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uch as with your family, or group of friends.

A Different Way To Travel: Renting Apartments

May 5, 2013

When traveling, sometimes renting and staying in a private apartment can provide much needed space and a breath of fresh air.

My recent trip to Amsterdam was the first time that I stayed in an apartment rental. And the experience proved to be very pleasant and comfortable.

We booked an apartment through Airbnb. It’s a site which lists rental apartments and houses in thousands of cities around the world. You can use the site to list your own space for rent, or you can use it to book a place before you travel.

Depending on your circumstances and your travel style, renting an apartment can be better in many ways than staying at a hotel. Though I must say, it’s not necessarily cheaper.

But I like staying in private apartments because…

  • First of all… you get to see how other real people live. And you can get a local perspective on that particular city. Since I’m such a nosy rosy, this is something that’s definitely my style!
  • Second, it feels much more homey. The apartment provides the usual comforts of home, like a well-equipped kitchen, a washing machine, a dining table, a balcony and garden (if you’re lucky), and sometimes pretty cool neighbors!
  • Third, when you’re booking the apartment, you’re dealing with the people who live in that house and in that area. So they will know how to give you personalized advice on things to do and things to avoid.

Renting an apartment makes sense if you’re staying somewhere for a while. Say two-weeks, or up to a couple of months. Or if you’re traveling in a large group, like with your family or group of friends, and you can easily split the cost amongst yourselves.

Our hosts were a very friendly couple who graciously accommodated our visit. They met us to hand over the apartment keys, and left us with a little booklet filled with instructions and a guide to the city. Then, for the next three days, we had the apartment entirely to ourselves.

I was the one who ended up picking the apartment on Airbnb. I chose it for its spaciousness and clean, minimalist decor.

For me, this place really did feel like a home away from home!


Comfy Couch

uch as with your family, or group of friends.

Welcoming Willows

Who Dat


Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Learn More About This Apartment On Airbnb

Have you traveled and stayed in a rented apartment before? If not, would it be something you’d like to try?