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Goodeboxe December 2013

The December 2013 Goodeboxe

December 12, 2013

YUM. That’s the unifying theme of this month’s Goodeboxe.

Every product was chosen with sensuous self-satisfaction in mind.

The curators of Goodeboxe nodded in acknowledgement to the Holiday season. Then cheerfully put together a box of “pure indulgence with zero guilt.”

Goodeboxe December 2013

Every product was chosen to stimulate, soothe, and titillate the senses.

Sweetriot Nibs

1) Sweetriot – Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs.

YUM! Tasty, anti-oxidant packed, fairly traded and only 1 calorie per “peace.” Comes in this small reusable tin can.

Inside, there was a little piece of paper with my “fortune.” Kind of like a fortune cookie.

Maya Angelou

[Good quote, but I’m pretty sure it’s spelled Maya AngeloU]

Sweetriot sources their chocolate only from farmers in Latin America so that you can enjoy chocolate that’s “sweet for the world & sweet for you too!”

An upgrade from the Ricola cough drops of last month.

Deep Steep - Candy Mint Foot Stick.

2) Deep Steep – Candy Mint Foot Stick.

This smells so YUM!

But what if, in an absent-minded moment, you use this on your foot and then accidentally take it to your mouth? And then lick it?! That would happen to me.

This is a festively hydrating stick that you can use for your heels and cuticles. The peppermint and spearmint essential oils works to refresh and promote increased circulation, while cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil & beeswax provides softness and healing.

I love the roll-on stick form that this product comes in. Just be sure to clean your feet first…

Lotus Wei - Infinite Love Mist & Inner Peace Mist

3) Lotus Wei – Infinite Love Mist & Inner Peace Mist.

I have been obsessed with aromatherapy in the form of spritzers and mists!

My greatest love of all is fresh rose floral waters in a chilled spritzer bottle.

But these mists by Lotus Wei have taken me deeper into the world of aromatherapy mists and sprays. YUM!

The Infinite Love Mist is made from the exotic blend of wild fireweed, Hong Kong orchid, pink magnolia and other aromatic plants “to dissolve irritation, codependency, past trauma & hard heartedness.”

The Inner Peace Mist is made from pink lotus, arctic lupine & red hibiscus, just to name of the flowers which work together “to dissolve high levels of stress, anxiety, lack of feeling supported & heart palpitations.”

Choose your flower

Because these mists mainly contain plant and flower essential oils, they are noticeably stronger than floral waters.

During times of stress, you can mist these above and around your face, on your pillows, sheets, office space, friends, loved ones, etc.

Hip E Chick - Winter Wonderland Soy Candle

4) Hip E Chick – Winter Wonderland Soy Candle.

This is a 100% hand poured pure soy wax and essential oil candle. Scented with a blend of Mexican wild greens, fruits & poinsettia.

The smell is soothing, though slightly too faint for me to cry YUM!

But you can be at ease knowing that this candle by Hip E Chick is lead free and devoid of synthetic dyes or additives.

 Shea Radiance - Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream

5) Shea Radiance – Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream.

This is a rich and decadent body butter. The main ingredient is shea butter which is healing and beneficial for all skin types, even oily and blemish prone skin. And ideal for chronically dry, sun damaged, or eczema prone skin.

The smell is sweet and spicy and just YUM!

When you apply it, the texture is thick and feels a little sticky. But it absorbs quickly.

And the yummiest part is how long my skin feels soft and velvety.

This body butter is great for combating winter’s drying assault on the skin!


This month’s Goodeboxe was quite a treat!

Every product offered some unique and titillating delight to the senses. Titillating! That’s not a word you can just toss around all the time.

The winning product of this box is the Ultra Rich Shea Butter Cream by Shea Radiance. The cream is divinely moisturizing. And the brand’s mission includes the promotion of sustainable development for women-led cooperatives in West Africa.

Which makes this product both luxurious and a thoughtful gift to give this Holiday season!!

Shea Radiance is currently offering a 20% promotion throughout their online shop. So get on it!

Hugo Naturals Effervescent Bath Salts

July 25, 2012

Taking cool baths on a hot day is so refreshing!

I’ve been especially excited to try out Hugo Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange Effervescent Bath Salts. This particular product features a blend of two mineral-rich salts–Dead sea salt and Himalayan pink salt. In addition to transforming the bath into a luxurious and therapeutic spa experience, the product also promises to reduce tension, ease muscle discomfort and soften skin.

So I gave it a try.

I added a handful of salt to the running bath water and even threw in a handful of rose buds for aesthetics. I noticed how the bath gave off a sweet and yummy citrus-y smell right away. It’s a nice scent, although a bit on the heavy side. But that was about it. Other than the nice smell, I didn’t notice any other advantages from using these bath salts. No softer skin, no bubbling “effervescence” and the relaxing sensation probably came from just taking a bath. There was hardly any difference in the bath experience with or without these bath salts.

