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Ma Boîte à Beauté Funny Bee

The December Box by Ma Boîte À Beauté

January 25, 2013

The beauty box is a brilliant concept! I wish I had come up with it… but oh well, sometimes it’s not the people who come up with a new idea/invention, but rather, the people who perfect it who ends up going to the bank laughing. This could potentially be the case with beauty boxes. As old ones evolve and new ones pop up, it’s interesting to see their own different takes and twists on the beauty box.

So what exactly is the concept behind the beauty box? Basically, it’s a way to discover and test out different beauty products. You subscribe to a beauty box in order to receive a monthly package in the mail filled with about 5 different beauty products. Usually the contents of the box are a surprise and are a combination of  full sized and trial sized products. If it’s a good box, you will end up paying very little compared to the total retail value of all the products in the box.

For me, the real appeal of beauty boxes is the element of surprise within each box and the surge of excitement that you get from receiving a little parcel in the mail.

So now that I’ve introduced the concept of the beauty box, let’s check out the contents of an actual beauty box.

Ma Boîte À Beauté  is a French beauty box which has been raved about by The Girls On Fire (she is my go-to Parisian beauty blogger writing in her mad brand of Franglish).

I decided to test this box (which henceforth will be referred to as MBAB) because they’re known to send out topnotch skincare products. But also, I appreciate the fact that you’re allowed to subscribe to MBAB on a monthly basis whereas other beauty boxes require longer engagements, anywhere from three months to a year.

So these are the contents from the MBAB December Box:

December Box Ma Boîte à Beauté

1.) BAIJA Velvety Butter For The Body (Rose Litchi Scented)
2.) FUNNY BEE Crazy Me Miracle Fluid For Those Late Nights Out
3.) NOREVA Rich Moisturizing Cream For Dry Skin
4.) SECRETS DE PROVENCE Sweet Almond Oil Soap Bar
5.) SOLYVIA Roll-On Headache Stick
6.) OLIV LA CLAREE Exfoliating Radiance Mask

Ma Boîte à Beauté Beurre Velouté

1.) BAIJA Velvety Butter For The Body.

This body butter combines the scent of rose and litchi and smells divinely feminine! The texture is aptly described as smooth and velvety. Although the product isn’t full size, at 50ml it’s not bad at all especially since this is a very luxurious cream and not something I would wear on an everyday basis.

Ma Boîte à Beauté Funny Bee

2.) FUNNY BEE Crazy Me Miracle Fluid For Those Late Nights Out

This product came full-sized at 30ml and is what made the box really worth it for me. Funny Bee is a French natural and organic skincare brand that a lot of people are buzzing about (haha pun intended). This Miracle Fluid For Those Late Nights Out is a skin “rescue cocktail” formulated with ginkgo biloba plus omega 3 oils from camelina oil and sesame oil plus hyaluronic acid plus floral water from chamomile. The idea is to use this after a crazy late night out and wake up fresh faced and free of dark undereye circles. I’ve actually used it this way and have had very fresh morning after results.
I love this one sooo much!! ❤❤❤

Ma Boîte à Beauté Crème Hydratante

3.) NOREVA Rich Moisturizing Cream For Dry Skin

This is also another product that came full size at 40ml. Noreva is a pharmaceutical brand made by dermatologists. This cream is a 24 hour moisturizing cream designated for dry skin, but I tested it out anyway and found out that it’s really not for me. I even broke out a little. So I tend to just use this sometimes on my neck and décolleté. It does smell quite pleasant though.

Ma Boîte à Beauté Savon Secrets de Provence

4.) SECRETS DE PROVENCE Sweet Almond Oil Soap Bar

You can never have too many bars of soap! They’re always a handy and welcome addition.  I haven’t tried this soap yet so there’s not much more I can say about it. The ingredients  are made from organic vegetable oils but maybe it could have come in a more tasteful wrapping other than plastic?

Ma Boîte à Beauté Solyvia

5.) SOLYVIA Roll-On Headache Stick

This is a roll-on remedy for headaches that you apply on your temples, across your forehead and behind the ears. I rarely get headaches, but as it happens, I developed a little one this afternoon and so I actually had a reason to try this! It smells softly of peppermint and some kind of herb, which makes sense as the ingredients are made from organic essential oils like lavender, basil, and peppermint. My headache did subside a bit after using this! Although I’m not going to claim that it was the Solyvia, I really do believe that essential oils can be effective as remedies.

Ma Boîte à Beauté Oliv La Clarée

6.) OLIV LA CLAREE Exfoliating Radiance Mask

As you can guess from the name, the main ingredient of this mask is olives which contains polyphenols and anti-age properties. The mask also contains aloe, sesame and macadamia oils, shea butter and other natural ingredients, though not all are from organic sources. This mask is suited for all skin types. It’s not a full size product, but I’m looking forward to trying this.


MBAB’s December Box had some real superstars, namely Funny Bee’s Crazy Me Miracle Fluid and Baija’s Crème Velouté. The rest felt like fillers. But that’s usually what happens with beauty boxes. You’ll get some meh products, but if you get that one superstar product then it’s a good box. And keep in mind, some months are meh, other months are winners and then there are those months that are real jackpots. That’s the fun of the game.

What would be great to see is a beauty box that takes into account your individual profile along with your skin type. That way, you are always guaranteed to get one item that will work for you.

A few final things to note… MBAB is also a retail platform where you can purchase some of the items that they send in their boxes. However, they don’t cater to international subscribers and customers. Sorry, this is at least to the best of my knowledge.

The Price to subscribe to MBAB’s Monthly Box: 13€ + 3€ for shipping.

The Funny Bee product alone sells at 38€, so I really did get more than my money’s worth. I would subscribe again to another MBAB Beauty Box but probably not every month.

How about you, have you had any experiences with beauty boxes?