International Spa & Beauty Exhibition In Paris – Part 1

Sunday March 10, 2013 | Beauty Events

Yesterday marked the first day of Le Salon Mondial Spa & Beauté 2013 in Paris.

It’s an event that brings together creators, manufacturers, distributers and professionals in the spa and beauty industry. It was a great opportunity to meet and talk with people and learn about new beauty trends.

Although it was an international event, most of the brands I encountered were either French or German. Some of them I’d already heard of before. While others were a new and pleasant discovery. There was one area dedicated to nails and make-up. Another to skincare products. But the main feature of the exhibit were the numerous equipment and technology for spas.

My coverage of this event will be split up into two parts. Otherwise it would be much too long for my readers.

So today, we will only have look at some of the cosmetic and makeup brands that I found during the event. There is one brand that I particularly adored.

Read on to find out what it is!


Baija Cosmetics

Baija Cosmetics

BAIJA – We’ve already run into this name before. Remember my review of the December Box by Ma Boîte A Beauté? One of my favorite products in that box was a decadent body butter by Baija. I loved it because of its thick and velvety texture and its yummy rose litchi scent. I was even carrying it in my purse yesterday and mentioned this fact to the Baija rep who I talked to. So Baija is actually a french brand created in 2003, though the name has Syrian roots and means “she who smiles.” They specialize in spa and bath products created in the oriental tradition. In addition to body creams, they have a great selection of body oils, bath salts, soaps and exfoliating creams. Although they are not an organic brand, their products are made with a high content of natural ingredients.


Pin-Up Secret

Pin-Up Secret

Pin Up Secret – I found their stand tucked away in the corner of the nails exhibition. I didn’t learn a lot about this brand because their reps were flooded with people vying to try their creams and exfoliating scrubs. I did however get to test out one of their exfoliating cream for the hands. And I must say the results were wonderful. My hands felt super soft and hydrated. This was one of the brands that is carried only in spas and beauty institutes.


Themae Spa

Themae Spa

Thémaé – Thémaé Spa treatments revolve around the natural healing benefits of tea. In fact the name Thémaé is the Japanese name for the tea preparation ceremony. Their spa massages and rituals carry the same sense of care and tranquility. They have two spa locations. There is a Thémaé Spa in Paris and another in Seoul, South Korea. They also carry their own line of skincare products formulated with the polyphenols from the tea plant. I asked one of the Thémaé representatives if they’ve ever considered opening a spa in the U.S. And they responded with a hopeful, “Yes, maybe in the future.”


Phyt's Organic Make-Up

Phyt's Organic Make-Up

Phyt’s – Phyt’s is a popular french natural and organic cosmetics brand. I’ve encountered their skincare products before. But I didn’t know that they also had their own makeup line. So I was all over that. In fact, they claim that they were the first to create a completely organic makeup line in 2009. But I hadn’t seen their makeup in natural and organic cosmetics stores like Mademoiselle Bio. Since I’ve had a hard time finding organic makeup with vibrant colors in their palette, I was very happy to find that Phyt’s color palette included some vibrant purples and blues.


Artdeco Make-Up

Artdeco Make-Up

Artdeco – is a german cosmetics brand that I actually found out about because my girl Luchessa, a beauty blogger based in Germany, had blogged about one of their products. This brand was created in 1985 and is distributed in Europe, mainly in Germany but also in Norway, Poland and Greece. It has also began to branch out in South America and Asia. But not so much in France and the U.S.! In France, Artdeco products are carried only by a few distributers, mainly perfumeries and spas. And while the majority of their products are makeup, they do have a few skincare products. Feel free to read Luchessa’s review of the Dita Von Teese Compact Powder by Artdeco.

BENI DURRER (my favorite find!)

Beni Durrer

Beni Durrer

Beni Durrer

Beni Durrer

Beni Durrer – Considering all the other brands in the makeup section, this was by far my favorite find! Beni Durrer is a german brand based in Berlin. It was founded 12 years ago by the man himself, Beni Durrer, who I spoke to. His background involves working as a makeup artist for companies like MAC and Yves Saint Laurent but later on he decided to branch out on his own. I guess what really impressed me the most was that you could actually hear his passion and enthusiasm for makeup in his voice. I must also mention that his glitter-studded jacket was awesome.

And of course, you could also see the quality of the products for yourself. All products are made in Germany and the makeup brushes are even handmade. Mr. Durrer has also authored a couple of makeup books, inside which you can witness incredible transformations of faces. No photoshop, just the magic of Beni Durrer makeup. Off-hand, he mentioned a makeup artist in Hollywood who does makeup for stars like Eva Longoria and the actors in Twilight. Her secret? Beni Durrer makeup. A secret which she keeps really hush-hush.

