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My Makeup Collection – Asian Brands

September 28, 2015

Skincare is serious. And makeup is fun!

What I mean by that is that I can’t do without skincare. I can’t not protect, cleanse and moisturize my skin.

Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil, Tony Moly long Kinny Mascara, Face Shop Face It Lipstick, Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base, Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher

But I can leave my house without even the slightest bit of makeup. And I’m fine. I don’t have a complex around how my face looks without makeup.

Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher, Face Shop Face It Lipstick

So when I wear makeup, it’s really just for the heck of it. For the sake of novelty, color and the art of illusion.

Now that I’ve found a skincare regimen I am happy to stick with, I’m focusing a bit more on makeup.

And as I promised in my previous post, I’m going to show you some makeup items I’ve recently acquired from Asian brands.

First up is this…

Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

No, I didn’t buy this just because it came in this ridiculously cute packaging. I got it because it actually does a good job of brightening the area under my eyes.

It is neither a concealer nor a color corrector. It is a brightener, plain and simple. It rolls up in a cream stick form. It glides easily on the skin and blends in matte. The brightening effect lasts for a few hours.

Purchase price: $14

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

A double-ended eyebrow pencil. I got the gray brown color. It can be applied in light feathery strokes and can easily be built up to darker strokes. It blends in easily with the use of the spoolie brush. But in contrast to my black eyebrows, this almost looks reddish brown on me (but only if you’re looking very closely).

Basically, it’s an easy to use eyebrow pencil and does the job well.  Next time I’ll try the plain gray color for an even more natural look.

Purchase Price: $5

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

I think they meant to say Long Skinny Mascara (lol, Engrish). It’s pretty obvious what drew me to this mascara. The brush is so teeny weeny. I’ve never seen a mascara brush this tiny before. I’ve been using L’Oréal’s Telescopic Mascara, shown next to the Perfect Eyes for effect, and I thought it was one of the skinniest brush wands out there.

I recently read an article about mascaras which points out that the formula from one mascara product to another do not greatly differ. What makes the difference is in the brush and the wiper.

This mascara is really good at lengthening my lashes while keeping individual lash hairs separate. Which is great if you are going for a more natural effect.

Purchase Price: $16

The Face Shop Face It Lesson 03 Lipstick

The Face Shop Face It Lesson 03 Lipstick

This is a bright orange glossy lipstick. And it’s currently my favorite! I got it as a birthday gift because Oliver saw me swatching it and loving it at the Face Shop. And he remembered which exact color it was that I liked!

It’s not a true orange though. It’s more on the reddish side. But nevertheless, I love how vibrant the color is. And it’s moisturizing and long lasting. What more could you wish for in a lipstick?

Purchase Price: $22

Babyface Powder In Cream Blusher

Babyface Powder In Cream Blusher

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve really been into orangey makeup lately. This is a cream blush by Babyface in color #3, a light orange / apricot color.

I like how this blush is super easy to apply and blend in. The color goes on sheer and can be built up. The only minus point is its heavy baby powder scent.

Purchase Price: $11

Before & After

Here are the before and after photos of me wearing all the products shown above.




Eyeliners: The Art Of The Fine Line

February 18, 2015

Drawing cat eyes has always been such an ordeal for me.

It’s a ritual which involves closing my doors, clearing clutter off my desk, taking a deep breath… and going crAY-zy!

Usually it’s frustrating and a major timesuck. But when I do get it right, I’m full of self-congratulatory surprise.

Over the holidays, I purchased a set of Stila eyeliners and vowed that if I am gonna be a crazy cat lady then I should up my cat eye game!

Fortunately, these liners have made playing around with different looks really fun and easy.

Stila box set

The Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Set comes with four liquid eyeliner pens in a tin box packaging; one full size at 0.5ml and three half size at 0.25ml.


The tin box reminds me of a pencil case and upon opening, makes me feel like a schoolgirl opening my first set of prisma colors.


The range of everyday colors is great. While the intense black is a great staple, it’s not the one I use the most because it really is intense. It’s nice to able to choose other down to earth colors.


It’s very pigmented and easily buildable. Swatch colors from left to right: Moss, Dark Brown, Midnight and Intense Black.


Here’s another photo of different strokes and pressures applied. From thickest to thin. When dried, the color gives a matte finish.


One of my favorite things about these pens is they are really easy to manipulate!

The precise felt tip brushes are flexible and taper out to ultra thin points. It’s really easy to draw fine lines and get under the lash line, then build it up to super thick lines.

The negative point here is that the brushes are just ever so slightly starting to fray at the tips.


