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An Afternoon In Rodin’s Sculpture Garden

October 28, 2012

During my fast on Thursday, I went for a walk to Rodin’s Sculpture Garden. It’s actually part of the Rodin Museum. But whereas the entry fee for the museum is €10, the garden costs only €1 to get in. This is one of the smaller gardens in Paris compared to the Luxembourg and the Tuilleries. But its small mellow setting and the remarkable collection of statues inside makes it excellent grounds for a long, leisurely afternoon stroll.

The Thinker, the famous statue by Rodin, is more imposing in person than I would have thought. The rest of the statues too are magnificent in their own right. Their carved bodies are sinewy, tortured and posed in unusual ways. Looking at photos would not be able to do these statues any justice. But anyway, as I’ve already mentioned, I’ll post some of the photos that Oliver and I took from our afternoon walk in Rodin’s Sculpture Garden.

On a separate note, today Sunday is the last day of my 7 day cleanse. Hooray!! High five me.

So far, I’ve gotten through this week like a champ! But then again, this isn’t the first time I’ve done a cleanse. It’s my second time actually. The last time I tried to do a cleanse was in the spring, and that went terribly. All I could think about were croissants, croissants, croissants, coffee, coffee, coffee. I cracked by the fifth day. And when I say I cracked, I mean I cracked with a vengeance. Four weeks later, I was still trying to make up for all the food that I had deprived myself of during those five miserable days.

This time around however, I’ve been able to dismiss my cravings with grace. Yes, after this cleanse is over, I will still continue to enjoy my croissant and coffee from time to time. But I can now confidently say that food cravings no longer rule my life. Cravings come to me, I acknowledge them, and I let them go. This is a habit that develops when you practice cleansing. Next to the positive health benefits of eating nothing but simple, clean, pure foods for a week, I consider the subtle change in my relationship with food very important.

Doing a cleanse not only gives our digestive system a chance to reset, but it is also gives us a time to pause. To reflect upon why we eat what we eat when we eat. For example, I noticed that I always want to eat something sweet to cheer myself up. Like a pastry. Also, the possibility of hanging out with friends became more exciting with the thought of having an excuse to get carried away eating junk foods. Does this happen to you too? Anyway, we can dig more into this subject later (hint: a 7 Day Ziba Cleanse Guide is in the works!).

So finally.

We are going to switch things up again. Next week I’m going back to focusing on other areas of Beauty besides health. There are so many topics to explore, which is why I very much enjoy writing about the nature of Beauty as a whole. Next week we are getting into hair care and make up! I’ll show you some products that I like, because I think you will like them too:)

And oh yeah, the photos!! The photos! Don’t forget about ze photos!

So here they are. Enjoy!