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Even Long Haired Girls Get The Blues

February 17, 2016

My hair is long. Really long. And I’m about to get real with you…

It’s not always pretty.

Problems with long hair

In a previous post, I described my indifference and general discontentment towards my hair situation.

Yet I remain equally committed to growing it out because I want it to be the longest length it’ll ever be in my life.

If you think that’s not a #RealLifeGoal, then obviously you’ve never tried growing out your hair to its longest length.

Try it. Commit to growing your hair for years. Years. And then fight every impulse to hack away at it. You’ll find, as I did, that there are major (and sometimes gross) inconveniences to having really long hair.

Let me count the ways…

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Progress On My New Year’s Beauty Resolutions + Tips For Improving Posture

June 3, 2013

At the beginning of this year, I picked out 3 New Year’s Resolutions to focus on.

Now that we’ve reached the mid-point of the year (gosh, how time flies!)… I thought it would be appropriate to come back to this subject and report on the progress I’ve made with each of them.

1) Reduce Sugar Intake

As far as reducing sugar intake goes, I’ve been really good about indulging in sweet treats only on rare occasions. Even then, I don’t tend to overindulge.

If you want to understand how sugar negatively impacts your skin, read my post on How Sugar & Inflammation Can Be A Recipe For Bad Skin.

When it comes to sugar, I do have one weak spot… I can’t NOT eat bread and croissant for breakfast!

Croissant For Breakfast

Yes, bread counts as sugar. But in my mind, I’ve excused this habit of eating high-carb french breakfasts only because I’m not going to be living in France forever.

And I know that when I leave, I will always sigh and think back about those flaky, buttery croissants with wistful longing…

2) Take Better Care Of My Hair

Haircare has actually been my strongest point.

My hair is longer, softer and shinier now than it was at the beginning of this year.

Better hair 2013

And this has been made possible because I follow my own 5 Basic Hair Care Tips and use the help of some incredible haircare products. Like this one and these three.

3) Improve My Posture

I’m so glad I chose only 3 New Year’s Resolutions! I knew that they were going to take a lot of time and focused dedication.

This has been especially the case with my resolution to improve my posture.

Although there’s a wealth of skincare and haircare information out there, when it comes to posture, I feel like I’ve pretty much been left on my own to figure things out.

While it’s good to encourage others to improve their posture, I think people should do it constructively.

I had this grandma from the Philippines who would visit us and freak out about how awful my posture was. It just always made me feel terrible about myself. To the point that I now secretly suspect I have some form of scoliosis.

I say if you’re going to make people feel terrible about their posture, at least dish out some real advice on what people can do to begin improving their posture!

Improving Posture

Here’s what I’ve worked out (so far)…

How To Improve Your Posture

– This is just a hunch, but I think the shape of your feet has a lot to do with the way that you stand. For example, if your feet have a good arch, it is easier to distribute your weight evenly and stay balanced. But if you’re flat footed like me, you have to work a little harder to balance your weight evenly across your heels and the balls of your feet.

– Don’t lock your knees. They should stay soft and slightly bent.

– There are six points to be mindful of along the length of your body, and they should be in line with each other. 

This picture shows five of them. 

Good posture points

– I say there are six points because you should also think about the point on the crown of your head.

– As my dance teacher once put it: imagine a string going through the length of your spine and out through the center of the crown of your head. Then imagine that this string is being pulled gently up.

– This means that you’re not tilting your chin up or forward. You are simply lengthening your spine through that imaginary string being pulled up along your spine and through the center of your crown.

Your spine has natural curves built in. Having curves in your spine does not mean you have scoliosis! Don’t try to iron your spine flat.

– It’s very important to wear shoes that support good posture. High heels are not posture-friendly.

– We sit a lot and stare down at our computers. So take lots of breaks to stand up and stretch.

– Someday very soon, I am going to build myself an ergonomic workspace. This means, my computer screen will be at eye level, my keyboard will be at elbow level, and I’ll be standing instead of sitting!

Aaah! I can’t wait!

What about you, how is the progress of your New Year’s Resolutions coming along?

My hair after using Kiehl's Magic Elixir

J’adore the Magic Elixir by Kiehl’s

February 15, 2013

Hair is still very much on my mind.

I’d been looking for something that would help tame my dry, frizzy, unruly and rebellious hair. If you want to see what I’m talking about, go here.

You could make a potent DIY hair treatment at home. Which I’ve done before, using kitchen ingredients like eggs, avocados, honey, yogurt, etc.

But making your own hair treatments from the kitchen is incredibly messy. And time consuming. And honestly, as much as I love all pure natural ingredients, having straight up eggs and avocado in your hair can get really sticky and icky fast.

