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A Bright New Beginning

January 15, 2013

Ziba Blog Gets A Makeover

Today is a day for bright new beginnings!!!!!

This is the day I made my first post of the new year, the day the new Ziba design is unveiled AND the day I find out that I am a proud new aunt!! I will gush more about my wonderful newborn nephew later!!!!!

So, in case you can’t tell from all the exclamation marks!!!! I am in a very festive mood right now!!!!!!

I just wanted to give my readers a heads up on what’s new here at Ziba:

  • 1) The address for the blog is now ziba-blog.com and the address for the shop is ziba-shop.com. Bookmark it!


  • 2) Do you see the “subscribe” section on the sidebar to the right? Enter your email address in order to be updated by email whenever a new Ziba blog post is up. If you were subscribed by email before, you will have to re-subscribe. Sorry that I couldn’t figure out a way around this:/


  • 3) A New And More Colorful Ziba! I made this new design that you see now on photoshop, and I had a very talented web developer put it into coding.

The most important person I had in mind when I created this design was you, the reader! I wanted text that would be easy to read and information that would be easy to find.

But also, this new colorful design is a reflection of the ways in which this blog and I have evolved together. For me, this blog has become a bold outlet of creativity and self-expression.

Yes, I still want to get geeky about health and beauty. I want this blog to be filled with information that’s both enlightening and entertaining.

But in the end, blogging is really just about having fun! And I hope this new design shows that.

So now, over to you my dear readers…

What do you like about the new design and what about it would you change?