Getting Spooky For Halloween

November 3, 2015

If you know me, then you know how much I love getting spooked!

I love reading ghost stories. I’m always on the lookout for haunted places. And I’m a self-professed scary movie cinephile. So it’s no wonder that halloween is my most favorite holiday!

Halloween Pumpkins

Call me a grump, but I always want halloween to be scary.

I don’t like how halloween has become this free-for-all excuse to party and get drunk. Like every other holiday. And I don’t like how just about anything can pass for a costume these days.

What happened to the spirit of Halloween?

The origins of Halloween was based on celebrating: “…the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or the ‘darker half’ of the year… it was seen as a liminal time, when the boundary between this world and the Otherworld thinned.” 

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and ghouls, Halloween is ultimately about facing your darkest fears and nightmares. But you know, in a light-hearted way 🙂

Soin an homage to the real spirit of Halloween, this year I decided to dress up in a seriously creepy costume.

Halloween Costume "The Ring"

Then, I set out to frighten the shit out of people!

If you’ve ever seen The Ring (or any other asian horror movie, really), you’d probably recognize this character.

And trust me, you never want to meet this girl. (“Seven days…”)

The most important part of this costume was getting the makeup right.

Kryolan makeup for halloween

Last year, I made the mistake of buying crappy halloween makeup. It felt and smelt so toxic. And worst of all, the white paint didn’t even show on my skin.

So I ended up scrapping the costume idea and waiting until this year to try it again.

Kryolan makeup for halloween

This year, I bought my makeup at Kryolan. Which is where you go if you’re looking for professional makeup, especially for face and body painting and for creating special effects.

I got the Kryolan Supracolor Clown White Foundation and the Kryolan Fixing Powder.

Kryolan Supracolor Clown White Foundation, Kryolan Fixing Powder

I couldn’t use the foundation without setting it with powder, so I had to purchase both items. They really added up in terms of cost. But apparently, these products don’t expire for several years.

So I guess I’m gonna be playing this character for a while!


For the dark circles around the eyes, I used an old pot of Maybelline gel liner that I had lying around.

The second important part of this costume was getting the long straight black hair. And guess who finally bought herself a hair straightener!

Remington hair straightener

It was the cheapest one at Target too.

As for the white dress, I didn’t give myself enough time to find the right one. So at the last minute I just had to settle for a long tunic shirt, thrifted at Goodwill.

That was it! It was really easy to put together.

And the results were great. People recognized who I was. And people were genuinely scared of me.

Halloween costume "The Ring"

But it wasn’t just the makeup or the hair that made the look. I really had to become the character. In other words, I had to creep around and behave in a generally disturbing manner.

The hardest part for me was not smiling or laughing. That was tough because I’m just a naturally smiley and laughey person.


Next Halloween, I’m looking forward to recreating and perfecting this look.

Next time my hair will be longer. I’ll have found the perfect dress. And I’ll have mastered the art of being a total creep.

More stories and pictures from Halloween night coming up!

5 thoughts on “Getting Spooky For Halloween

  1. Ali

    You are so lucky to be living State-side where they actually do Halloween. By the way, that “The Ring” hairstyle is super creepy! Hope you had a fun and scary Halloween.

    1. Kareen

      It’s funny because didn’t Halloween originate from UK? Like with the Celts or something?

      Thanks Ali! My Halloween were both those things. Hope yours was as well 🙂

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