So I needed a product that would have good quality ingredients and would be clean and convenient to use.

Et voilà, enter the Magic Elixir by Kiehl’s.

I first noticed it in Votre Beauté magazine because it won their 2013 gold medal award in the hair care category.

Now after having had the pleasure of using it these past couple of weeks, I can say that the Magic Elixir is well worth the hype.

Kiehl's Magic Elixir

Kiehl's Magic Elixir

Kiehl's Magic Elixir

What it does: This is a lightweight hair elixir that helps promote a well-conditioned scalp for more manageable, healthier-looking hair.

The treatment is infused with a “magical mix” of invigorating Rosemary Leaf Oil, nutrient-packed Avocado Oil to help reduce hair dryness, and Safflower Seed Oil which contains Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids to help moisturize the scalp and hair.

Ingredients: Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado Oil), Carthamus Tinctorius Oil (Safflower Seed Oil), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond OIl), PEG-45 Palm Kernel Glycerides, Sorbitan Oleate, PPG-5-Ceteth-10 Phosphate, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil (Rosemary Leaf Oil), Isopropyl Myristate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Phytantriol, Limonene, Linalool, Aloe Barbadensis  Extract (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract) 

One concern that stands out here is the amount of palm oil-based ingredients. But when it comes to palm oil in their products, Kiehl’s (which is owned by L’Oréal) is committed to using 100% sustainable palm oil.

Also, regarding their stance on animal testing, L’Oréal does perform some animal testing but it represents less than 1%of their safety assessments and their goal is to eventually replace ALL animal testing with predictive evaluation.

How To Use It: Shake well. Apply a small amount to fingertips or directly onto dry scalp and hair using dispensing tip before shampooing. Massage formula throughout scalp in circular motion. Wait ten minutes for maximum benefits. Rinse thoroughly or shampoo. Use regularly to maintain hair health.

My Experience: This is a lightweight oil so it absorbs quickly into your skin and does not leave a heavy greasy coat. The pointed applicator tip makes it really easy to distribute throughout your scalp. I use around two tablespoons worth of the elixir.

Once I’ve covered my entire scalp with the elixir, I use the pads of my fingertips to massage my scalp in circular motions. I do this for a while because it feels good. And it increases to your scalp which means more oxygen and nutrients.

After the scalp massage, I stuff all my hair under a shower cap and wait for the elixir to do its thing. Now this is the part where I deviate from the instructions…

I leave it on for three hours.

Why do I do this? I don’t know. Maybe I just like wearing shower caps.

No really, I’ve read somewhere that when nourishing the roots of your hair with oil, the longer you leave it on your scalp the better. You don’t have to do this. The instructions say leave it on for ten minutes. Three hours is just something that I do. And only on evenings when I don’t have to go anywhere.

The Results: After each use, the first observable difference is how light my hair feels. And by light, I mean my naturally wavy hair gets this great bounce.

In addition, my hair feels super soft, is more manageable has an undeniably healthy glossy sheen (see the pictures below).

The Magic Elixir however falls short of being truly magical because there are days when I still suffer from frizz. But even then, my hair does feel less dry and brittle. Plus, I’m now getting more “good hair days” out of the week than “bad hair days.”

I love the Magic Elixir because it does exactly what it says!

What I like about it:

– The results! which are: Soft, Bouncy hair & Healthy shine
– The rosemary scent
– The ingredients list is short & packed with good stuff
– Easy to apply
– Doesn’t feel greasy while it’s on my hair
– Really easy to wash off
– And! am I being crazy or is my hair growing faster than usual?!

What I don’t like about it:

– The bottle is too small.
– I want more magic elixir for my money!
– In fact, that was the only downside I could think of…

How Much: $20.00 for 4.2 fl oz bottle / €21,50 for 125 ml

Find it at: Kiehl’s Official Website

Would I buy it again: Yes! The pro’s of the Kiehl’s Magical Elixir far outweigh the con’s.

J’adore Kiehl’s: One last thing I’d like to mention about the brand Kiehl’s is how happy I was to find that my package arrived with some extra goodies. There were three packets of samples: a facial cleanser, a facial cream and an eye cream.

But what really sealed the deal was the handwritten note in the package. Handwritten! As in, written by another human being with real ink from a real pen. Just to thank me for purchasing their products.

That little extra touch left a great impression on me.


Here are some photos of my hair 24 hours after using Kiehl’s Magic Elixir.

The lighting at the time was perfect! No added photo filters or effects.

That crazy brilliant light is nothing but pure warm sunshine streaming on my face.

Handwritten Note & Samples By Kiehl's

My hair after using Kiehl's Magic Elixir

My hair after using Kiehl's Magic Elixir

My hair after using Kiehl's Magic Elixir