And Onward We Go!

January 2, 2015

wedding collage

2014 was a lovingly wrapped parcel of a year.

So many wonderful things happened. Not just in terms of experiences and reaching new milestones in my life.

What I’m talking about is my soul.

I’ve made peace. With who I am and who I’m not.

So what if I’m not the adventurous astronaut or the illustrious opera singer that I dreamt I would be when I was a teenager (no for real, these were actually some of my fantasies).

You know what? Whatever.

Life opened different paths for me and filled them with delightful surprises.

I like where I’ve come from. And I like where I’m going.

And here’s the thing…

You’ve got to learn to enjoy the sweet and simple things in life.

Because before you know it, it’ll all be over 🙂

home collage

So to sum up 2014, here are some of the things that happened:

  • Started a new job with a non-profit organization whose mission really fits with my own personal values
  • Resumed the habit of recording my dreams immediately after waking up
  • Gave up a vice that I’d been trying to kick for over a decade
  • Put together a fun DIY wedding at the beach
  • Got married! To a lovely boy named Oliver who henceforth will be known as my forever and ever
  • Moved into a sunny apartment in San Francisco. And it’s only a ten-minute walk to the beach
  • Really digging this sea-dwelling lifestyle
  • Learned to surf! Currently saving up money for a wetsuit and a beginner’s board
  • Quality time spent with friends who are scattered around the country
  • A road trip to L.A. with one of my best friends and it was a blast
  • Two trips to Mexico in the month of November
  • Met new people and made wonderful new friends
  • Got a juicer and am loving it!
  • Finally saved up enough money for a camera upgrade
  • Finally feeling at home in this part of San Francisco where the air tastes of fresh saltwater and the sound of foghorns is my lullaby
  • Finally feeling settled down after living nomadically for so many years (I still miss you, Paris…)

In 2015, I am working on making the following things happen:

  • A trip to Japan!
  • Getting to know my new camera and developing my photography skillzz
  • Making a short stop-motion film with Oliver
  • Getting more social
  • Throwing at least two dinner parties (where I’m actually the one cooking)
  • Not freaking out when I turn 30 this year!
  • Procuring a bicycle
  • Riding said bicycle to work
  • Meditating more regularly
  • Doing market research for Ziba
  • Revamping the blog and online shop
  • Participating in at least two pop-up shops for Ziba
  • Writing more!
  • Surfing more!

I was just looking at a wishlist I created a year and a half ago for my 28th birthday.

And gosh! It’s really amazing how many things on that list have come true!

But there are still some things that haven’t happened. Like neglecting this blog and my business plans.

But cut a girl some slack because life happens. That’s what new years are for.

So I’m just gonna pick up right where I left off.

And you, my pet. What are some of your best memories from last year and what are your hopes for 2015?

Much love


7 thoughts on “And Onward We Go!

  1. Helene @healthyfrenchie

    I can absolutely relate to coming to terms with where I am and the fact that I may not achieve all the dreams I had as a teenager / child. I’ll probably never be an antropologist living in the middle of the amazonian forest! It might be because I am turning 30 this year as well…
    Beautiful wedding, you look stunning and so happy 🙂

  2. The Girls On Fire

    Paris miss you too ♥ !
    Bravo : tu as réussi à réaliser beaucoup de choses en 2014 et encore Félicitation pour ton mariage !

    Tu es a San Francisco ?! OMG ! Dans un an, je vais travailler à San Francisco but .. I have to learn english before and O’m so scared about that oO ! English don’t loke me 🙁

    Haha ! J’écris mes rêves aussi juste après le réveil 😀
    Je fais de la plongée mais pas de surf.

    Je te souhaite une excellente année 2015 et que tes souhaits se réalisent ! I wish you tour dreams come true in 2015 !

    xo xo ♥

    1. Kareen

      OMG! C’est vrai? Est-ce que tu vas t’installer définitivement a San Francisco?? Je suis sûre que tu vas adorer cette ville et ses alentours! A mon avis, le climat est parfait! Il ne pleut quasiment jamais, et le température reste stable toute l’année. L’air est frais et propre. Et on est entouré de la nature sauvage et très belle. San Francisco est très charmante comme ville, un peu cher c’est vrai, mais pas plus cher qu’à Paris.

      Mais tu blague! Tu parle déjà courament l’anglais! Et en tout cas, n’oublie pas que la plupart de gens ici parle l’anglais comme deuxième langue. Et en plus, il y a plus de français ici qu’ailleurs aux US! Vous êtes partoûts! Rare sont les journées où je n’entends pas parlé le français dans les rues!

      Je suis ravie d’avoir de tes nouvelles! Tiens moi au courant, ok?! J’ai hâte de te revoir ici!! AAaaah!! C’est genial! ^.^

      Et toi aussi, je te souhaite une merveilleuse année 2015! Je t’embrasse fort! ♥♥♥

  3. Luchessa

    Awesome K! I love this post. Look how much you’ve done and achieved in 2014!! I mean – not only have you been a beautiful bride and learned to surf (so cool!) but also went twice to Mexico – oh i’m so jelly! (You know how much i love Mexico & my friends who live there…sigh.)
    The trip to Japan sounds exciting, i would like to go there too some day. Put Berlin on your to travel to list 😉

  4. Priya

    This made me so happy, Kareen! Look at all you’ve accomplished! I am kicking myself now for not remembering to contact you in San Fran – there’s a chance I will be back to run the half marathon in the fall so I will definitely keep you updated.

    Wishing you all the very best for 2015!

    Lots of love, Priya


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