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❤ That’s How Much I Love My Blog! ❤

October 11, 2012

I was going to do a product review today, but instead, I am going to take this time to moan about my technological woes. After two long agonizing months of dealing with crap french telecom services, haunting McDonald’s and public libraries for their free Wifi and banging my head on my keyboard out of sheer frustration, I thought the inhuman amount of patience I’ve exercised would have finally paid  off. But now I think the technological gods must be having a laugh.

I wish that the Ziba enterprise didn’t rely so heavily on being able to access the internet. I really do. But the crazy amount of internet problems I’ve been having has been making it tough as nails to expand and improve on Ziba’s boutique. I’m not making excuses for myself but it’s really hard when you’ve got just enough time and internet access to either a.) work on the boutique or b.) regularly update the blog. And I’ve been working more on choice b.) regularly updating this blog.

That’s because I really enjoy writing, reading and learning about anything to do with beauty, health and skincare. Who would have guessed this about me a year ago?! Beauty is a pretty recent passion that has developed in my life. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than to hear from my readers that they’ve learned something from it. Or that it has added to their day in some way. It will be curious to see where all of this takes me in the not too distant future.

Blogger Blues

But back to the griping. I swear I must be technologically cursed! Last night, the internet was working fabulously. And again this morning, I felt so elated from the speed at which I was surfing the interwebs. But now, it’s gone kaput again. Someone please tell me–does it really have to be this complicated?!

And just as I was beginning to celebrate the end of my days of desperation. I thought there would be no more stumbling out of the McDonald’s reeking of french fries. No more awkward encounters at the public library. All for internet! But as it turns, I celebrated a little too soon.

Don’t worry, I’ve been managing up until now. And so I will continue to manage. I just hope I don’t have to relive my memory of the loony in the library. I mean, it’s funny now but at the time he was frightening people. It didn’t help that he was sitting directly across from me–talking to himself, flipping furiously through the pages of a notebook whilst looking off in the distance, littering the table with bandages and infusing the place with the very distinct smell of a hospital. Honestly, the smell was so strong that it put me in a coughing fit. I couldn’t think of any rationale for his behavior other than that he must have recently escaped from a mental institute. And he was just one of the many weirdos I encountered at the library.

Anyway, it’s not that I think you really need to know any of this. I just wanted to share with you some snippets of the things I’ve had to put up with in order to have some internet to write on here. Because really, that’s how much I love my blog!

Now I am sitting at a Starbucks and testing whether their internet will allow me to publish this silly little article. Tomorrow, I should have a product review for you. Until then, I hope you have a great rest of your day. And may it be filled with amusing circumstances!