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Turning 30 And Reflecting Back On The Decade Behind Me

October 6, 2015

So I turned 30.

Turning 30


And I wanted to write a little bit about it because being alive for three decades ain’t just no little piece of pie.

I wondered what kind of post I should write to commemorate the big 3-0. At first I toyed with the idea of writing a 30s themed beauty post like “30 Beauty Tips.” But the idea bored me.

Instead, I’d rather just write about what I’m really thinking.

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Birthday Wishes

Turning 28. And 28 Things I’m Looking Forward To.

August 30, 2013

Yesterday, I turned 28! 

And although I felt too lazy to celebrate my birthday (does it get harder every year or what?), I still somehow managed to pull it off with great cheer amongst great company.

The day started out terribly enough, reminding me that there are some incredibly mean and nasty people in this world.

But by the end of the day, my faith in humanity was restored.

In fact, I was feeling pretty good! Thanks to the help of so many terrific people in my life.

My family, of course, is my most constant source of love and support. And in my 28 years of life, I’m happy to have accumulated such cool and super caring friends.

I feel… blessed. Really! I can think of no other way to put it.

Last year, I wrote about 27 Lessons To Learn By The Time You Are 27.

Making lists like this is my way of coping with aging and the inevitable.

This year, I’m writing down a list of 28 things I’m looking forward to! 

Most of them are things I’m wishing will happen during my 28th year of my life…

Birthday Wishes

But okay, if we’re going to be honest, a lot of them will probably remain just that.

Wishful thinking.

The running theme of this list… settling down and the accumulation of THINGS. 

I know, I know.

It runs counter to the minimalist and non-materialistic way of life that I’ve been living.

During these past 6 years, living the nomadic life means I have not been able to hang on to anything.

I’ve learned the importance of carrying around only the bare essentials and letting go of useless weight.

But damn it. I’m tired of that kind of life.

I’m not saying I’m going to suddenly go on a materialistic hoarding rampage.

I will always prefer minimalism and functionality over mindless accumulation.

But settling down just means I can now allow myself to have more… essentials.

So, without further ado!

The 28 Things I’m Looking Forward In My 28th Year Of Life:

1) Finally being able to own a yoga mat.
2) And a blow dryer.
3) And everything else I’ve put off buying because I couldn’t carry them around with me.
4) Having a normal-sized closet.
5) Spiffing up my wardrobe & fashion style.
6) Sprucing up my cooking skills in a normal-sized kitchen. As opposed to a kitchen for Lilliputians.
7) Owning a juicer.
8) Having a regular rhythm in my life.
9) Having a bicycle again!
10) And being able to get around town on said bicycle.
11) Living near one of my bestest friends whom I’ve missed dearly. Fingers crossed!
12) Making new friends, especially friends who share my passion for beauty and fashion and healthy living.
13) Going on a road trip along the western coast of North America.
14) Hanging out in the deserts of California.
15) Finally being able to use our telescope under dark clear skies.
16) Being immersed in the creative entrepreneurial environment of the California bay area.
17) Exploring my options in the beauty industry. Should I pursue becoming a make-up artist, an esthetician or a cosmetic scientist? Hmm…
18) Owning a set of high-quality makeup brushes and being able to take good care of them.
19) Writing regularly on my blog, with more in-depth and varied topics.
20) Focusing more on the Ziba Shop; adding more products, marketing, renovation of the site.
21) Regularly getting better quality sleep, which will naturally come about because I will finally have a regular rhythm in my life.
22) Living closer to nature. Taking hikes in the woods and breathing in fresh salty ocean air.
23) Joining a dance group and dancing more.
24) Having more space in my life! Space to MOVE! Glorious space!! Keep in mind that I was living in a shoebox in Paris.
25) Filling that space with plants. Lots and lots of oxygen spewing plants!!
26) Brushing up on my Spanish without completely losing my French.
27) Reading more books.
28) Finally having a place to call Home.

To my readers, I want to say… thank you for hanging in there with me.

From here on, things are gonna get sunnier and brighter for us:)

Flight From Paris

Life Update: Living Out Of A Suitcase & Where We Go From Here

August 26, 2013

The transition from living in Paris to life in the U.S. has been a rough and bumpy one. With no clear destination in mind it seemed.

But today, I can finally reveal where I’m going with certainty.

Flight From Paris

Since moving back, I have been coping with copious amounts of instability and uncertainty.

My travel trajectory has been staggered and zig-zagged. Like that of a drunken bumble bee’s.

During the past two months, I have literally been living out of a suitcase. Crashing from one family or friend’s place to the next. And even working a little side job in order to give myself time to figure out the next step of this transition.

It’s been… tough.

I am the kind of person who needs routine and a regular rhythm in order to be productive. And when I don’t have these things, my focus is scattered.

Leading such an irregular lifestyle has greatly reduced my productivity and creativity. Which is why I haven’t been as active on this blog as I would have liked.

Flight Of The Bumble Bee

[My travel path during the past two months.]

The hardest part of all has been the uncertainty of not knowing where I was going to live next.

The decision basically hinged on my boyfriend’s job and where his company was going to send him.

The process of finding out where we were going has been more complicated and ridiculous than you could possibly imagine.

There were many times when we thought we were moving somewhere, became excited, made preparations for it, only to have our plans dashed with no other clear destination given to us.

I was incredibly frustrated.

Where We Go

[Where do we go from here…?]

Granted, the options dangled before us had all been alluring. There was talk of moving to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even New York.

Each time I became fixated on an idea, it was difficult for me to change that vision which I’d already begun to flesh out in my mind.

But mainly, I was frustrated because of the little control that I felt we had over our lives and where we were going.

I felt like we were being strung along with the promise of security and stability. But only after we’d endured the most unstable and irregular of circumstances. And actually, this has been going on much longer than I’d like to admit.

It got to the point that I no longer even cared about where we were going.

I just simply… wanted… to know.

In the end, I got the destination I’d originally really really wanted.

But only after I’d stopped wanting it.


San Francisco

The verdict is finally out…

We are moving to San Francisco. And this time, it’s for real.

There are a lot of other details about how complicated nomadic life has been for the past two years. But there’s no need to talk about that here.

All I have to say is that I’m rather surprised and impressed with the way I’ve carried myself with such grace during this transition period.

There was a time when I used to deal with stress and uncertainty very very badly. I’m talking about always being on the verge of a panic attack or a nervous breakdown.

But I have come a long way since those days.

Tea and Breathing

Now I cope with stress much more positively. I practice mindful breathing. I regularly do yoga and meditate. I carefully guard my health.

When I start thinking too much, I stop. And bring myself back to the present.

These coping mechanisms are not something I developed overnight. They are habits that have been years and years in the making.

And the difference that they now make in my life could not be more evident.

Am I excited about San Francisco? Oh god, yes.

But the truth is, I will never have that perfect stability that I crave. That’s just life, filled with unexpected curve balls.

So I will no longer allow myself to get too attached to the way I would like for things to turn out. 

That was the most important lesson I’ve had to learn during this transition period.

Welcome Home

So maybe, just maybe, all that uncertainty and ridiculous complexity was worth it in the end…

But, nah.

I still think I probably could have done without it.

What about you? How do you deal with uncertainty and the complexities of life?

Do you deal with it head on, or stick your head in the sand like an ostrich?