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Much Ado About Weddings

April 28, 2014

If you are planning a small and simple wedding, here’s what you need to know…

Everyone will try to make it into something more complicated!

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There is truly no point trying to make others happy and fit their mold of how your wedding ought to be.

It’s your wedding. If you stick to your guns, you can make your wedding as simple as you would like it to be.

For my wedding, (which is literally happening in a month–AAaaah!) all I want is:  Beach. Family. Friends… and lots of food!

Yet the simplicity of this idea was at first difficult to get across to our families. I even tried referring to the damn thing as a “beach party.”

But family members balked at this. They protested that we were making too light of a matter that is actually very serious.


Beach wedding archway

Another point of deviation: I did not get an engagement ring.

As I confessed in my previous post, sure! I wouldn’t mind one. I am a girl after all. A silly girl who can still be suckered into hankering after shiny, expensive things even though I am highly educated and progressive and know that engagements rings are a scam.

But ultimately, I would rather save that money for things that have REAL value. Like traveling!

Still, I am amused how whenever I tell people I’m engaged, their eyes will unfailingly trail down to my left hand.

Try it sometime. Tell people you’re engaged. Then watch how their eyes quickly dart over to your left hand in search of the bling.

Who trained us to be like this??


Not that I have anything against people who follow conventions.

Having a wedding is, by itself, inherently conventional. I just wonder what people used to do for weddings before it became this highly commercialized and contrived affair.

Eventually, we managed (I think) to get the idea across to our family and friends that ours is going to be a very simple and low-key affair.

The idea is… show up at the beach and you’ll probably get fed!

Wedding Cake

Behind the scenes, we’ve been slowly and steadily organizing this wedding over the months.

Details are coming along quite smoothly. Check-lists are being checked. Little fuss has been made. And you know what? It’s been very satisfying to get things done on our own.

How have we been managing to keep our wedding so simple and minimal?

We are keeping a small guest list. Less than 40 people. Of course we are making a little room for wedding ‘crashers,’ so we are counting on 45 to show up at the most.

One thing that has helped has been the use of Pinterest.

You may laugh. Yes, I used to laugh at girls who I thought were just sublimating their fantasies and frustrations on Pinterest. But now I know better. Pinterest can be useful for mapping out your ideas visually.

Just keep in mind that it’s a tool. And stay away from falling into the envious, hate-your-life-it’s-not-as-good-as-Pinterest trap.

Wedding Dress Detail

Dear readers, now you know!

This whole DIY wedding planning thing has been what’s keeping me so occupied these days.

That… and starting a new job!! One that I freaking love!!!

I’ve been staying happy, healthy and busy! And I hope you have too.

I will write more soon. Pinky promise 🙂



** Images taken from Pinterest. Obviously.

9 thoughts on “Much Ado About Weddings

  1. Elba Valverde

    Our wedding was intimate and romantic. The decorations were simple, the food was delicious but not fancy, and the guests were the most special people on our lives, it was small but perfect. I’m really happy for you 😉 Enjoy this new adventure and have lots of fun with the planning!
    Best, Elba

    1. Kareen

      I’m sure your wedding was very sweet and beautiful. I am making some of the decorations so if you have any good DIY decoration ideas, I would love to know. Thank you for the kind wishes, Elba!

  2. helene @healthyfrenchie

    I’m glad you are doing so well , and that you can keep it at a small scale. To be honest a big part of why we are not “really” getting married is the complications and the planning. We live in Canada and his family is in Scotland, mine in France. So I have a (not crazy expansive at all) every day ring and another made from a necklace his grand-mother gave us before passing away. And we go as husband and wife.I love that nowadays there are more options opened to us

    1. Kareen

      That’s lovely that his grandmother gave you such a precious jewel. It is nice that people are no longer as judgmental as they were in the past about couples living together without being officially married. The most important part is the relationship, not a silly little one day affair. I hope you are doing well over there in Canada!

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  4. Joice

    We too are planning a very intimate wedding. I can already imagine what my distant relatives would say if they found out i won’t be inviting them all. Filipino culture and its flaws, urgh.

    and pinterest is love!

    congratulations and good luck on your wedding! 🙂

    1. Kareen

      I feel the guilt! I wish I could invite everyone but it’s just not possible. Filipino weddings can be so crazy! I hope you can keep all the wedding crashers at bay haha. Thank you for stopping by Joice!

  5. The Girls On Fire

    Hiiiiii !! How are you ?
    Are you going wedding soon ?!
    I send you an email but U have no news 😡
    I’m happy you are going so well 😀
    Give me some news !! Je t’embrasse ♥

    1. Kareen

      Hiii to you too! You sent me an email?? Oh nooo, I haven’t seen it :/
      I promise I will write you an email soon. Cross my heart and hope to die.
      Je t’embrasse forte!


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