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Anti-Stress Exfoliating Cream by Les Fleurs De Bach

September 4, 2012

Fleurs De Bach Anti-Stress Exfoliating Cream

I am incredibly pleased with this exfoliating cream by Les Fleurs De Bach! So much so that I am considering adding it to the Ziba Boutique. As you know, I am always on the lookout for unique, under the radar beauty products. So when I came upon a small organic skincare shop in a tiny French village, of course I couldn’t leave without trying some of the products by Les Fleurs de Bach.

Although it’s quite a new name to me, Les Fleurs de Bach has actually been specializing in flower essences and aromatherapy for over 70 years. If you are not familiar with aromatherapy, it is an ancient practice that uses aromas from the essence of flowers and plants to help soothe the mind and balance the functions of various glands. The Elixirs by Les Fleurs de Bach, are essences of flowers which can be diluted in water and then taken internally to help balance negative emotions and regain a calm state of mind. Les Fleurs de Bach also has a perfume line with fragrances that range from the earthy and humble to the celestial and powdery.

I came back home with the exfoliating cream from Les Fleurs de Bach’s Anti-Stress Skincare line, which combines a unique anti-stress blend of flower essences to bring out the skin’s natural beauty and to bring the mind to a sense of calm and quietness.

So here are my impressions:


The scent is divine! Not in the overwhelming way that synthetically perfumed products can be. It’s not a subtle scent either. The scent is definitely there, and it is there to be enjoyed. It is a wonderful medley of lavender and rosemary and an early morning traipse through the woods. The panoply of distilled plant essences include: tilia flower water, lemon balm flower water, sunflower seed oil, orange peel oil, lavender oil, camphor bark oil, bergamot fruit oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, clary oil, and the list of plants in their latin names goes on.


The texture is more milky than it is creamy. The fluid is moisturizing but does not quickly absorb into the skin. Instead, it stays on the skin’s surface to allow for gentle cleansing. The exfoliating beads consist of apricot seeds and your-not-so-everyday volcano sand. The beads do not disintegrate into the cream thus giving your skin more time for complete exfoliation.

Fleurs De Bach Anti-Stress Exfoliating Cream

The exfoliating beads consist of apricot seeds and volcano sand.


I would gladly recommend Les Fleurs de Bach’s Exfoliating Cream based alone on its great exfoliating properties. My skin felt incredibly soft, smooth and supple immediately after exfoliation. And the following day, it retained its softness and a light glow. But the truly special feature of this cream is its wonderfully soothing aroma, which does achieve its aim of providing a peaceful transition from a long busy day to a quiet evening of rest.

Les Fleurs de Bach Anti-Stress Exfoliating Cream

99.03% of ingredients sourced from natural sources
14.67% of total ingredients sourced from organic farming
Certified Organic by ECOCERT and COSMETIC BIO

Where to find Les Fleurs de Bach’s Anti-Stress Exfoliating Cream: www.lesfleursdebach.com

How much?  €26.50 / $33.29