Jealous Of Roses. Current Obsession: Rose Flower Tisane

May 11, 2015

I’m currently obsessed with everything roses.

I’ve had this gnawing desire to start snacking on rose petals. I think the opening scene of Fando y Lis may have been my trigger.

Or it started long before that, with my obsession with rose floral water.

In any case, I’m all about that rose flower power. But not to the point of prancing around eating other people’s rose gardens because, you know… pesticides.

Instead, I visited a tea shop in Chinatown and purchased a bag of these deliciously fragrant Siberian rosebuds.


Tisanes are made through the infusion of herbs, spices or other plant material in hot water and does not usually contain caffeine.

They are also called herbal “teas,” but that term can be misleading as all tea involves the plant camellia sinensis.

Rose Flower Tea

In terms of beauty and health, drinking rose flower tisane can help alleviate dry skin and soothe the mind.


  • Use 8-10 rosebuds
  • Rinse to clean and “open” the buds to receive hot water
  • Steep rosebuds in hot water for up to 40 seconds
  • Remove rosebuds from hot water. Can be re-used up to three times.
  • Pour rose infused water into cup
  • Enjoy, preferably with a few squares of dark chocolate 🙂

This is luxury

Such is my idea of luxury!

Not handbags from chanel, or prada shoes or other expensive distractions.

But rather curiously simple things.

Like a soft fluffy white bed, an unhurried hot bath and a steaming, fragrant cup of rose tea…

4 thoughts on “Jealous Of Roses. Current Obsession: Rose Flower Tisane

  1. Pauline

    when I saw the picture of the infused roses and s cup of tea, I was like …. I love tea!!! Girl, we should go out for an afternoon tea!

  2. Helga Weber

    Roses are my favorite but I actually don’t like the taste! I remember being so excited to try bandung (rose milk) and I ended up not liking it. It might be an acquired taste haha. Those rosebuds are so pretty, tho, I’d want them to use in photos.

    1. Kareen

      I don’t know bandung, but it sounds delish. Must be a tagalog thing. What about rose infused macarons? You can’t write off the taste of roses until you’ve had rose macarons! Mmm… add that to my list of things I’ve been desperately hankering for.


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