San Francisco Bike To Work Day

Thursday May 14, 2015 | Culture Lifestyle

Today was my first time riding my bike to work! Yeah!

It also happened to be Bike To Work Day throughout the SF Bay Area.


Because I’m a cautious cat and highly sensitive to inner city pressure, I had waited for this very day to make the leap from casual biker to urban commuter.

Prior to this, I even made sure to attend an urban bicycling safety class provided by the SF Bike Coalition. Yup.

I mean yeah, I’ve ridden bikes in traffic before. But never in a city like San Francisco. With all the hills and the trams and the freaking cars, cars, cars everywhere.

Bike To Work Day is perfect for first time commuters like me.

I was glad that Oliver was cool enough to ride with me 😉

We woke up at the crack of dawn and met up with a convoy from our district, which we almost missed!

We started out with 10 people, and as we biked closer downtown, more and more cyclists joined us.

Pictures from SF Bike To Work Day – May 14, 2015


Adorbs. Each year, San Francisco is becoming more and more bike friendly for families and commuters alike thanks to the efforts of the SF Bike Coalition.


I saw all different kinds of commuters.
Some wearing high heels, others going bare foot!


We stopped at several energizer stations placed throughout bike routes offering water, coffee, fruits and other free goodies.

4We made it to City Hall!
And got a little lost on the way…


Helmets are not mandatory.
But why wouldn’t you wear one?


A confederation of cyclists.


Mayor Ed Lee and his helmet.


That chick with the red shades and purple tights. Swag.


Stay cool and bike on.


And remember, share the road.

It feels a lot safer when there are more people biking with you.

And I think the more people bike, the more people will learn how to share the road and how to be considerate with each other.

For you drivers and first time bikers, if you remember nothing else, just remember this…

Bicycles have the right to take the lane!

Visit for more info.

A Daytrip To Bodega Bay

Wednesday February 25, 2015 | Culture Travel

I haven’t really spoken much about life in California.

I love California because there’s so much beautiful nature everywhere!

Even city life isn’t that far away from a natural escape. Whether you feel like running off to the beach, the forest, the mountains or the desert, everything is less than a day’s drive away.

There are also so many cute little towns to discover.

Recently, Oliver and I took a day trip to Bodega Bay. It’s about two hours north of San Francisco. It’s so tiny I’m not sure if it qualifies as a town. You probably wouldn’t even notice it on a map.

So what makes Bodega Bay so special? Well… if you are a classic film buff and you love films where mother nature out of the blue goes on a rampage, then the town of Bodega Bay should sound familiar to you.

Ring any bells yet?

“The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock was filmed in Bodega Bay!!

What, you mean to say you’ve NEVER seen The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock??

Spoiler alert, it’s an awesome film in which angry birds amass together and attack people!

Why? That part is never explained… but maybe you can take a stab after watching this short trailer in which the director himself talks about our feathered “friends.”

But ok, even if you have no idea what I’m talking about or really care to see the film, Bodega Bay is still a worthy destination for a road trip!

Here are several photos from that day…


While a lot of the town has changed since the filming of The Birds, there are still many familiar sights. Like this dock outside of The Tides Wharf and Restaurant.



These birds are not at all afraid of people. I got so close to one, it almost pecked out my eye! jk


My salty fisherman.


You will find many references to The Birds in this town. Having said that, the fish tacos at this place were pretty good.





I couldn’t resist…


We found a cozy coffee shop where everyone knew each other’s names…


And a real salty fisherman served us our coffee!


Bay Hill Road. Remember that scene of Tippi Hedren smugly swerving around in her car? This is that road.


Ocean behind me, the glittering bay in front of me.



Photo adventure partners in crime!

16The man is everywhere you look!


Bodega is actually a different town fives miles away. But parts of the movie were also filmed here…


“A nice store in a small town.”


I think this post office is so cute and quaint. Also take note of the “not too close” parking sign…


This is the school from where the children ran out. Today, it’s someone’s private house.


And this was the creepiest building that we found! Because what could be creepier than a church amiright? jk

The Most WTF Valentine’s Day Postcard I Ever Found

Saturday February 14, 2015 | Culture

Many years ago, I found this postcard in one of the dusty papeteries in Cameroon.

WTF, right?

Happy Valentine's Day
"Je ne pense qu'Ă  nous" - I only think of us.

If your relationship looks anything like this, you may need to rethink your life…

Happy Weird Love Day!