Concealers: Fake Up, Yves Rocher, Collection, MAC

My Collection Of Concealers

May 15, 2013

Concealers: Fake Up, Yves Rocher, Collection, MAC

I’ve pretty much given up trying to do anything about my dark under eye circles.

A while ago, I wrote a post about the different health issues that can cause them and the measures you can take to reduce their appearance.

And although there are times when the skin under my eyes seem to recover some of their brightness, for the most part, my dark under eye circles are here to stay!

So I’ve resorted to covering them up with make-up. Hooray for make-up and the ability to hide your imperfections!

Here are four concealers that you can find in my beauty cabinet…

1) Fake Up By Benefit

Despite the rather superficial sounding name, Fake Up concealer gives the most natural looking coverage of any concealer I’ve ever tried. Not only does it conceal dark blemishes, it also works to hydrate the delicate skin under the eyes. The resulting look is brightened skin and no cakeyness!


The Positives: Natural, luminescent coverage. Hydrated skin. No creases.

The Negatives: Holy smokes, the price! Also, coverage is not long lasting.

How Much: $24 at Sephora for 3.5 g

2) Collections Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer

I received the Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer from a Beauty Swap. Unfortunately, the medium color is much too pale for my skin tone. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying it out. And yes, it really is as long-lasting as other bloggers have claimed.

Collections Concealer

The positives: It’s incredibly long-lasting, you need to use only a small amount to get the coverage that you need, and it’s very price-friendly.

The negatives: It tends to settle in the creases.

How Much: £4.19 on Boots for 4.0 g

3) Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Corrector

Technically this isn’t a concealer. It’s a corrector. But I’ve used this alone, as well as in combination with a different concealer. It just depends on how bad my under eye circles look on any given day. I also use this to cover other dark blemishes before applying foundation.

The positives: Good coverage. Lasts long. Goes on lightly and does not settle in creases.  Multi-purpose. Price-friendly.

The negatives: Goes on dry and the tint is a bit dull.

How Much: €7.5 at Yves Rocher for 5g

4) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

For the longest time, this was the only concealer I used. And I was quite happy with it. So I’m not sure what it was about this concealer that made me start looking for others. Maybe it was because I found it difficult to apply. Or maybe I felt like it made my skin look dry and take on an orange tint. In any case, there are still a lot of redeeming qualities about this concealer.

MAC Concealer

The positives: Great coverage! Long lasting. Goes on smooth. Does not settle in the creases. A little goes a long way.

The negatives: The pump is tricky. Usually, you will end up taking out a lot more than what you need. Dries out quickly, so it’s hard to apply. And as I already mentioned, it makes my skin look dry and take on an orange tint after a while.

How Much: $18 at MAC for 9ml

Can you guess which concealer is my favorite? 

Naturally, my favorite is Fake Up By Benefit. Because the resulting look is so natural and luminescent. And to top it off, my skin feels comfortably hydrated.

No Concealer

(No Concealer)

With Concealer

(With Concealer)

But, (with the exception of the Collection Concealer because it’s the wrong color), I still find that the other concealers have their occasional use.

And you, do you use concealers to cover up your dark under-eye circles? If so, which products do you use?

16 thoughts on “My Collection Of Concealers

    1. Kareen

      Hi Ali! Haha, yeah! It makes a HUGE difference!! For me, I can go out of the house without putting foundation, but I can’t go without concealer. Also, I noticed that our makeup products tend to be conventional products. Have you heard of any good concealers by a natural and organic brand? I’d love to know.

  1. Julia

    I really like MAC Select Cover-up. It’s nice and buildable without getting cakey. I like to use a shade lighter under my eyes and on any dark spots so that it brightens my eyes and then my powder can set it and it doesn’t look so obviously concealed.

  2. youngforgood

    I was all for Collection 2000. I love this stuff. It doesn’t crease on me. Still, my dark circles are really dark and it just doesn’t fully cover them. I think I found a new product that I love even more. I haven’t bought it yet but once I do I will be reviewing it on my blog. Hint: it’s not a concealer 😀

    1. Kareen

      Hey Anna, it’s just too bad that I got the wrong color. I’m sure if it was the correct color, the crease would be less noticeable. Can’t wait to read about your new discovery! p.s. I’ve been taking vitamin K supplements per your recommendation 😀

      1. youngforgood

        Did the K2 work for you? Do you see any improvements? My eye area is so dark recently, much darker than ever before and it all started when I started using the Perricone MD eye cream. It’s so strange.

        1. Kareen

          I sometimes see improvements! And sometimes my dark circles make a serious comeback! I have a suspicion that it’s from all the wine that I drink. Supposedly, sulfites in wine can aggravate dark under eye circles. Not to mention the adrenaline fatigue that it causes (along with coffee) on your kidneys. But I’ll have to test this theory later, when I’m no longer in France and wine is not so abundant.

  3. youngforgood

    I remember posting a comment under this post but it’s gone. I must have pressed the wrong button, hate it when it happens…. Anyhow, I was saying how much I love Collection 2000 although I found something new now

    1. Kareen

      Sorry about that! My spam filter was acting too zealously! I just have to check my spam bin more regularly from now on in case my spam filter makes that same mistake again. Have you unveiled this aforementioned secret product yet?

          1. youngforgood

            I’m not sure if it’s working all that well. One good thing about Pinterest is that it’s easy to use, unlike google+. We’ll see if it’s worth it 🙂

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