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Asian Makeup

My Makeup Collection – Asian Brands

September 28, 2015

Skincare is serious. And makeup is fun!

What I mean by that is that I can’t do without skincare. I can’t not protect, cleanse and moisturize my skin.

Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil, Tony Moly long Kinny Mascara, Face Shop Face It Lipstick, Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base, Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher

But I can leave my house without even the slightest bit of makeup. And I’m fine. I don’t have a complex around how my face looks without makeup.

Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher, Face Shop Face It Lipstick

So when I wear makeup, it’s really just for the heck of it. For the sake of novelty, color and the art of illusion.

Now that I’ve found a skincare regimen I am happy to stick with, I’m focusing a bit more on makeup.

And as I promised in my previous post, I’m going to show you some makeup items I’ve recently acquired from Asian brands.

First up is this…

Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

No, I didn’t buy this just because it came in this ridiculously cute packaging. I got it because it actually does a good job of brightening the area under my eyes.

It is neither a concealer nor a color corrector. It is a brightener, plain and simple. It rolls up in a cream stick form. It glides easily on the skin and blends in matte. The brightening effect lasts for a few hours.

Purchase price: $14

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

A double-ended eyebrow pencil. I got the gray brown color. It can be applied in light feathery strokes and can easily be built up to darker strokes. It blends in easily with the use of the spoolie brush. But in contrast to my black eyebrows, this almost looks reddish brown on me (but only if you’re looking very closely).

Basically, it’s an easy to use eyebrow pencil and does the job well.  Next time I’ll try the plain gray color for an even more natural look.

Purchase Price: $5

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

I think they meant to say Long Skinny Mascara (lol, Engrish). It’s pretty obvious what drew me to this mascara. The brush is so teeny weeny. I’ve never seen a mascara brush this tiny before. I’ve been using L’Oréal’s Telescopic Mascara, shown next to the Perfect Eyes for effect, and I thought it was one of the skinniest brush wands out there.

I recently read an article about mascaras which points out that the formula from one mascara product to another do not greatly differ. What makes the difference is in the brush and the wiper.

This mascara is really good at lengthening my lashes while keeping individual lash hairs separate. Which is great if you are going for a more natural effect.

Purchase Price: $16

The Face Shop Face It Lesson 03 Lipstick

The Face Shop Face It Lesson 03 Lipstick

This is a bright orange glossy lipstick. And it’s currently my favorite! I got it as a birthday gift because Oliver saw me swatching it and loving it at the Face Shop. And he remembered which exact color it was that I liked!

It’s not a true orange though. It’s more on the reddish side. But nevertheless, I love how vibrant the color is. And it’s moisturizing and long lasting. What more could you wish for in a lipstick?

Purchase Price: $22

Babyface Powder In Cream Blusher

Babyface Powder In Cream Blusher

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve really been into orangey makeup lately. This is a cream blush by Babyface in color #3, a light orange / apricot color.

I like how this blush is super easy to apply and blend in. The color goes on sheer and can be built up. The only minus point is its heavy baby powder scent.

Purchase Price: $11

Before & After

Here are the before and after photos of me wearing all the products shown above.



Beauty Group

A Tour Of The Beauty Shops In Japantown

September 21, 2015

Previously I had stated that I am “not all that crazy” about asian beauty brands. And I’m still not all that crazy about them.

But! I am giving them more of a go. Especially now that I’ve been dabbling more with makeup.

With skincare, I don’t like my products to be loaded with so many random synthetic chemicals.

And to me this often seems to be the case with asian brands.

Asian Skincare Masks

But with makeup, I’m not too picky yet about how natural or synthetic my makeup can be. Mainly because I don’t use that much makeup.

Perhaps this line of reasoning is unfounded and based on nothing other than my own personal preference.

But anyway, I’m already happy with my existing skincare regimen and don’t feel the need to seek out new skincare.

Asian Makeup

Makeup on the other hand… I am on the lookout for new (and why not also cutesy) makeup!

So last weekend I met up with a group of girls who are into asian cosmetics. It was my first time to go on an outing like this and honestly it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.

We had a lot of fun visiting different beauty stores at the West Mall in Japantown!

Beauty Group

The first shop we visited was The Face Shop. They carry their own line of skincare, makeup, polish and beauty tools.

They have quite a diverse array of masks here. One of my friends purchased several masks including a goat milk mask (which later gave her a reaction. yikes). And I don’t care much for their moisturizers and creams as they are too heavily scented for me.

But on the positive, for my birthday Oliver got me an orangey lipstick from here. And it’s currently my favorite!

The second shop we visited was Tony Moly. I found more makeup items here that appealed to me. But unfortunately, the ones that caught my eye were out of stock!

I also noticed that the blushes from Tony Moly are crazy glittery. Like crazy “if you want to feel like a thirteen year old princess” glittery. As for me, I purchased a mascara with a curiously skinny wand.

The third shop we checked out was Candy Doll Beauty. They sell several Japanese & Korean brands, though the only ones I recognized were Etude House and Shiseido.

The products that caused quite a stir were these crazy colored contact lenses and this baby foot peeling treatment that makes the skin on the soles of your feet peel off and you supposedly end up with “baby soft” feet.

I’m waiting to hear about the results from the girl who purchased the baby foot treatment! As for me, I played it safe and purchased a cream blush.

Afterwards we grabbed food, ate and chatted.

Of course, being beauty crazy, I insisted that we had a show and tell of all the different products we’d purchased.

mascara show and tell

Beauty Group

I joked that I felt like I was at an Avon or Mary Kay party. Haha. But a much more girly and fun version 😉

Next time, I’ll show you the blush and mascara I purchased! As well as some other items I’ve recently acquired.

A très bientôt!

Floral Water

A Sensual Spritz Of Floral Water (Video)

September 14, 2015

Hey-oh! I made a video!

Don’t pee your pants though, it’s just a short teeny clip of me spritzing some floral water on my face.

Floral Water 

If it looks like I’m having an intimate experience with my bottle of floral water in the video… well, it’s because I am.

A spritz of chilled fresh floral water can be an exhilarating and sensual experience!

If you’ve read about my love for rose floral water before, then you’ll know that true floral water or hydrosols are the by-product of steam distillation from plant materials.

For the sake of simplicity, I use the terms “floral water” and “hydrosol” interchangeably.

Remember, not all floral waters are created equal.

So when looking for good floral water, look for pure hydrosols.

Their only ingredient is the plant from which the hydrosol is derived. Which means they embody the simplest skincare.

Some of the best I’ve found are from Aroma Zone in Paris. When I go back, I will most certainly stock up!

The hydrosol featured today is this one…

Fleurs d'Oranger Hydrosol by Aroma Zone
The Fleurs d’Oranger by Aroma Zone is “Orange Blossom” floral water.

Its benefits as touted by Aroma Zone are:
– Regenerative
– Brightening
– Calms and soothes the skin

Other than these purported skincare benefits, the three main reasons why I love hydrosols are:

1) Aromatherapy. Smell can be very therapeutic. In this case, the scent of the Fleurs d’Oranger is light, bright but not overly orangey. There is zero percent synthetic ingredients in this. So it is naturally divine.

2) It feels good. I keep my hydrosols in the fridge to help preserve them. And when I use them on really hot days, they feel ah-mazing. Just watch my face in the video 😉

3) Better absorption. Having damp skin allows for better absorption of creams and moisturizers. So it’s natural that you use floral waters before putting on your creams.

OK! So without further ado… here is the video!

ps. I am not wearing any foundation, powder or tinted cream on my skin whatsoever. But I did use this rice paper mask :)