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Your Unruly And Rebellious Hair Is Dead

October 30, 2012

Funny story. I was in a pharmacy making a skin care purchase when the lady at the counter gave me a bunch of beauty samples. I left cheerfully, feeling like I’d won a little lottery. That is until I noticed that one of the samples she had specifically picked out for me was meant for “unruly and rebellious hair.”

I balked. Unruly and rebellious hair?? Was she talking about me?

Yes, yes she was. She had sized up my hair and said something about how my hair is “bouclés” and “secs.” Words that registered with me only afterwards. I grudgingly acknowledged the fact that perhaps I’ve been a bit too obsessed with skin care lately. And that, as a result, my hair has been looking a little sad.

This is how I was first introduced to René Furterer Paris, a French hair care brand that believes hair can only be repaired and revitalized from the roots of a healthy scalp.

Why is focusing on treating hair from the roots important? For the simple fact that your hair is already dead. I’m not trying to get all Halloween-y on you, but it’s true. Hair is dead. It is made up of dead cells filled with fibrous protein called keratin. Which means, hair can no longer receive or respond to nutrients to renew and repair itself. Hair can only receive nutrients and form new cells from the roots.

René Furterer’s products are suited for a specific scalp type and hair type, so the first step in their treatment involves knowing your scalp type and your hair type. Obviously. Wait, what? Scalp type?

I’ve never had to think about my scalp type before. I know I have dry hair that tends to get frizzy. I tend to wash my hair frequently because of how oily and bothersome my scalp gets within two days. But while washing my hair frequently provided relief for my scalp, it was also at the same time stripping my hair of natural oils. Making my dry hair even dryer!

My Aha! moment came when I discovered René Furterer’s Curbicia Lightness Regulating Shampoo, a product designed for the combination of oily scalp and dry hair. It is the best shampoo that I have ever used. And I am being so serious about this. It balanced and soothed my oily scalp, and left my hair feeling so light and soft. My hair never looked and felt so good.

Unfortunately, when I’d finished my sample and went back to buy the full-sized product, I ended up coming back with the totally wrong product!

Why oh why would the people at René Furterer think it’s a good idea to give two of their products the exact same name and the exact same packaging? I have no idea. But that’s what they did.

And that’s how I ended up taking home the Curbicia Purifying Clay Shampoo. A less than optimal outcome. But I have been using it anyway. So here is an overview as well as my thoughts on the Curbicia Purifying Clay Shampoo…

How it Works: Intensely regulates sebum excess production. Purifies the scalp. Restores balance and deep-cleanses oily scalps.

How to Use it: Apply to a damp scalp, focusing on the roots. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes. Add water and work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Use only once to twice a week.

The ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Coco-Glucoside, Hectorite, Limonene, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, BHT, Camphor, Chromium Oxide Greens, Disodium Edta, Eugenol, Linalool, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Salicylic Acid, Orange Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Clove Flower Oil, Rosemary Oil, Thyme Flower Oil.

The results: When it comes to removing oil, this shampoo is no joke. Unfortunately, it does too good of a job. So when I use it, I find that my hair is very dry and lackluster during that same day. However, by the next day, my hair has produced enough oil and recovered its shine and moisture.

I only use this shampoo once a week. Any more than that and my hair would just be too dry and dull all the time. While it’s great that I only have to shampoo my hair once a week before my scalp starts getting really oily and itchy again, I know in my heart that this product is not the one for me. I could see how it would work fabulously for people who have really oily scalp though (as in, after every time you wash, your hair is greasy again by the end of the day).

What I like about it 

  • Easy to apply with the pointed tip applicator.
  • The cooling, soothing effect (this is probably coming from the camphor).
  • I can go for a week without having to shampoo my hair.


  • It leaves my hair very dry the first time that I use it.
  • Neither natural nor organic.
  • It’s not actually the shampoo that I really wanted.

So for future reference, look closer when you are picking between the Curbicia Purifying Clay Shampoo and the Curbicia Lightness Regulating Shampoo. I will give you a hint: the word Curbicia will be in BIG, blocky capital letters while everything else will be in squint-sized hieroglyphics. No, not really. But seriously, give it a good look before you buy it!

As for René Furterer’s Myrrhea Anti-Frizz No Rinse Silkening Fluid, the other sample that drew my attention to the unruly and rebellious nature of my hair, I have not yet used it enough to form a solid opinion about it. But I will get back to you once I do.

Where to find René Furterer hair care products: French Pharmacies, the René Furterer Website.

How much: 10.9€ (Curbicia Purifying Clay Shampoo)