Todos Organics, Botanically Infused Coconut Oils

November 11, 2015

If you love coconut oil for its all-purpose beauty benefits then you must try Todos Organics!

They make lovely coconut oils infused with essential oils whole botanicals. No synthetic chemicals, no added fragrances (including essential oils), no preservatives and no animal testing. Just all natural, all organic and all good.

Todos Organics coconut oils, sample set III

Todos Organics is a local bath & body brand, based across the bay in Berkeley California. Their products are made by hand, in small batches, and are sourced responsibly.


I first tried their Sample Set III, which came with four small jars of coconut oil infused with different combinations of essential oils plants.

Todos Organics, Warm, Love, Calm product review

Each jar is evocatively named CALM, LOVE, WARM and HEAL to reflect the therapeutic and aromatic properties of their ingredients.

They are beautifully crafted in their simplicity. Apart from the coconut, which is the star ingredient, each product contains only five botanical ingredients or less.

For example, the CALM oil is made from coconut oil, lavender buds and vanilla beans. That’s it.

And the WARM oil, which has the lengthiest ingredient list, is made up of only coconut oil, vanilla beans, cardamom pods, cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon.

So simple, right?

Todos Organics, Mind Lift set

After I finished the first set, I purchased their MIND LIFT set which features their newest creations.

The MIND oil is infused with Rosemary.

Todos Organics, Mind coconut oil with rosemary

It’s called MIND because the scent of rosemary improves memory. Also, it is really amazing for the hair. A fact which I can attest to.

Another cool fact? The rosemary was handpicked from their family garden. I love that!

The LIFT oil is infused with coffee beens. Literally there is a coffee bean inside the jar.

Todos Organics lift coffee coconut oil

It smells sooo yummy that it’s dangerous for a recovering coffee addict like me. AAAH! I want to rub it all over my face and body.


Since coconut oil is the brand’s star ingredient, Todos Organics has carefully selected their raw, virgin coconut oil from Colima, Mexico.

Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids and when applied, works to smooth skin and retain moisture. Also, coconut oil’s natural disinfectant and antimicrobial properties strengthen our skin’s natural defenses.

A diet that includes coconut oil is also a great way to keep skin healthy and nourished from the inside.

Coconut. Creative Commons image.[Creative Commons Image Source]

Anyone can use coconut oil. Men, women or children. And there are endless ways to use it on your hair, face or body.

You can use it to tame frizzes, curls and fly-aways. Lots of beauty bloggers swear by coconut oil as their make-up remover. You can use it as a shaving balm to soothe razor burns. And it also works to moisturize and soften elbows, heels and cuticles.


For me, I like to use Todos Organics oil as a deep conditioning hair mask. Or sometimes I just take the tiniest bit as a sécours to the tips of my hair.

But mainly, I love using Todos Organics as a massage oil!

In fact, the creator behind the brand started out as a massage therapist. And it makes total sense because coconut oil is the perfect massage oil since it doesn’t absorb quickly. Infuse coconut oil with the aromatherapeutic qualities of Todos Organic and you have the perfect combination.

Todos Organics, Heal coconut oil

If you have a special someone, you really ought to get them to massage you using any Todos Organics oils! Or, as a subpar alternative, you can also massage them. Or yourself. That works too.

Some of my friends who’ve tried Todos Organics point out that it’s too simple. And that they can just buy any old coconut oil at the grocery store.

But to me, Todos is very special. I wouldn’t use it just for cooking. It’s a treat! I love knowing that each ingredient has been carefully selected for their special properties and their high quality.

The essential oils plants are very precious and provide added benefits beyond aromatherapy.

For exampe. I have incredibly thick, coarse hair. And I’ve used regular coconut oil before.  But with the MIND oil, which is infused with rosemary, the difference that it makes is amazing. My hair is so much softer, smoother and pliant!

Todos Organics lavender sachet

Since it’s the holiday season, you may want to know about potential gift ideas. Well, Todos Organics makes for wonderful gifts!

Plus, I love knowing that I am supporting a small local business!

I am definitely going to buy some as gifts for my family and favorite peeps!

Todos Organics, empty jars

Now I’m just wondering about the different ways I can reuse the empty jars…

**POSTNOTE: Todos Organics doesn’t use A DROP of essential oils. They infuse their products with whole botanicals, i.e. dried plant matter, which is more subtle, safe and unique, than just adding super-concentrated essential oils to the coconut oil. And to me, that is so much better because essential oils can be sensitizing and cause irritations. Edits have been made.**

6 thoughts on “Todos Organics, Botanically Infused Coconut Oils

  1. helene

    They look lovely and I’m sure your family and friends will be really happy to get some 🙂
    I have to admit though that I find it inspiring to infuse my own coconut oil with rosemary from my garden or lavender essential oil… The vanilla pod infusion sounds yummy

    1. Kareen

      Even better if you can do it yourself! I do like simple beauty products which you can DIY, but it’s good to have options for when you’re feeling lazy or if you don’t have the option of growing your own lavender and rosemary in your back garden 🙂

  2. Ali

    I’ve never tried coconut oil with any of my essential oils. Not sure why. I suppose because it wasn’t one of the carrier oils we worked with when I was training as an aromatherapist. I know lots of women swear by it though. Interesting concept, using whole botanicals rather than essential oils in the product. I’d be interested in seeing if it “feels” very different for that reason.

    Ali x

    1. Angel Huntington-Ortega

      Hi guys! Thanks so much to Kareen for this lovely write up, and for so quickly fixing/updating the post regarding the essential oils.
      Helene, I totally agree with Kareen on DIY infusions at home, ESPECIALLY if you have some wonderful botanicals growing in your garden- how awesome is that? Just make sure that whatever plant matter you put in the oil, is 100%, completely, bone dry- water, even the smallest amount, can introduce the possibility of life, a.k.a, bacteria to your infusion which could have unfortunate results.
      And Ali, the 2 biggest reasons I can think of that an aromatherapist wouldn’t use essential oils with coconut oil, are 1. virgin, unrefined coconut oil has its own smell which can be conflicting, and 2. Its solid at “room temperature” which is not conducive to even oil-particle dispersement. I have seen fractionated and RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized) coconut oil suggested to use as a carrier oil for essential oils, but I am not sure why you would want “altered” coconut oil, the benefits of coconut oil for the skin and hair are most present in unrefined coconut oil….?
      If I were to use essential oils in coconut oil, I would use a small jar that could be warmed by holding it in my hands, add a few drops and roll it back and forth in my palms for to let the natural friction heat/melt the coconut oil and mix the essential oils in. Just a few thoughts!
      Thanks for listening, and if you would like to try some Todos Organics Botanically Infused Coconut Oil, please use the coupon code “TODOSLOVE” at checkout in our online (etsy) shop for 25% any purchase!

      1. Kareen

        Thank you Angel! For all the useful information AND for the coupon code!! I checked out your facebook page and saw that you are concocting some new combinations. I’m really excited for Todos! Are you participating in any upcoming holiday fairs?

    2. Kareen

      Hi Ali! I don’t think it “feel” different, but I do like that the scent isn’t overpowering. I knew you had a lot of knowledge about aromatherapy but didn’t know you’d trained in it. That’s so cool! I’d love to see more about that on your blog 🙂


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