and elsatin, and strengthen dermal immunity.


Using the Daily Defense Facial Lotion with SPF 18

Andalou Naturals is my go-to day cream with full UV protection and cell-renewal properties. Both the smell and the texture are quite  pleasant. The scent has overtones of a sweet citrus flower while the cream feels rich, cool and soothing making this cream great for those who have sensitive skin. I would prefer that my day cream contain a higher level SPF (somewhere around SPF 30), so I tend to wear this only on days when I know I won’t be out in the sun for extended periods of time. Another drawback is that as the day progresses, my face looks a little shinier than usual. But it’s nothing that a little oil-blotting paper can’t fix up.

The Key Ingredients: 

  • Resveratrol Q10: Super antioxidant complex protects and provides energy to cells
  • SPF (sun protection factor): Provides optimum sunscreen protection from the damaging effects of exposure with active ingredients coming from Octinoxate 7.5%, Octisalate 5.0%, Oxybenzone 3.0%
  • Rosehip Oil: Essential fatty acids hydrate and nourish to support healthy cells
  • Kelp Extract: Mineral rich and nourishing helps skin retain moisture

Using the Luminous Eye Serum

I’m not as big of a fan of the Luminous Eye Serum as I am of the Facial Lotion. It’s hydrating, but I am not getting the luminous/brightening part. If you are just looking an eye cream that is merely hydrating and soothing, this cream will do the job. But if you are looking for something to help with your dark under eye circles (like me) I would suggest looking elsewhere.

The Key Ingredients: 

  • Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate): Increases healthy circulation and defends against free radicals for a balanced complexion
  • Goji Glycopeptide: Combines firming and lifting strengthen of proteins and polysaccharides creating immediate lifting results
  • Caffeine (green coffee): Stimulates to firm and tighten tired and aging skin

Other thoughts:

I really like that the products come in these simple, clean and easy to use recyclable tubes. Especially now that I’m trying to squeeze out every last drop, I appreciate the packaging even more (as opposed to the pump bottle/plastic containers where you can see that there’s a lot of cream left but you just can’t get to it). Also, I’d like to mention that the size of the tubes and the amount of cream inside is much more generous than other products of the same quality and price.

Where to Find Andalou Naturals Daily Defense Facial Lotion with SPF 18 and Luminous Eye Serum: At your nearby Whole Foods or visit the Andalou Naturals website to find a store that carries it (actually, I first found it in a health foods store when I was in the Philippines, but I’ve forgotten what it’s called).

How Much?
Andalou Naturals Daily Defense Facial Lotion with SPF 18: $14.95
Andalou Naturals Luminous Eye Serum: $19.95


Cat not included.

Effectiveness vs. Organic: The Bias Against Organic Cosmetics

September 12, 2012

Today wraps up the third day of the Beyond Beauty Trade Expo. It has been a colorful learning experience for us at Ziba: discovering so many new brands, meeting the highly innovative creators behind them and gaining a deeper understanding of the process that goes on in the creation of cosmetics.

But instead of doing another write up about all the different cosmetic brands we’ve discovered during the expo, I’d like to instead write about a recent cosmetics trend of which this event has afforded me a glimpse. Actually, what I’m referring to is not so much a trend as it is a certain… hesitation. Or to put it frankly, a bias that consumers have against organic cosmetics.

Although many people agree on the importance of their health and that of the environment, when it comes to their skin care, people still feel the need to prioritize effectiveness over safety and green-ness. It was for this very reason that Novexpert, a cosmetic brand whose products could pass organic certification requirements, chose not to display their green roots anywhere on their brand. And they’re not the only cosmetic brand to do so.

Brands like Novexpert opt to forgo their green logo for a more clinical look.

Consumers continue to pit “effectiveness” against “organic,” considering the two as separate and mutually exclusive ends. And who could blame them? After all, a concoction of crushed leaves and sticks could never be up to par with the scientific and technological expertise of a team of researchers and chemists tinkering away in white lab coats.

But therein lies the misconception. Organic cosmetics are seen as being too “raw” and “primitive” while their clinical and chemical counterparts are seen as somehow more scientifically superior. What many people do not get to see is the process involved in the production of organic cosmetics. Yes, organic cosmetic brands also use laboratories, cutting edge technology, years of scientific research and people in white lab coats. In fact, different cosmetic brands, some of which may be organic while others non-organic, can end up appointing the same laboratory to help manufacture their products.

When viewed from this angle, it’s hard not to ask yourself the next natural question: what then is the difference between organic and conventional cosmetics? In fact, what does the word Organic even mean??

At first, I naively imagined a small organic farm which is visited by an organic cosmetic producer and then picked as the source for their plant ingredients. But it’s not even like that. In reality, there are people involved called ‘traders’ and a long chain of supply and lots of paperwork, all of which takes us further and further away from our imagined scene of an organic cosmetic laboratory that works right next door to their neighboring family farm. In fact, there was only one cosmetic brand I encountered during this Expo that was even close to this idyllic operation. And this is me giving a shout out to Kaliom, an ayurvedique skin care brand which sources their organic ingredients from their own farm in India and then formulates their products in their laboratory in France.

Kaliom, an organic brand that sources its ingredients from its own farm.

But anyway, back to our scrutiny of organic cosmetics. It’s obvious that I have a lot of questions of my own. And although I hold the ideals behind organic cosmetics dear to my heart, I always want to approach everything with a critical and questioning eye. So I intend to put forward my questions on this blog and perhaps together, our continued exploration of this topic can lead us to some very thoughtful and earnest discussions. At least, that is my hope.

Now on to lighter things.

I promised I would reveal the Giveaway today at the end of the Beyond Beauty Trade Expo. But I think I’d rather keep you guys in suspense! Things are just more fun that way. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you in suspense for too long. I just thought it would be better if the Giveaway were to be a separate post of its own.

Lastly, I wanted to wrap up this post and the past three days by saying a BIG thank you to Oliver for enduring what no boyfriend should ever have to endure. He accompanied me during the three days of beauty bonanza and I think he hated pretty much every minute of it. But he was always helpful: sniffing beauty products whenever I’d hold them up to his nose, carrying all the bags of beauty samples I’d accumulated and even asking pertinent questions of his own. He was a real champ throughout it all.

Us during the first day, when we were still feeling fresh and bright-eyed

So I’m curious, of all the brands that I wrote about these past three days, which one piqued your interest the most and why?