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Leona DIY All Natural Body Butter Kit

March 2, 2015

For the holidays, I received this fun package of ready to make all natural body butter!

Leona Make Homemade All Natural Body Butter - 1

This is the first I’ve come across something like this.

Leona is a brand that specializes in Hand Craft Kits of all-natural personal care products.

Their ingredients are simple, high quality, natural and organic. All very good things!

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Wedding Cake

Much Ado About Weddings

April 28, 2014

If you are planning a small and simple wedding, here’s what you need to know…

Everyone will try to make it into something more complicated!

Wedding pointer

There is truly no point trying to make others happy and fit their mold of how your wedding ought to be.

It’s your wedding. If you stick to your guns, you can make your wedding as simple as you would like it to be.

For my wedding, (which is literally happening in a month–AAaaah!) all I want is:  Beach. Family. Friends… and lots of food!

Yet the simplicity of this idea was at first difficult to get across to our families. I even tried referring to the damn thing as a “beach party.”

But family members balked at this. They protested that we were making too light of a matter that is actually very serious.


Beach wedding archway

Another point of deviation: I did not get an engagement ring.

As I confessed in my previous post, sure! I wouldn’t mind one. I am a girl after all. A silly girl who can still be suckered into hankering after shiny, expensive things even though I am highly educated and progressive and know that engagements rings are a scam.

But ultimately, I would rather save that money for things that have REAL value. Like traveling!

Still, I am amused how whenever I tell people I’m engaged, their eyes will unfailingly trail down to my left hand.

Try it sometime. Tell people you’re engaged. Then watch how their eyes quickly dart over to your left hand in search of the bling.

Who trained us to be like this??


Not that I have anything against people who follow conventions.

Having a wedding is, by itself, inherently conventional. I just wonder what people used to do for weddings before it became this highly commercialized and contrived affair.

Eventually, we managed (I think) to get the idea across to our family and friends that ours is going to be a very simple and low-key affair.

The idea is… show up at the beach and you’ll probably get fed!

Wedding Cake

Behind the scenes, we’ve been slowly and steadily organizing this wedding over the months.

Details are coming along quite smoothly. Check-lists are being checked. Little fuss has been made. And you know what? It’s been very satisfying to get things done on our own.

How have we been managing to keep our wedding so simple and minimal?

We are keeping a small guest list. Less than 40 people. Of course we are making a little room for wedding ‘crashers,’ so we are counting on 45 to show up at the most.

One thing that has helped has been the use of Pinterest.

You may laugh. Yes, I used to laugh at girls who I thought were just sublimating their fantasies and frustrations on Pinterest. But now I know better. Pinterest can be useful for mapping out your ideas visually.

Just keep in mind that it’s a tool. And stay away from falling into the envious, hate-your-life-it’s-not-as-good-as-Pinterest trap.

Wedding Dress Detail

Dear readers, now you know!

This whole DIY wedding planning thing has been what’s keeping me so occupied these days.

That… and starting a new job!! One that I freaking love!!!

I’ve been staying happy, healthy and busy! And I hope you have too.

I will write more soon. Pinky promise 🙂



** Images taken from Pinterest. Obviously.

A Simple and Fabulous Skin Pick Me-Up from the Kitchen

June 27, 2012

I’m a big fan of Do-It-Yourself skin care, using simple ingredients from my own kitchen.  One of my favorite kitchen ingredients to use is MILK! I use milk as a way to cool off and rejuvenate my skin.

This is what I do….

For a fabulous skin pick me-up, you will need the following:

– ½ a cup of milk
– 4-5 round cotton pads 

What to do :

  • Pour milk into a small bowl
  • Carefully peel apart the layers of the cotton pads (I can get about three layers from each pad)
  • Dip each layer in the bowl until it is completely soaked with milk
  • Take out the cotton pad and lightly squeeze it of excess milk
  • Gently place the milk-soaked cotton pad on your face, starting along your forehead, your cheeks, and your chin until you’ve covered most of your face
  • Tear small pieces of the milk-soaked cotton pads and place them along the uncovered spaces on your face
  • Take the last two remaining layers of cotton and place them over yours eyes, gently dabbing them with your finger tips to hug the contours of your eyes
  • Breathe and allow yourself to completely relax!

There’s no need to time it, you can leave the cotton pads on your face for five minutes or until they are dry.  After you’ve removed the cotton pads, rinse your face with cool water. You may notice that the cotton pads are quite warm while your skin has been left feeling cool and refreshed.

The Aftermath : Positively smooth, radiant skin.

Random Skin Fact : Did you know that the Egyptians including Cleopatra were known for taking milk baths? They weren’t the only ones in history who understood the secret benefits of milk on the skin. The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid, a natural material that dissolves the glue that holds dead skin cells together. Milk therefore is a very simple and natural way to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.