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San Francisco Bike To Work Day

May 14, 2015

Today was my first time riding my bike to work! Yeah!

It also happened to be Bike To Work Day throughout the SF Bay Area.


Because I’m a cautious cat and highly sensitive to inner city pressure, I had waited for this very day to make the leap from casual biker to urban commuter.

Prior to this, I even made sure to attend an urban bicycling safety class provided by the SF Bike Coalition. Yup.

I mean yeah, I’ve ridden bikes in traffic before. But never in a city like San Francisco. With all the hills and the trams and the freaking cars, cars, cars everywhere.

Bike To Work Day is perfect for first time commuters like me.

I was glad that Oliver was cool enough to ride with me ūüėČ

We woke up at the crack of dawn and met up with a convoy from our district, which we almost missed!

We started out with 10 people, and as we biked closer downtown, more and more cyclists joined us.

Pictures from SF Bike To Work Day – May 14, 2015


Adorbs. Each year, San Francisco is becoming more and more bike friendly for families and commuters alike thanks to the efforts of the SF Bike Coalition.


I saw all different kinds of commuters.
Some wearing high heels, others going bare foot!


We stopped at several energizer stations placed throughout bike routes offering water, coffee, fruits and other free goodies.

4We made it to City Hall!
And got¬†a little lost on the way…


Helmets are not mandatory.
But why wouldn’t you wear one?


A confederation of cyclists.


Mayor Ed Lee and his helmet.


That chick with the red shades and purple tights. Swag.


Stay cool and bike on.


And remember, share the road.

It feels a lot safer when there are more people biking with you.

And I think the more people bike, the more people will learn how to share the road and how to be considerate with each other.

For you drivers and first time bikers, if you remember nothing else, just remember this…

Bicycles have the right to take the lane!

Visit for more info.

Rose Flower Tea

Jealous Of Roses. Current Obsession: Rose Flower Tisane

May 11, 2015

I’m currently obsessed with everything roses.

I’ve had this gnawing desire to start snacking on rose petals. I think the opening scene of Fando y Lis¬†may have been my trigger.

Or it started long before that, with my obsession with rose floral water.

In any case, I’m all about that rose flower power. But not to the point of prancing around eating other people’s rose gardens because, you know‚Ķ pesticides.

Instead, I visited a tea shop in Chinatown and purchased a bag of these deliciously fragrant Siberian rosebuds.


Tisanes are made through the infusion of herbs, spices or other plant material in hot water and does not usually contain caffeine.

They are also called herbal “teas,” but that term can be misleading as all tea involves the plant camellia sinensis.

Rose Flower Tea

In terms of beauty and health, drinking rose flower tisane can help alleviate dry skin and soothe the mind.


  • Use 8-10 rosebuds
  • Rinse to clean and “open” the buds to receive hot water
  • Steep rosebuds in hot water for up to 40 seconds
  • Remove rosebuds from hot water. Can be re-used up to three times.
  • Pour rose infused water into cup
  • Enjoy, preferably with a few squares of dark chocolate :)

This is luxury

Such is my idea of luxury!

Not handbags from chanel, or prada shoes or other expensive distractions.

But rather curiously simple things.

Like a soft fluffy white bed, an¬†unhurried hot bath and a steaming, fragrant cup of rose tea…

Moisturizers - Melvita and Cattier

New Products In The Ziba Shop!

April 23, 2015

Hello my darlings!

I finally got my butt in gear and updated the Ziba Shop with new items! Hooray!

You may notice that the lineup is heavy on waters.

You’ll find plenty of micellar waters aka magical water and floral waters aka holy water.

The Micellar Lineup

That’s because I’m deeply enamored with cleansing waters that possess subtle and special properties.

Aroma Zone Floral Waters

Hello, floral waters from Aroma Zone! From left to right, Bitter Orange (Neroli), Rose and Lavender pure hydrosols.

Moisturizers - Melvita and Cattier

I’ve also got a few moisturizing creams for the face and the eyes. And even an after-sun care cream!

Most special of all, I’m offering a few bottles of Bioderma Micellars in the shop.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water

As you may know, the Bioderma micellar water is THE cult product favorite among beauty people.

It has become¬†one of my staples and it’s almost impossible for me to get my hands on it. Which makes me cherish it all the more.

Actually, I don’t even know why I’m selling my stash of Bioderma. I should be hoarding this!

By the way, I’ve lowered my shipping cost. So shipping is just a flat $5.

Right now I only ship to the U.S. and Canada. BUT‚Ķ if you are one of my loyal readers, then get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you ūüėČ

Check it out!