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Milk Bath

Sunday Love, Link & Magic #3

June 16, 2013

Happy weekend, my loves!

Don’t forget that today is Father’s Day! Be sure to call your pops and tell him how much you appreciate him.

Now here’s me quickly sharing with you some of my beauty favorites from the week.

* * *

This Week’s LOVE

Cool milk baths on a hot sumer day.

It finally feels like summer in Paris! And because air conditioners don’t exist here, one simple way to cool off while treating your skin at the same time is to soak in a nice cool milk bath.

Milk Bath

Just take one cup of milk and pour it in your bath water. Milk is a natural skin exfoliant, and will help to cleanse and soften your skin.

I also love doing this DIY milk mask!

This Week’s LINK

Riding The Bus In L.A. is a blog that has nothing to do with riding the bus in L.A.

You’ll find a good mix of things here.

There are posts that deal with beauty, like Beauty School Dropout and product reviews like this one, Beam Me Up – Benefit High Beam.

But what really keeps me coming back for more is the blogger’s humorous cultural observations on life.

My two favorites are People I feel Sorry For In The Music Business and The Intern.

The writer behind this rather new-ish blog goes by the name of Miss P. And she always writes with remarkable wit and honesty.

Talent like this should not go unnoticed!

This Week’s MAGIC

Did you know that babies, those cute drooling gargly creatures, have the inherent ability to recognize beautiful faces?

There are studies that show babies tend to stare longer at beautiful faces that adults would generally also consider to be attractive.

Is this proof that there is such a thing as a Universality Of Attractiveness???

Paperself Lashes Illustration

Sunday Love, Link and Magic #2

June 2, 2013

I’ve been looking forward to sharing the second installment of the Sunday Love, Link & Magic feature.

It’s a chance for me to showcase my favorite beauty-related discoveries and sum up a few things that happened during the week.

This week’s LOVE.

I get giddy with kiddy delight when I receive packages in the mail.

And it so happened this week that I received a little brown parcel from Berlin. It was filled with all sorts of goodies. Beauty products, chocolate, mint tea and a heart-warming note from… guess who?!

My dearest friend and fellow beauty blogger Luchessa!

Luchessa is always full of sweet surprises!

Beauty goodies

When I opened the package, I found… 

Beauty goodies from Berlin

A darling array of goodies!

There were some german products and brands here that were quite new to me and that I’m eager to try. There were also some makeup products which had sadly been lacking in my beauty collection. I’ve wanted a good blush and brown eyeliner for a while now… how did she know that?

I must sincerely say thank you for this incredibly delightful and thoughtful gift, Luchessa!!

And as a fellow tea lover, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the yogi mint tea. Tea is tranquility and…

 “Tranquility is the essence of life.”

Yogi Mint Tea

This Week’s LINK.

If you’re like me and you’ve been eagerly waiting for the sequel to Hunger Games, you can channel some of that excitement towards the Capitol Couture Tumblr.

Part fantasy and part reality, this site is an homage to the wildly colorful fashion that we see being sported in the film version of Hunger Games by the citizens of the Capitol. You can even get a glimpse of a day in the life of Effie Trinket, which details her activities as the stylish escort of District 12’s champions.

Of course, I’m pretty stoked that Capitol Couture focused a feature on Paperself Lashes, which they describe as a detail that must not be overlooked. If you don’t already know, Paperself Lashes are false lashes made from cut-out paper. And you can see Effie and Katniss wearing them in the film.

Paperself Lashes Illustration

These lovely paper lashes really do exist and you can wear them in real life!

I myself am obsessed with them, and for a closer look you can check them out here. I also carry them in my Ziba Shop where you can browse and pick your favorite out of five different designs.

The Capitol Couture site even has a Wink Worthy Lashes guide that gives tips on how to apply your false lashes. According to their guide, “Less is NEVER more!” And if “you no longer have natural lashes due to extensive fake lash adhesion” which should never happen but… just in case it does, there are tips for that too.

Wink Worthy


This Week’s MAGIC.

I love learning about the role of beauty and fashion in history! And this week, I learned something really nifty. While it’s not exactly magic, it IS pretty cool.

How did the women of ancient Rome get their intricate hairstyles?

The intricacy of their woven hairstyles have led many historians to believe that they put on fake hair and wigs. But in fact, they did something more ingenius than that.

Can you guess as to how these women managed to style their hair into such intricate patterns?

Ancient Roman Women's Hair

Janet Stephens, who is a hair stylist from Baltimore as well as a hairstyle archaeologist, solved the mystery of how women in ancient Rome and Greece wore their hair.

The hair patterns that Janet saw on ancient Roman statues’ heads reminded her of rugs. So she tried to recreate the look by using a needle and a thread to “weave” women’s hair and get that woven pattern. And voila, the mystery was solved!

It turns out that the women of ancient Rome and Greece literally sewed their hair into intricate patterns!

Watch the short video on BBC: Hairdo archaeologist solves ancient fashion mystery.

Maybe we should bring back this style of hair and play around with it!

What do you think?