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My Top 3 Beauty Addresses In Paris

December 23, 2012

These three beauty shops in Paris are my favorites!

There are a lot of places in this city to go shopping for beauty products. But for now, I want to shine a spotlight on these three because they offer a great selection of natural and organic beauty products or they are especially quaint and unique.

Here they are in no particular order:

1.) Mademoiselle BIO

This shop has a wide range of natural and organic beauty products, some of which are the best that France has to offer. Their brands include Sanoflore, Thèmis, Phyt’s, Florame, Kibio, UNE and other non-French brands like Weleda and Dr. Hauschka. This is actually where I went recently to get a makeup session with UNE. Mademoiselle BIO has eight locations in Paris, but the one that I like to go to is the one across from the Hotel De Ville in the Marais.

Why I especially like Mademoiselle BIO: The presentation is spot on. The shops are well lit, clean and spacious. And the employees there have always been friendly and helpful.

(Note: Bio is the french word for Organic)

Mademoiselle BIO
28, rue des Archives
Paris 75004
Open Monday – Saturday 10am – 7:30pm
Open Sunday 11:30am – 7:30pm
Tel: 01 42 78 30 86

2.) De Marseille Et D’Ailleurs

This one was quite a random and lucky find. It is a tiny little shop tucked away in one of the many passageways of Paris, namely the Passage Du Grand Cerf. It has been described as “Ali Baba’s cave of a thousand scents, mostly organic.” The name of the shop alludes to the shop owner’s origins and the shop’s specialty which is soap (Marseille is a place known for soap in the way that Bordeaux is known for wine). Behind the trove of fine handmade soaps, the shop is also stock-full of select beauty products. The brands include Les Fleurs De Bach (which I love!), Jardin D’Ecrivains, Patika and Lilas Blancs. There is also a small adjoining room for aromatherapy using essential oils.

Why I especially love De Marseille Et D’Ailleurs: The shop feels wonderfully warm and intimate! The friendly owner runs the shop herself and makes most of the soap, featuring scents like geranium, lavender, and jasmine. “Ali Baba’s cave of a thousand scents” is truly a fitting name for this snug and magical little beauty shop.

(Note: De Marseille Et D’Ailleurs translates to From Marseille And Elsewhere)

De Marseille Et D’Ailleurs
1 Passage Du Grand Cerf
Paris 75002
Open Monday – Saturday 11am – 7:30pm
Tel: 01 45 08 46 87

3.) The Beauty Lounge

This is another small shop that I happened to chance upon during one of my walks in the Marais. While the shop offers organic and natural beauty products, its distinctive specialty is world beauty. The shop features an eclectic collection of original beauty products from around the world. Brands include Greek brand Korres, Australian brand Skin Doctors, Swedish brand Recipe for Men, American brand Burt’s Bees, saucy French brand Miss Ferling.

Why I especially like The Beauty Lounge: The small shop’s charming presentation. Look at that lovely little vanity table in the photo! Isn’t it so glamorous? Also, I’m really into the beauty-focused vitamins from D-Lab that they carry.

The Beauty Lounge
13, rue Ferdinand Duval
Paris 75004
Open Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 7pm
Tel: 01 42 74 43 34

So if you ever find yourself in Paris and are looking for unique beauty shops, then these are the three addresses to check out.

Expect more Ziba posts on Things To Do In Paris over the coming months.

À bientôt!