A Tour Of The Beauty Shops In Japantown

September 21, 2015

Previously I had stated that I am “not all that crazy” about asian beauty brands. And I’m still not all that crazy about them.

But! I am giving them more of a go. Especially now that I’ve been dabbling more with makeup.

With skincare, I don’t like my products to be loaded with so many random synthetic chemicals.

And to me this often seems to be the case with asian brands.

Asian Skincare Masks

But with makeup, I’m not too picky yet about how natural or synthetic my makeup can be. Mainly because I don’t use that much makeup.

Perhaps this line of reasoning is unfounded and based on nothing other than my own personal preference.

But anyway, I’m already happy with my existing skincare regimen and don’t feel the need to seek out new skincare.

Asian Makeup

Makeup on the other hand… I am on the lookout for new (and why not also cutesy) makeup!

So last weekend I met up with a group of girls who are into asian cosmetics. It was my first time to go on an outing like this and honestly it’s something I’ve always wanted to try.

We had a lot of fun visiting different beauty stores at the West Mall in Japantown!

Beauty Group

The first shop we visited was The Face Shop. They carry their own line of skincare, makeup, polish and beauty tools.

They have quite a diverse array of masks here. One of my friends purchased several masks including a goat milk mask (which later gave her a reaction. yikes). And I don’t care much for their moisturizers and creams as they are too heavily scented for me.

But on the positive, for my birthday Oliver got me an orangey lipstick from here. And it’s currently my favorite!

The second shop we visited was Tony Moly. I found more makeup items here that appealed to me. But unfortunately, the ones that caught my eye were out of stock!

I also noticed that the blushes from Tony Moly are crazy glittery. Like crazy “if you want to feel like a thirteen year old princess” glittery. As for me, I purchased a mascara with a curiously skinny wand.

The third shop we checked out was Candy Doll Beauty. They sell several Japanese & Korean brands, though the only ones I recognized were Etude House and Shiseido.

The products that caused quite a stir were these crazy colored contact lenses and this baby foot peeling treatment that makes the skin on the soles of your feet peel off and you supposedly end up with “baby soft” feet.

I’m waiting to hear about the results from the girl who purchased the baby foot treatment! As for me, I played it safe and purchased a cream blush.

Afterwards we grabbed food, ate and chatted.

Of course, being beauty crazy, I insisted that we had a show and tell of all the different products we’d purchased.

mascara show and tell

Beauty Group

I joked that I felt like I was at an Avon or Mary Kay party. Haha. But a much more girly and fun version 😉

Next time, I’ll show you the blush and mascara I purchased! As well as some other items I’ve recently acquired.

A très bientôt!

7 thoughts on “A Tour Of The Beauty Shops In Japantown

  1. Jocelyn Tran

    AHHH! How fun! How did you find this group? I went to check out Tony Moly yesterday, very briefly though – not enough time to really check out everything. I had a dinner in Japantown. I want to go back and look at all three shops again. I’ve been the Faceshop several times but never purchased anything. I’m curious about the make-up at Tony Moly. Candy Doll Beauty was a bit cluttered and overwhelming. Miss you!

    1. Kareen

      We need to hang out soon! We could visit through all the shops together. Also there is a cute café/tea place tucked in the corner that I feel like our group needs to check out.

      Angelica was the one who recommended the group to me! I will send you more info by text 😉

  2. helene

    That sounds like such a fun outing! All the groups here are about doing sporty things like hiking a mountain or women’s running club haha
    Like you, I’m a bit wary of some Asian cosmetics. And I’m not really into all the cutesy packaging.. Still, love the show and tell at the end and I’d love to hear about the foot peeling. I’d be too chicken to try haha
    A lot of French girls are really into doing the Asian layering method but with natural products. It’s called “le millefeuille” if you’re interested
    Also, you look adorable, love your coat as well

    1. Kareen

      I’ve been branching out to different groups. I couldn’t do all beauty groups, so I have a book club and a soccer group too 😉
      I’m very curious about “le millefeuille.” I’ll look it up. If you could share some blog posts that talk about it, that would be great too!
      Merci pour avoir lu mon blog et tes mots gentils!

      1. helene

        I think if you google “leblogdeSonia” you’ll find the lady who kind of started it in France. There is also a facebook group where people exchange beauty tips, a lot of them about organic / natural products: ‎Le Millefeuille ou Layering, Rituel de Beauté.
        I can’t remember any other blogs on the top of my head… But the fb group is awesome
        http://www.lessentieldejulien.com also has a ton of recipe with oils / essential oils for all skin concerns 🙂


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