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Rice Paper Mask 9

Rice Paper Mask By Tony Moly

September 9, 2015

It’s been oppressively hot this week.

To help soothe my hot and bothered skin, I used this deliciously cooling Rice Paper Mask.

And it was exactly what my skin needed to be happy!

Rice Paper Mask 1

The mask is by Tony Moly, a South Korean cosmetics which recently just opened a store in Japantown, San Francisco.

I’m not all that crazy about asian beauty brands but I am a big fan of paper masks.

Rice Paper Mask 2

This was the first time I’ve used a mask made of rice paper.

Have you ever made Vietnamese fresh spring rolls before?

Well imagine that instead of using the rice paper to make spring rolls, you cut out holes for the eyes and the mouth, pour some milky goop on top and put it all over your face.

That’s essentially what you do with this mask.

Rice Paper Mask 5

The Rice Paper Mask Sheet “Nutrient” pack comes with the rice paper mask (upper and lower).

And a sachet of rice paper essence “nutrition.”

Rice Paper Mask 4

The essence is the milky goop that you pour onto the mask.

Rice Paper Mask 7

Once I put on the mask, it became this smooth, milky, gelatinous film that clung onto my skin.

Which felt quite bizarre and novel to me.

Rice Paper Mask 9

Really, you should try this mask just for its texture!

However, the scent was a bit off-putting. It smelled like… pantene shampoo?

Rice Paper Mask 10

It was all a bit messy, so some of the essence / goop got in my mouth.

And it tasted exactly how you would imagine pantene shampoo to taste like. Blech!

The Ingredients

When looking at the ingredients list, a couple of things caught my eye:

Rice Paper Mask 3

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, and is used in skincare to improve the skin’s elasticity. It has been shown to “increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels in skin, prevent skin from losing water content, and stimulate microcirculation in the dermis (source).”

Sodium Hyaluronate is a common ingredient in skincare products. It is a natural humectant used for its water-binding properties, meaning that it helps the skin to absorb and retain moisture. The intense moisturization helps give the skin a plumper appearance and reinforce its capacity to defend against environmental assaults, though the improvement is only temporary (source).

Rice (Oriza Sativa) Extract is obviously the featured ingredient of this mask. Along with the other blend of grains (Rye, Barley, Buckwheat), the rice is supposed to be the “nutrient” ingredient in the milky essence. I’m not sure what “nutrient” means in this case. I don’t think my skin is “hungry.” But I do know that rice extract is soothing and moisturizing, and very good for sensitive skin.

Rice Paper Mask 6

The Results:

In the end, it really boils down to how your skin looks and feels after using a mask, doesn’t it?

Well in this case, my skin looked super plump, dewy and glowy! It felt smooth and cool to the touch.

My skin looked remarkably healthy and radiant, even well onto the following day.

But more than anything else, I just loved the cooling and soothing sensation it left on my skin.

This was my skin’s perfect antidote for a hot blistering day.

Re-Purchase Factor

I purchased this mask for $7.

And I would definitely be willing to purchase and try this mask again!


Bored. But Committed To My Hair.

August 31, 2015


I’ve been growing out my hair for years. Years.

It’s been growing at an excruciatingly slow snail’s pace.

I just want to see how long I can grow out my hair. At this point, it’s already the longest it’s ever been in my life.

And yet, I want it to be even longer.




Here’s my line of thinking… hold your laughter please…

When you’re young, your hair is naturally thick and shiny. But as you age, it gets dryer and more brittle, losing its lustre.

For me, I feel like this is it. It’s now or never. This is the point in my life when I will grow out my hair to its longest length. At its most natural brilliance.

This is when I will wear my full crowning glory.




I will never grow out my hair again to this length because 1) It takes for freaking ever 2) It’s so plain and boring and 3) I ain’t gettin’ any younger.

So why am I so committed to growing out My Long Yoko Ono Witch Hairstyle?

The simple answer is…

Because someday I want to look back at pictures of myself and think…

Oh there I am. With really long hair.




And that’s all there is to it.


Pa Pa Pa Parasol Parade

July 13, 2015

‍I got this parasol from guess where?!

A country where people are obsessed more with the idea of staying pale than any other insidious effects of the sun… Japan of course!

This parasol affords UVA/UVB protection. Because not all umbrellas do that?

Anyway I love this parasol because it is tiny and collapses to fit in the side of my bookbag.






These photos were taken at the casting pools at Golden Gate Park.

I spent much of this weekend soaking in the sun. First at the beach, then biking through the park and climbing up hills.

And though I had my handy dandy parasol with me, I am a human being and need to feel the warmth of the sun!

So when I got back to the house, I had one more line of defense in my skincare arsenal. An après soleil. After sun cream. More about that later.

I hope your weekend was super saturated in color with a splash of sun 😎