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A Weekend In Champagne (Or, The Facial That Almost Was)

October 16, 2012

This weekend, I went on a little getaway to Champagne, which is the region in France known for–well you know, that lovely bubbly drink called champagne! My boyfriend, his parents and I stayed at the Chateau d’Etoges where I had planned to get facials and other spa treatments. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to call ahead and schedule the spa treatments. I assumed that it was going to be a quiet little retreat where hardly anyone would show up. I was wrong. It was a quiet little retreat. But the spa was already booked for the entire weekend.

And so, here we jump straight to the moral of the story, which can be summed up tidily in two words: plan ahead people! What was I thinking? I’m really bummed because I had been looking forward to writing and reviewing my very first facial experience. What makes it even more regretful is the fact that the spa featured products from Les Fleurs de Bach. And you must know how much I adore everything by Les Fleurs de Bach (just read my review of their Anti-Stress Exfoliating Cream).

But despite my failed facial experience and the dreary weather, all was not lost. It was still a very agreeable weekend, spent in a lovely chateau. The Chateau d’Etoges is a 17th century stone estate surrounded by a moat and spacious, verdant grounds. The rooms are very warm and decorated in a quaint fashion, the restaurant serves decadent, four-course meals and champagne was served aplenty. In fact, champagne seemed to be a very common theme running throughout this weekend. Honestly, I have never drank so much champagne in my life.

We even stopped in the Moët & Chandon headquarters in Epernay. You may or may not know this, but when it comes to champagne, Moët & Chandon is seriously top notch. We took a tour of their cellars, which is actually a 28km long labyrinth filled with thousands of champagne that are sitting there and aging to perfection. Apparently, champagne is such serious business in France that they have put into effect laws which champagne makers have to follow to the tee. The tour ended, of course, with a delightful sampling of their white and rosée champagne from 2002 and 2004.

On our last day, the trip literally brightened up with the re-appearance of the sun and another bottle of champagne for breakfast.

Photos From The Weekend:

1)  Inside Chateau d’Etoges.

2) Deer Decorations (are a bit macabre).

3) A view of the Chateau from the front.

4) Rainy walks are the best.

A Walk In The Rain

5) The spa uses products by Les Fleurs de Bach.

6) Elixirs by Les Fleurs de Bach.

7) 23 euros for a tour and 2 glasses of champagne.

8) A champagne cave, just one of thousands in a 28km underground tunnel.

9) “Je bois les étoiles.” I drink the stars.

10) Celebrating the sun’s return with… more champagne!

Camera used: Canon 20D
Camera lens: 15ml canon fish eye (first four photos), 18-55 kit lens (last six photos)