Here I’m wearing the green moss liner. It’s not as bold of a green as I would have liked, but it’s still an interesting alternative to the pure black.

Another great point is that boy, do these liners STAY. All day. I mean, literally all day. I had it on for twelve hours and it was just starting to flake off, though still managed to retain its overall form.

A tip for those with hooded eyes: after applying, close your eyes and fan at your lids to speed up the drying process. You’ll feel very silly, but this will prevent the color from sticking to your top lids.


Some people say that it’s easier to use the short pencils, but I actually find the longer pencil has a more even weight distribution and easier to handle.

Although these liners are waterproof, they are not that difficult to take off at the end of the night. It just take a few swipes of a cotton pad and some Bioderma micellaire water.

And I didn’t get a photo of me wearing the midnight blue liner, but it’s my favorite! Such a rich blue ocean color.

Ok, let’s sum up what I love about these eyeliner pens!

The Pros
– Easy to apply, even for the clumsy handed 😉
– Long lasting. It really does stay all day.
– Great range of everyday colors.
– Highly pigmented and buildable.
– Waterproof, but easy to remove at night.
pretty good deal. The whole set cost me around $25, while the full-size liner alone is $20.
– Fun reusable packaging.

The Cons
– Brushes are slightly fraying at the tips.
– That’s it, really.
– Do the fanning thing with your hands if you’ve got hooded eyes?

So overall, I’m quite pleased with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Set!

What about you?

What are your favorite eyeliners? And have you tried these Stila ones?

Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

A Touch Of Éclat! Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer – By Terry

September 28, 2014

Having dark under-eye circles is honestly something I try not to be too bothered about.

A lot of different factors can cause dark under eye circles (see post Dark Eyes Can Be Mysterious).

It can be a combination of dehydration, excessive sun exposure, sinus congestion from cold and allergies, adrenal fatigue, aging, genetics, or just plain old lack of sleep.

In my case, there really isn’t much I can do about it.

I’m certain now that my raccoon eyes are aggravated symptoms of my allergies.

Allergies to my cat.

The cat of my life

Oh, what cruel irony!

I love my cat dearly and would never dream of banishing the darling frou frou from my life.

But my allergies do cause me quite a lot of grief.

So it has to be that crazy cat lady is my name and concealing with great makeup is the game.

Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer – By Terry.

Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

This is a concealer highlighter that’s made in the same mold as the iconic YSL Touche Éclat.

It so happens that Terry de Gunzburg, founder of By Terry, was the very same creator behind the Touche Éclat.

Éclat means bright in french and is a word aptly used as both concealers do a fantastic job of brightening the skin.

There are six colors in the Touch Expert line.

I use color #3, a light beige with an apricot tint.

Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

The texture comes out a light liquid cream and when blended gives a smooth satin finish.

The formula provides long-lasting medium coverage that is unfortunately not buildable. So don’t look to this for covering up super dark blemishes.

Honestly, I love the Touch Expert more for its brightening effect.

Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

It makes my skin look so healthy and dewy!

I also like how it feels comfortably moisturizing. That’s the hyaluronic acid in the formula, which serves to plumpen and hydrate the skin.

The resulting look is luminous, natural and effortless.

The application, however, is another story…

Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

First of all, the brush and clicker thingy is a bit daft.

I never know how many clicks it takes or how long I have to hold it down until some of the brown liquid oozes to the tip of the brush.

The liquid dries fast, so you have to blend quickly. And it does tend to settle on the fine creases.

The small compact brush is not like a paint brush that you use to apply makeup in sweeping strokes.

It is useful for dabbing a bit of the liquid onto hard-to-get-to corners of the eyes and right up under the lash line.

Swatch Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

A bit is key.

Apply the concealer first on the back of your hand in order to get the amount right so you’re not dabbing on globs of it to your eye.

And then blend in by tapping with the pad of your little finger.

Swatch Touch-Expert Advance Multi-Corrective Concealer - By Terry

So to summarize…


– Blends wonderfully
– Long-lasting
– Luminous, natural dewy finish (love, love, love!)
– Easy to apply on hard to get to corners of the eyes
– Hydrating formula


– The stupid clicker thingy
– Coverage is not buildable
– Dries fast, blend quickly or else
– It settles on the creases (not too cakey tho)

Conclusion: This is really more of a highlighter that gives a fresh and radiant effect especially noticeable in photos. In the world of concealers however, this is not the holy grail.

How Much: $46.50

Would I buy this product again: Maybe. If there was a really big sale on it :)