Clarisonic Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush

A New And Even Softer Clarisonic Brush: The Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush

November 20, 2013

One of the biggest points of contention with the Clarisonic is that it can be too rough for the face’s delicate skin.

But during my latest haunt inside a Sephora store, I found that the folks of Clarisonic have come out with a new Luxe Brush Head Collection.

These brushes characteristically have tapered, ultra-long filaments.

The result is that the brushes feel super duper soft. And yet, they still retain the ability to cleanse “6x better than hands alone.”

Clarisonic with Cashmere Luxe Brush

For the blissfully unaware, the Clarisonic Cleansing system uses sonic technology of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse for smoother and more radiant skin.

Another advantage of using the Clarisonic is that it preps the skin to better absorb skincare products.

I, for one, use the Clarisonic Mia 2 (read my first impressions of it).

I began using it in January 2013. Which was the beginning of this year! Time sure is flying…

To this day, I still think my Clarisonic Mia 2 was worth every single penny.

As someone who advocates only the gentlest care and handling of the skin, I’d been using what was, at the time, the softest brush Clarisonic had to offer: the Delicate Brush Head.

Five months of use and the bristles on the Delicate brush finally began to stiffen and feel too rough on my skin. So I replaced it with the Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush Head.

Soft Clarisonic Brushes

[Delicate Brush Head on the Left, Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush on the Right.]

If you’re still on the fence about the Clarisonic, then this new soft-as-a-baby-angel’s-butt-err-wing-tips brush should finally put an end to your fears that the Clarisonic is “too rough” for your skin.

The Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush Head has a dual layer design, to gently massage the skin and generate “fluid forces” to cleanse and increase the skin’s hydration levels. It’s really best for mature and extremely dry skin types. Or for people who are crazy about using only the “gentlest” skincare products.

Using this brush feels wonderfully soft on the skin. But amazingly, it’s still incredibly effective at picking up makeup and dirt. I can literally see all the makeup and grime on the brush after using it.

At $30 per brush, this brush is $5 more expensive than the regular brushes (turning my nose up to this price bump).

But I would bet that this one is actually soft enough to use every day. And that’s something I will not say for the other regular Clarisonic facial brushes out there.

Clarisonic Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush

[Close-up view of the Cashmere’s dual layer design.]

Even then, using your Clarisonic everyday, twice a day is just never necessary.

I like to use my Clarisonic as my deep cleanser and exfoliator.

Meaning that even with the softest of brushes, it should still only be used 2x per week. No more than 3x per week.

Also, do not fail to follow up your Clarisonic cleansing sessions with a special treatment! Like a Vitamin C Serum or a Retinol.

Recently, I’ve been following up my Clarisonic with this baby…

Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

[SOS Thirst Quenching Serum by Caudalie. It’s TOTAL LOVE!]

I will have to tell you about this new love of mine another time.

For now, I must be going as tonight happens to be my special date night with my Clarisonic 😉

Q’ for the Clarisonic users out there:
What type of brush heads do you use?

10 thoughts on “A New And Even Softer Clarisonic Brush: The Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush

  1. Sunshine

    I’m still one of the people hiding in the shadows without the Clarisonics 🙁 They’re super expensive. Fingers crossed that they’ll have a sale on electronics at the department store so I can finally get my hands on this baby =)

    1. Kareen

      Hey Sun! Yeah, they are expensive! But I think there are many other brushes and devices out there now that could rival the Clarisonic. But if you happen to find the Clarisonic on sale, I would gladly recommend it!

  2. Ali

    I’ve tried a couple of facial brushes and don’t really care for them. But I know girls who swear by Clarisonic. That serum from Caudalie is wonderful, isn’t it. I love the Vinosource range. Can’t say I was that impressed with the new Premier Cru though.

    Ali x

    1. Kareen

      Hi Ali! which facial brushes have you tried? I love my Clarisonic! But I’ll also be the first to admit that it is too expensive for the average person. I’m looking for some cheaper options that are just as good if not better at cleansing to recommend to my readers. So if you’ve heard of some, let me know!

      Yeah the Caudalie serum is amazing!! My face felt sooo smooth and hydrated this morning. Out of the Premier Cru line, I’ve only tried the Vendanges moisturizer. It was decent but I wasn’t exactly blown away.

    1. Kareen

      The smell of the sos serum is sooo delicious. I use it quite generously, but only every third night or so. Honestly, I’m a big fan of the whole brand Caudalie. I bet that moisturizing sorbet is just amazing, especially if combined with the sos serum! I will keep it in mind. Thanks for stopping by Lady L! 😀

  3. Jo

    That brush looks amazing. I only use my Clarisonic a couple of times a month because it was a bit harsh for my skin. I am testing a new facial brush now called the Magnitone and so far so good, but I may need to invest in this brush too.

    1. Kareen

      Hey Jo! It’s a great brush for what it is, but we’ll see how long it lasts. It might be too delicate and may have to be replaced more quickly than the other brushes. I haven’t heard of the Magnitone, but I will be looking out for your review on it! Just know that even though I am not always able to comment, I do read all your posts as soon as they arrive in my mailbox. I like how you keep them short and to the point 😀

  4. Neelie

    You said your original Clarisonic brush head started to stiffen after 5 months, but that may have been because you are supposed to replace it much sooner than that.

  5. Laura

    Hi, I got this brush as a gift from a friend, but I’m doubting it could be fake cause on the back I can’t see any circle clock-like icon like I see on the other brushes I own and which I read should be a sign of authenticy, could you please help me and check out if there’s such an icon on yours..?thanks so much


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