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Even Long Haired Girls Get The Blues

February 17, 2016

My hair is long. Really long. And I’m about to get real with you…

It’s not always pretty.

Problems with long hair

In a previous post, I described my indifference and general discontentment towards my hair situation.

Yet I remain equally committed to growing it out because I want it to be the longest length it’ll ever be in my life.

If you think that’s not a #RealLifeGoal, then obviously you’ve never tried growing out your hair to its longest length.

Try it. Commit to growing your hair for years. Years. And then fight every impulse to hack away at it. You’ll find, as I did, that there are major (and sometimes gross) inconveniences to having really long hair.

Let me count the ways…

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Liebster Award

Ziba Participates In The Liebster Awards

February 17, 2013


My friend over at Young For Good recently nominated this blog for a Liebster Award!

Young For Good is a U.K. based beauty blogger who I’ve enjoyed following. She writes very thorough product reviews and gives insightful tips such as A Non-Cosmetic Way To Treat Dark Under-Eye Circles and How To Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet.

Coming from her, this nomination is a real compliment =)

To learn more about the origins and the concept behind the Liebster Award, Sopphey did all the digging.

For me, this is just a fun way to get to know more about the new up and coming bloggers out there and to support each other.

The Liebster Award Rules:

1) Post 11 things about yourself.
2) Answer the questions that the tagger/nominator has posted for you.
3) Create 11 questions and choose (nominate) 11 up and coming blogs and link them in the post.
4) Go to their page and tell them.

Liebster Award


11 Things About Me:

1) My recent beauty obsession has taken over my life. As in, I can’t pass by any beauty shops without going in and touching and looking at their products.

2) I have dreams of opening my own beauty shop. Like a real physical shop. And not just one online.

3) My favorite part about being a blogger is the writing. I enjoy writing. I always have.

4) I’m an old school internet user. I was there during the heyday of The Chat Room. I also learned HTML before I was a teenager and made cutesy little websites.

5) I love Star Wars Angry Birds!! My favorite angry bird is Obi Wan Kenobi.

6) This morning, I went for a jog around the Tuilleries Garden next to the Louvre. The air felt very cool and fresh.

7) I want to dabble in Ikebana, which is the japanese art of flower arranging.

8) My current celebrity crush is Paz Vega.

9) I’m excited for the future!! I just feel like good things are coming.

10) Humor is my antidote to stress.

11) The last thing that made me LAUGH SO MUCH UNTIL I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE was:

 The Best of the Internet’s Response To Beyoncé’s “Unflattering” Photos.


Answers to Young For Good’s Questions:

1) What makes a good blog post according to you?

Something that’s both informative as well as entertaining.

2) Blogging or vlogging? Would you consider starting a youtube channel?

I’ll stick to blogging for now. But there are some things that are better explained by video.

3) What’s your dream luxury beauty product: a product that you’d love to have but is just way to expensive?

I want the perfume Addict by Dior.

4) What’s the one thing in your beauty routine you still haven’t mastered?

Putting on foundation. That’s why I strive for perfect skin so I don’t ever have to bother with foundation.

5) Where do you buy your beauty products? In store or online?

Both. But I prefer going into stores and holding the product in my hand and sniffing at it.

6) What is your signature perfume scent?

Manifesto by Yves Saint Laurent. I wrote about it here.

7) Do you have a favourite makeup/skincare brand?

My favorite skincare brand may be one I’ve never tried before: Mad Hippie Skincare brand. We’ll find out soon enough. No favorite makeup brand yet.

8) China Glaze/ OPI/ Essie / Orly/ Wet n Wild …? What is your favourite nail polish brand?

There’s this store in Paris called Hema. It’s their equivalent of Target. That’s where I buy my nail polish because it’s super duper cheap.

9) What song always puts a smile on your face?

Any Cameroonian song instantly puts a smile on my face =)

10) What’s your typical Saturday morning like?

I walk to the bakery and buy a fresh baguette and a croissant. Then my boyfriend Oliver and I have coffee and breakfast together while we listen to a podcast.

11) Who’s your favourite beauty youtuber?

I watch a lot of videos by Makeup Geek. Her tutorials are packed with great makeup tips and ideas.

The Bloggers That I’ve Tagged Are:

Vyvacious Fun crazy humor and mouth-melting dessert recipes.

LittleMissSCB My cousin! Beauty blogging from Australia.

Clutching To Clouds Fashion blog and adorable awkwardness.

Is This Real Life? Culture blog from New York.

Bridget’s Beauty Blog Lots of good beauty product reviews.

Coffee + Cateye Glamorous and fun tidbits.

My Life In Rouge Fellow perfume lover.

Cilla 44  Flowing with cool vibe and thoughtfulness.

Bailey Blush Natural beauty.

Patent Purple Life Lots of lipstick and lipgloss.

My Questions for Them:

1) How long have you been blogging?

2) What made you start blogging in the first place?

3) What three traits do you admire most in people?

4) What is your number 1 priority when purchasing beauty products? Is it the brand name, effectiveness, price, naturalness, or is it something else… ?

5) Where is your favorite place that you have traveled?

6) What would your perfect breakfast be like?

7) Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

8) What was the last book that you read? Write one sentence that summarizes the entire book for you.

9) Cat or dog? You only get one!

10) What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

11) What is the last thing that made you LAUGH SO MUCH UNTIL YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE?



I’ve really enjoyed writing this and I hope the bloggers whom I’ve tagged will give it a go too!

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