However, according to Hugo Naturals, rare Himalayan Pink Salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body, including magnesium, potassium, copper and iron–minerals that help to detoxify and stimulate circulation while Dead Sea Salt has Silicon Dioxide, Potassium Oxide and other minerals known to reduce inflammation. So perhaps using these bath salts yield positive physical effects that are too subtle to detect. Who knows.

My conclusion? A Luxury We Can Do Without.

Having said that, I would be willing to try other Hugo Naturals products, such as their body butters and body oils. The Vanilla & Sweet Orange is a recurring scent, which I like.

Also, they aim to be free of: parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, PEGs, propylene glycol, petroleum products, silicones, phthalates, synthetic surfactants, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. AND they are vegan, soy free, cruelty free and gluten free.

But saying that bath salts are vegan, soy free and all that is a bit superfluous. It’s the equivalent of saying that rocks are vegan, soy free, cruelty free and gluten free. Just don’t eat it!

Where to find it: Hugo Naturals website. Or at your nearby Whole Foods.
How Much: $9.99



Safe Cosmetics: Why Natural And Organic?

May 7, 2012

Admit it. If you were to take the time right now to read through all the ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products, you would probably find a list of unfamiliar chemicals with long names you can hardly pronounce.

Although the history of cosmetics dates back thousands of years,  it wasn’t until the advent of the Industrial Age that ready-made products became so widely available and cheap. Incidentally, it was around this time that synthetic and petrochemical ingredients became pervasive. Today, the great majority of cosmetics and personal care products still consist of synthetic chemical ingredients which have a tendency to irritate our skin and cause allergic reactions. What’s worse, it is difficult to evaluate their long-term effects on our health.

As the largest organ in our body, our skin’s main function is to act as a barrier from external harms (i.e. bacteria, UV radiation, etc). There are many statistical claims that may scare people into believing that the skin absorbs everything upon contact. But our skin is actually incredibly good at keeping things out.  The likelihood of a chemical penetrating and being absorbed by our skin depends on different factors, such as its quantity and the condition of the skin. For example, broken or porous skin is more permeable.

Once a substance actually penetrates and is absorbed through the skin, it can directly enter the bloodstream and pose harmful effects to our health. The most dangerous of these effects have been linked to carcinogenic chemicals, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors which can negatively affect the reproductive system. The controversy and uncertainty surrounding the ingredients found in conventional cosmetics is ongoing. But certainly, there are more and more people who wish to reduce their risks to these health hazards and have thus increased their demand for safer and more natural cosmetics.

Natural invites caution

“Natural” should not automatically be equated with “safe.” There are many things in nature which are harmful for us. Some essences from flowers and herbs can be toxic when used in highly concentrated form. It is important to understand that there is an art and science involved in selecting natural ingredients and mixing them in appropriate amounts to obtain a safe and desirable effect. What’s more, there are many cases in which cosmetics manufacturers have misused the word “natural,” either through ignorance or greed in order to jump on the natural products bandwagon and enrich themselves at the consumer’s expense.

One simple way to determine whether a product is truly natural is by reading the ingredients list. Some products contain only a small fraction of ingredients that are from actual natural sources. If the first ten ingredients seem like a page out of a chemistry textbook, then chances are the word “natural” has been misused. If however the first and second ingredients are derived from names that are familiar to you, such as the names of plants and flowers, then you may actually have a natural product in your hands.

What is the difference between Natural and Organic?

Natural products are made from plants and minerals that occur in nature and have not been produced in a laboratory. Organic products are also made from natural ingredients; but they have been grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This means, unless a product is labeled as both “natural” and “organic” it can still contain harmful chemicals and pesticides which can be absorbed through our skin. If you do not understand why so many people have advocated the reduction of the use of pesticides, you can read this peer review by the NCBI which clearly concludes that exposure to pesticides is positively related to the development of certain types of cancers and leukemia, especially among children.

The Advantages of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

There is no doubt that using products which have been deemed as both “natural” and “organic” has the principal advantage of protecting our health. Just as we prefer to eat pure, natural and wholesome foods so should we use the purest and most natural products to nourish our face and our skin.

The second advantage is that natural and organic products can be safely returned to earth once we have used them. Because organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, the impact on our environment is minimal.  Also, organic farming restricts the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which pose a significant threat to both human and environmental health. The principles of environmental health and balance are much the same for the external world and our internal world. The same pollutants which are causing us to be sick are also affecting the health of our planet. When we treat our bodies with respect by using the most natural and organic products, we are also showing the same respect for our planet’s natural, delicate balance.


In future posts, I will continue to describe the importance of and realities surrounding safe cosmetics. I will also give a written guide for all the different natural and organic labels which we’ve come to rely upon when shopping for products. In the meantime, I invite you to watch this video: “A Closer Look at Cosmetics Safety