The June Bracelet. Wearable Skincare Technology, A La Française.

Friday January 24, 2014 | Lifestyle Skin Care

Of course the French would invent a bracelet that measures your exposure to the sun so that you can get guidance on how to prevent premature skin aging.

Although it has not yet been released, the June bracelet by Netatmo made its remarkable debut on the first day of CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

June Bracelet


[Image Source: Netatmo]

This bracelet comes with an app for your smartphone or tablet in order to give you personalized sun protection advice based on your skin type and habits.

During the first use, the app takes you through a series of questions in order to determine your skin type.

Then, based on the UV sensors in the bracelet and current meteorological information, the app tells you if you need to protect yourself and with what level of SPF cream. It will even send reminders to wear a hat or sunglasses before leaving the house that day.

As mad as they are about skincare, French women don’t really like to wear sunscreen. So maybe this gadget will finally get them into that habit.

In terms of design, I thought that the rather imposing jewel looks a little gaudy, non?

But after seeing a photo of a real person wearing it IRL, I changed my mind.

June Bracelet / Photo from Wired Magazine
[Photo Source: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED]

I would definitely wear this.

Yo, Netatmo! If you’re still looking for test subjects, I’m your hollaback girl.

My Seaside Skincare Routine (Video)

Saturday November 9, 2013 | Skin Care


I’ve literally taken the plunge and made my first blog video ever.


The video combines two things that I love…

Skincare + The Ocean.

Basically, it’s a video of me washing my face in the ocean. The absolutely cold and FREEZING ocean.  

Although it may seem like I gripe excessively about how cold it is in the video, what you don’t actually get to see are the other people walking around in parkas and winter gear.  

But that’s how much I believe in the restorative properties of the ocean.

These are the products that I use during my seaside skincare routine


Oh! There is one thing I forgot to mention in the video.

So I’ll mention it here…

The reason I like natural and organic cosmetics is because

I don’t want to pollute our beautiful planet anymore. 


Sunday Love, Link & Magic #3

Sunday June 16, 2013 | Beauty Musings

Happy weekend, my loves!

Don’t forget that today is Father’s Day! Be sure to call your pops and tell him how much you appreciate him.

Now here’s me quickly sharing with you some of my beauty favorites from the week.

* * *

This Week’s LOVE

Cool milk baths on a hot sumer day.

It finally feels like summer in Paris! And because air conditioners don’t exist here, one simple way to cool off while treating your skin at the same time is to soak in a nice cool milk bath.

Milk Bath

Just take one cup of milk and pour it in your bath water. Milk is a natural skin exfoliant, and will help to cleanse and soften your skin.

I also love doing this DIY milk mask!

This Week’s LINK

Riding The Bus In L.A. is a blog that has nothing to do with riding the bus in L.A.

You’ll find a good mix of things here.

There are posts that deal with beauty, like Beauty School Dropout and product reviews like this one, Beam Me Up – Benefit High Beam.

But what really keeps me coming back for more is the blogger’s humorous cultural observations on life.

My two favorites are People I feel Sorry For In The Music Business and The Intern.

The writer behind this rather new-ish blog goes by the name of Miss P. And she always writes with remarkable wit and honesty.

Talent like this should not go unnoticed!

This Week’s MAGIC

Did you know that babies, those cute drooling gargly creatures, have the inherent ability to recognize beautiful faces?

There are studies that show babies tend to stare longer at beautiful faces that adults would generally also consider to be attractive.

Is this proof that there is such a thing as a Universality Of Attractiveness???