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Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto Perfume

How Perfume Became My Breakfast At Tiffany’s: Manifesto By Yves Saint Laurent

February 1, 2013

How does one even begin to describe a fragrance? Sweet, flowery, opulent, sensuous…

These are the words that I would use to describe the Manifesto perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. A perfume that I am very much in love with.

Before moving to Paris, I didn’t care much for perfumes. In fact, I didn’t know anyone who wore perfume. Not really. But then upon coming here, I noticed how some of the french girls I’d befriended always had the same signature scent when we’d greet each other with a bisou on the cheeks. And after we’d part ways, their scent would always softly linger on.

I liked that.

I liked how the French love perfumes. This should have been obvious with all the perfume shops that you’ll encounter at every turn of the street. So it came to pass that I developed a habit of popping into perfume shops whenever I was on my way somewhere, just to smell and discover all the different perfumes.

Slowly, the world of perfumes became my Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Whenever I would feel a little bit sad, all I had to do was go into a perfume shop and spritz a bit of perfume and give it a sniff. This never failed to brighten my mood. But I’d never actually dare to buy one for myself. I wasn’t that type of girl.

My first crush was Addict by Dior. A very pert, floral and summery fragrance. Chanel No. 5 made me wrinkle my nose and brought to mind the image of batty old ladies with stuffy fur coats. I’m sorry, but it does.

Over time, I noticed that there was one perfume I kept being drawn to. That was when I realized I was in love with Manifesto, the latest fragrance created by Yves Saint Laurent.

I carried this crush secretly for months, but there must have been someone who noticed because I received this little gold package for Christmas.

This was a very pleasant surprise…

A Golden Gift, Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto

Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Perfume

The colors of gold and purple make for quite a regal pair, don’t you think?

The bottle’s cinched shape is very feminine, which is an attestation to the fragrance itself. The creators wanted to create a Manifesto of Femininity whose fragrance would evoke “an attitude, a burst of laughter, a tone of voice, a presence.”

When it comes to the scent, the top notes are blackcurrant, bergamot and green notes. The middle notes are jasmine and lily of the valley. The base notes are cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean.

For me, I really adore this combination of the blackcurrant, jasmine and vanilla. Perhaps my only critique of this perfume is that its scent does not last long enough. Others have complained that the scent is not bold enough to distinguish the Manifesto from other perfumes. But for a first perfume, I think the Manifesto really is just lovely.

I take great pleasure in walking around and catching whiffs of this perfume on myself. Sometimes I will just bring up my wrists to my face to inhale it. When I wear this, I do feel like I am making a statement of femininity.

And it’s something that I wear for no one but myself!


Discover: Manifesto Eau De Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent
How Much:
 $62 (1.0 fl oz), $82 (1.6 fl oz), $102 (3.0 fl oz)
Watch: A bit over the top, but if you haven’t seen it yet this is the ad featuring Jessica Chastain, the face of Manifesto…

Jessica Chastain, the face of Manifesto by YSL


And you, have you tried the Manifesto? What is your favorite fragrance?