San Francisco Bike To Work Day

May 14, 2015

Today was my first time riding my bike to work! Yeah!

It also happened to be Bike To Work Day throughout the SF Bay Area.


Because I’m a cautious cat and highly sensitive to inner city pressure, I had waited for this very day to make the leap from casual biker to urban commuter.

Prior to this, I even made sure to attend an urban bicycling safety class provided by the SF Bike Coalition. Yup.

I mean yeah, I’ve ridden bikes in traffic before. But never in a city like San Francisco. With all the hills and the trams and the freaking cars, cars, cars everywhere.

Bike To Work Day is perfect for first time commuters like me.

I was glad that Oliver was cool enough to ride with me 😉

We woke up at the crack of dawn and met up with a convoy from our district, which we almost missed!

We started out with 10 people, and as we biked closer downtown, more and more cyclists joined us.

Pictures from SF Bike To Work Day – May 14, 2015


Adorbs. Each year, San Francisco is becoming more and more bike friendly for families and commuters alike thanks to the efforts of the SF Bike Coalition.


I saw all different kinds of commuters.
Some wearing high heels, others going bare foot!


We stopped at several energizer stations placed throughout bike routes offering water, coffee, fruits and other free goodies.

4We made it to City Hall!
And got a little lost on the way…


Helmets are not mandatory.
But why wouldn’t you wear one?


A confederation of cyclists.


Mayor Ed Lee and his helmet.


That chick with the red shades and purple tights. Swag.


Stay cool and bike on.


And remember, share the road.

It feels a lot safer when there are more people biking with you.

And I think the more people bike, the more people will learn how to share the road and how to be considerate with each other.

For you drivers and first time bikers, if you remember nothing else, just remember this…

Bicycles have the right to take the lane!

Visit for more info.

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Bike To Work Day

  1. Rae

    Haha, the helmet definitely made the whole look. I wish there’s something like this where I live.

    And I agree, biking (incl. walking) would make people become more considerate. Esp of the environment.

    1. Kareen

      Hey Rae! Yeah, biking in Manila seems even more impractical than here… I’d be scared! And yeah, ditto, biking and walking facilitates interaction between human beings. But when you’re driving around inside a giant metal hulk, everyone turns into anonymous a**sholes! So I’m all for biking and walking and building community 🙂

  2. Helga Weber

    You are so cute!!!

    I wish I could bike to work because lord knows it’s be faster vs sitting in traffic but I live so far (I think 17km???) and there aren’t any safe bike lanes all throughout. 🙁

    1. Kareen

      Hehe thanx ^^

      17km is crazy far. That’s too bad about the lack of safe bike lanes too. I’m currently traveling in Japan and it is super duper bike friendly. I want to live here! Forever!

  3. Vyvacious

    Hellooooooooo!!! Long time no chat! I hope you’re doing well 🙂 Your standalone blog is beautiful and I can’t wait to give you some more blog love in the future!! I’ve missed our blog interactions and hope to catch up soon!

    By the way, you’re way braver than I am! Biking in SF!! That’s so great that the Bike to Work Day was organized to help familiarize everyone. I wish that people were cognizant of bikers here in Southern California too. Seems like such a fun group activity to do!

    1. Kareen

      Vyv!! Long time no chat indeed! How HAVE you been?? I miss our blog interactions too! The last post I read from you was after your accident, but I’m happy that you’re doing much better now because I see you on instagram sometimes (hehe, stalker that I am!).

      Do you live in / near LA? I think parts of it must be bike friendly tho, right?

      Yay! So happy to hear from you again!


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