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A Daytrip To Bodega Bay

February 25, 2015

I haven’t really spoken much about life in California.

I love California because there’s so much beautiful nature everywhere!

Even city life isn’t that far away from a natural escape. Whether you feel like running off to the beach, the forest, the mountains or the desert, everything is less than a day’s drive away.

There are also so many cute little towns to discover.

Recently, Oliver and I took a day trip to Bodega Bay. It’s about two hours north of San Francisco. It’s so tiny I’m not sure if it qualifies as a town. You probably wouldn’t even notice it on a map.

So what makes Bodega Bay so special? Well… if you are a classic film buff and you love films where mother nature out of the blue goes on a rampage, then the town of Bodega Bay should sound familiar to you.

Ring any bells yet?

“The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock was filmed in Bodega Bay!!

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Neile Adams

Spotlight On A Vintage Beauty – Neile Adams

June 12, 2013

Not many people have heard of Neile Adams.

Neile Adams

She is an actress, singer and dancer from the late 50s and early 60s. She was famous especially because of her marriage to actor and classic movie icon, Steve McQueen.

They co-starred in “Man From The South,” a short film by Alfred Hitchcock, which is how I first took notice of her.

I liked her vintage style, and the cool and sophisticated way she carried herself.

Steve McQueen & Neile Adams

But mainly, I was intrigued by her dark exotic features.

If you watch a lot of vintage black and white movies, you may notice that there were not too many ethnic leading ladies back then.

So that’s why for me, Neile Adams really stood out.

Neile Adams

In fact, I was quite amused (but not too surprised) to find out that Neile Adams is filipino. Just like me!

She was born in Manila from a very mixed heritage. And she got her start in acting and dancing in Broadway shows.

In the photo below, I love the pencil skirt dress she’s wearing and her classic 60s pixie cut. She maintained that same pixie hair cut throughout her life.

Steve McQueen doesn’t look too shabby himself in that black cardigan with the white collared button up shirt. Back in those days, McQueen was known as the “King of Cool.”

Neile Adams

By the way, you MUST watch the short filmMan From The South!”

It’s a brilliant tale, adapted from a Raold Dahl short story. It’s free on Open Culture and it’s only 25 minutes.

Watching Steve McQueen and Neile Adams acting along side each other is magic. And the story will keep you guessing as to what’s going to happen next.

After all, it’s a film by Alfred Hitchcock. So it’s got to be damn good.