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An Open Welcome To 2014! And A Quick Recap Of The Past Year.

January 2, 2014

Happy New Year, dear Ziba readers!!!

2013 was a fantastic whirlwind of a year that brought about so many amazing things:

– The re-design of the blog.
– The birth of my wonderful nephew Noah.
Traveling to Amsterdam.
Leaving Paris and moving back to the U.S.
– Living in New York for a month during the summer.
– Moving out west to San Francisco.
– Falling in love with the Pacific ocean and enjoying all its therapeutic benefits.
– Getting engaged 🙂
– Checking off many of the things on my 28th Birthday Wish List (guess who finally got a yoga mat and lots of plants and lots of space?!)

The move out here to the West Coast begins a new chapter in my life. I can feel myself changing in subtle and quiet ways. It’s as though my bones are settling down and taking root into the earth.

Surrounded by the contemplative blue of the Pacific, the wild ruggedness of the coast and breathing in the cool, fresh climate…

I can be calm. And take my time.

Pacific View

[‘Dear Pacific Ocean, I will never leave your side again.’ And other true confessions of love.]

I would like to say a fond farewell to 2013. You were quite a roller-coaster of a year. Full of uncertainty and turbulence. But you always had something fun up your sleeve. And you showed me that, in the end, things DO work out. And no, they don’t always. But even then, that’s okay too.

So what if my 3 Beauty Resolutions from last year fell to the wayside? Especially that part about “Reducing my sugar intake.” I couldn’t help that I got that little bakery job in Queens over the summer. And my addiction to pastries reared back its ugly head.

I’m picking it all back up again in 2014.

And this time, I only have two other new resolutions…

Dance more. And kick off the drama boots.

10 thoughts on “An Open Welcome To 2014! And A Quick Recap Of The Past Year.

  1. Ali

    Ha! “kick off the drama boots”. Never heard it phrased better. I’m so happy for you Kareen. I hope 2014 is good to you too.

    Ali x

  2. Sunshine

    Woo hoo! A great way to welcome 2014. Amen to kicking off the drama boots! =D I can’t believe Noah was born in 2013. The little cutsie dude grew so quickly! hehe. Congrats on the engagement =) 2014 is going to be an awesome one for you xxx

  3. Elba Valverde

    Happy New Year, Kareen! I wish you a new year full of adventures and fun. I’m adding your beauty resolutions to my list, taking care of my hair and posture, great tips 😉 I love this post, so peaceful and inspiring.

  4. The Girls On Fire

    HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Love, LOL and Beauty !!

    Oui tu as eu beaucoup de changements en 2013 et je suis sûre qu’en 2014 : ce sera super pour toi !

    Hahahah !! Gourmande !
    Tu penses venir à Paris bientôt ou pas du tout ?


    1. Kareen

      HAPPY NEW YEAR ma belle !!~

      Oui, une vraie gourmande. Le sucre c’est ma malédiction.
      J’espère à revenir à Paris dès que possible! Avec beaucoup d’argent! Et je vais visiter toutes les boutiques dans Le Marais! Hahaha!
      Mais non, franchement, je ne sais pas quand je peux revenir à Paris. Peut-être l’année prochaine?


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