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September 28, 2015

Skincare is serious. And makeup is fun!

What I mean by that is that I can’t do without skincare. I can’t not protect, cleanse and moisturize my skin.

Asian Makeup

But I can leave my house without even the slightest bit of makeup. And I’m fine. I don’t have a complex around how my face looks without makeup.

Asian Makeup1

So when I wear makeup, it’s really just for the heck of it. For the sake of novelty, color and the art of illusion.

Now that I’ve found a skincare regimen I am happy to stick with, I’m focusing a bit more on makeup.

And as I promised in my previous post, I’m going to show you some makeup items I’ve recently acquired from Asian brands.

First up is this…

Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly

Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base by Tony Moly
Asian Makeup12

No, I didn’t buy this just because it came in this ridiculously cute packaging. I got it because it actually does a good job of brightening the area under my eyes.

It is neither a concealer nor a color corrector. It is a brightener, plain and simple. It rolls up in a cream stick form. It glides easily on the skin and blends in matte. The brightening effect lasts for a few hours.

Purchase price: $14

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

Lovely Eyebrow Pencil by Tony Moly - Gray Brown

A double-ended eyebrow pencil. I got the gray brown color. It can be applied in light feathery strokes and can easily be built up to darker strokes. It blends in easily with the use of the spoolie brush. But in contrast to my black eyebrows, this almost looks reddish brown on me (but only if you’re looking very closely).

Basically, it’s an easy to use eyebrow pencil and does the job well.  Next time I’ll try the plain gray color for an even more natural look.

Purchase Price: $5

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly

Long Kinny Mascara by Tony Molly
Asian Makeup10

I think they meant to say Long Skinny Mascara (lol, Engrish). It’s pretty obvious what drew me to this mascara. The brush is so teeny weeny. I’ve never seen a mascara brush this tiny before. I’ve been using L’Oréal’s Telescopic Mascara, shown next to the Perfect Eyes for effect, and I thought it was one of the skinniest brush wands out there.

I recently read an article about mascaras which points out that the formula from one mascara product to another do not greatly differ. What makes the difference is in the brush and the wiper.

This mascara is really good at lengthening my lashes while keeping individual lash hairs separate. Which is great if you are going for a more natural effect.

Purchase Price: $16

The Face Shop Face It Lesson 03 Lipstick

The Face Shop Face It Lesson 03 Lipstick

This is a bright orange glossy lipstick. And it’s currently my favorite! I got it as a birthday gift because Oliver saw me swatching it and loving it at the Face Shop. And he remembered which exact color it was that I liked!

It’s not a true orange though. It’s more on the reddish side. But nevertheless, I love how vibrant the color is. And it’s moisturizing and long lasting. What more could you wish for in a lipstick?

Purchase Price: $22

Babyface Powder In Cream Blusher

Babyface Powder In Cream Blusher

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve really been into orangey makeup lately. This is a cream blush by Babyface in color #3, a light orange / apricot color.

I like how this blush is super easy to apply and blend in. The color goes on sheer and can be built up. The only minus point is its heavy baby powder scent.

Purchase Price: $11

Before & After

Here are the before and after photos of me wearing all the products shown above.



7 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection – Asian Brands

    1. Kareen

      I’m so bored with reds and pinks! Orange is just such a fun color. Looking forward to experiment with other colors too.
      Yup, Oliver knows so much about beauty stuff now. More than he ever thought he needed to! hehe

  1. chanelle

    Where’d you order the Tony Moly panda eye brightener? Do you wear it under your concealer? I’m sure my daughter would try and steal it to play with the panda “toy.” ;-P

    1. Kareen

      Hey Chanelle, I got it at the Tony Moly store in Japantown! I tend to wear it by itself, because I feel like if I put it under or over concealer, it’s just too much texture. But yes, you would wear it under concealer as it is a brightening eye base. Haha, it could be a pretty cute toy, just make sure she doesn’t eat it!

  2. Jocelyn

    Great post! So fun. I’m not a huge make-up person either. I have my basics and stick with it. I do want to explore more with brighteners/highlighting and bronzers (to hallow my cheeks). I have no clue when it comes to eye shadow either. Love your after pic. I have an orange from Make-up Forever that I love, love. I definitely want to check out orange tone blushes now! I’ve always thought they were pretty but never tested them at the store. I guess I wasn’t sure they would show up much on my tan skin.

    1. Kareen

      I tend to stick with my makeup basics too. I never have time in the morning to experiment too much! But on the weekends, I like to try more bold looks, just for fun. Orange is my favorite color, but as I have warmer toned skin, it tends to make my skin look even warmer. Some makeup afficionados suggest going for cooler toned blushes if you have warm toned skin and vice versa if you have cooler toned skin. But I don’t really follow those rules. Kind of like the way I wear brown shoes with a black bag, haha.

  3. Luchessa

    OH that lipstick looks fantastic on you Miss K 🙂 I hope it didn’t dry out your lips, since you said it was long lasting. That’s usually the problem I have with lip products.


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