Currently, Beni Durrer makeup is not yet distributed in France. But they do have a makeup school in Avignon. To find out more, visit the Beni Durrer official website or their Online Shop to have a look at some of their products. I am so into those makeup brushes!


Tomorrow, we’ll get into the second part of my discoveries and experiences during the Spa & Beauty Salon In Paris 2013. We’ll talk about the spa equipment and technology that was on exhibit. Some of them were crazy futuristic exercise machines.

There will also be some really goofy photos of yours truly.

See you tomorrow!

Book Review: How To Be Adored by Caroline Cox

Friday March 8, 2013 | Beauty Literature

How To Be Adored by Caroline Cox

As a book that touts being “A Girl’s Guide To Hollywood Glamour,” How To Be Adored by Carol Cox is a book geared towards helping you achieve that glitzy va va voom.

It is an entertaining read, filled with numerous anecdotal tidbits of hollywood celebrities (past and present) and lots of great beauty tips.

The book begins by tackling the question of glamour. What is glamour? It’s not about having the prettiest face. According to the book, glamour is a certain kind of magical magnetism. It must originate first from belief in your own attractiveness. And is then bolstered by the right combination of artifice… such as “make-up, hair design and all the frills and furbelows of fashion.”

The focus then shifts to how to dress best for your body shape. The shapes are categorized as Ballerinas like Audrey Hepburn, Hourglasses like Marilyn Monroe, “Balconies” like Elizabeth Hurly (big busted and slender-hipped), “Pocket Rockets” like Kylie Minogue (short but well-proportioned) and “Adorably Big and Beautiful” like Mae West. There are tips on figuring out your body shape and how to emphasize your best assets.

The rest of the book goes on to focus on fashion, make-up, hair care, as well as advice on developing an “adorable personality,” modifying your voice to bring out its charm, advice on relationships, how to descend a staircase movie-star-style as well as a list of hotels around the world where you can pose and have your photo taken.

Ok, to be honest, there was a lot of stuff in this book that I found rather silly.

Especially when it came to the do’s and don’ts. Like DON’T swig out of a bottle or a can. You should always drink from a glass with an olive. Or, DON’T date footballers because they will make you look cheap. I mean, who’s laying down these rules? If someone offers me a bottle of Brooklyn Lager I’m definitely going to drink out of it. And what if your footballer boyfriend happens to be a genuinely awesome person?

But anyway, there were some tips that can ring true for anyone and any time.

For example, I pretty much agreed with everything in the “How To Have An Adorable Personality” section.  Who can argue with advice like: Be good at listening. Don’t laugh at others’ mistakes. Be relaxed. And just be nice.

There were also some really interesting makeup and hair care tips. I pored over the sections about how Marilyn Monroe did her makeup, how to achieve Marlene Dietrich’s well-defined cheekbones and how Beyoncé gets her diva glow.

As for haircare, there are tips on how to color your hair if you want to go platinum blonde like Jean Harlow or Gwen Stefani. Or if you want to get highlights like Penelope Cruz without that obviously highlighted streaked look. There are also simple tips on maintaining the quality of your hair and why Mason Pearson brushes are the best hairbrushes in the world.

Unfortunately, there was very little that was said about skincare. The only part dedicated to skincare is a brief explanation of how Audrey Hepburn washed her face with hot water and a solid black cleansing bar fashioned from concentrated minerals. Personally, I don’t advice the use of hot water on your face, or the use of just any old bar of soap.

Despite being so small, the book does a great job of touching on a various range of topics. I especially enjoyed the stories and examples based on hollywood movie stars, especially the old time movie stars like Audrey Hepburn. There are some sections that I think could have been skipped (like the hotels section). I would have preferred it if the author had dedicated more time instead to elaborate on the makeup and hair sections, which I really enjoyed.

Overall, “How To Be Adored” by Caroline Cox is entertaining enough and filled with enough beauty tips and tricks to make it worth your while.


How To Be Adored by Caroline Cox

Glamour Secrets by Marilyn Monroe

Sophia Loren

Audrey Hepburn

The Book: How To Be Adored by Caroline Cox. 2009 Quadrille Publishing Ltd.
Find It: W.H. Smith bookstore in Paris. Or

White Nail Polish Is Wicked

Monday March 4, 2013 | Beauty

Let’s get back to basics.

White nail polish.

When it comes to nail polish, I don’t spend a lot of time messing about with polka dots or little heart designs or whathaveyous. In fact, I just don’t spend a lot. Period.

This time, I simply wanted to dot my fingertips with the whitest of white nail polish. Whiteout white.

White Nail Polish

Strawberry and White Nail Polish

White Nail Polish Is Wicked