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A family of owls

Of Spontaneous Road Trips And Magnetic Poetry

February 16, 2014

Celebrating love is fun and sweet.

It should be done every day. Not just on Valentine’s Day.

But yesterday’s Valentine’s was perhaps one of the best I’ve ever had!

When Oliver got back from his business trip from Paris, I’d accidentally gotten a peek inside his luggage and saw there was something wrapped in plastic bubble. I knew it had to be a Valentine’s gift!

But since I am a civilized and decent human being, I restrained myself from tearing the wrapping with my claws and teeth like a scavenging raccoon.

Even the night before Valentine’s day I was already trying to convince him that we should exchange our gifts (I’m like this on Christmas Eve too.)

We woke up yesterday and I immediately began to jump around with excitement and clamor that we should exchange gifts.

I gave him his gift, which was a tin box with a French magnetic poetry kit inside…

French Magnetic Poetry Kit

Then I opened the gift he’d given me.

Which was…

A family of owls

The cutest family of three little owls!

He had bought them for me at an antiques market in Paris. They feel so soft and are made from real feathers.

Confession: I had felt a slight pang of disappointment because there had been a secret part of me that had hoped it would be a ring even though it was me who had told him not to get me one for our engagement.

Of course I was being silly.

Actually, there is a lot I could say about the silliness of weddings and the pressures of following certain traditions, which can come up even for couples who don’t really care much for conventions.

But I will save that rant for later.

Back to Valentine’s Day. I let the silly feeling go, adopted the family of owls and named them “The Muggies.”

Entre l'enfer et la piscine

Later, while eating our breakfast sandwiches and drinking our Starbucks coffees in the car, I had the spontaneous urge to go for a very very long drive.

So we did.

We drove north, without a destination in mind.

It was both a sunny and foggy day. We drove along Ocean Beach, over the Golden Gate Bridge, and looked at how the fog blanketed the bay.

Then we followed Route 101 for a bit, before turning our direction to the left, towards the coast. Past the smallest, quaintest little towns in the heart of Marin county.

Along windy little roads, under the shade of redwood forests.

Un chapeau miniscule

We hit upon the entrance of Point Reyes, where we stopped and looked at a map. We wondered what Sir Francis Drake was doing out here, all the way from his little English island across the Atlantic across the continent.

How long must that journey have taken back then, on little ships with little sails!

Our drive eventually led us back on to the California 1 Highway.

Imagine the most narrow and twisted little roads, and on the right, sheer cliffs dropping off into the rocky ocean below!

I’d never driven on such ridiculously dangerous roads before. So I drove like a little daredevil. A cautious daredevil at that, enjoying the lurching sensation as the car hugged the sharp curves of the road.

We stopped a few more times to enjoy the feeling of the air and the wind on our faces.

j'ai envie du champagne

The whole drive lasted for around two and a half hours. The rest of the afternoon was not as exciting, as we spent the time taking care of the things we needed to take care of.

But later in the evening, we opened a bottle of wine, lit some candles, danced to Sade’s “Smooth Operator” and had a good laugh at ourselves.

The Muggies

Cheers to the times that we spend with our best friends!

Wishing you Happy Valentines, from “the Muggies” !!!

Wanna know what’s beautiful? Love.

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Ziba readers!!!

Does anyone know the history of how Valentine’s Day began?

Neither do I.

You know, I’ve always wondered about Saint Valentine. Who was he? Was he a he? Or a she? Why did he get this romantic day named after him? Did he die from true love? What makes today February 14 so special? And why is February spelled like that? I am always asking pointless questions.

But nevermind.

If you ask me whether or not I celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ll respond with an affirmative “I Celebrate Love!”

And I do! I think Love is Beautiful. It gives a profound depth to our lives.

And I’m not just talking about the sugarcoated fantasy kind of love that is overdone in so many books and hollywood movies.

I’m talking about the truest kind of true love.

The kind that causes us to step outside of ourselves and realize that we are a part of something so much more. The kind of love that is unselfish. That compels us to forgive. The kind of love that a mother has for her child. The love that friends have for each other. Or even the simple kind love that fills our hearts, when in a moment of quiet, we see all the beauty that surrounds us. All of that.

I am pro-that kind of love.

So, when I say Happy Valentine’s day, you can take that to mean that I wish for your day to be filled with Love, Beauty and Harmony!!!

But hey, anyway. If it happens to be in your life, that “cheesy kind of love” can also feel quite alright =)

Love Animation

** p.s. this is a still from a little stop-motion video made by Oliver. If he ever gets around to finishing it, I am going to put it up here because it’s very cute and sweet!