Ziba & Cat In The Suitcase

I’m A Hustler, Baby!

April 28, 2013

Happy Sunday, my readers!

As I already mentioned, I’m going on a roadtrip to Amsterdam this week. And I’m really excited about this. But not for any reasons that you might suspect! 😉

I haven’t mentioned this, but… there’s something really cool happening this week in Amsterdam.

On Tuesday, the Dutch are celebrating Queen’s Day!

Yeah, I didn’t know they had a Queen either. But it’s not just any ordinary Queen’s Day. They’re actually getting a new King! This is going to be a festive event of epic proportions. Think of it as their equivalent to Mardi Gras. So as you can imagine, it’s going to be crayzay.

But… that’s not why I’m excited to go. Actually, I’m excited for this day because it is also going to be Free Market Day! It’s an occasion where everyone is free to trade and sell their goods. And I thought this day would be a fun occasion to bring a suitcase full of goods from my shop!

Somehow, the thought of hustling in the streets of Amsterdam is the most delightful aspect of my trip.

But hey, it’s all just for fun. Even if I end up selling jack squat, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is having a blast and meeting lots of fun, cool people!

By the way, I love how right now Ziba’s entire inventory fits in one little tiny white suitcase…

Ziba's Suitcase Shop

Ziba & Cat By The Suitcase

Ziba & Cat In The Suitcase

Paperself Lashes For Sale

So stay tuned this week for stories and photos from my adventures in Amsterdam!

When I get home, I’ll jump right back into writing holistic beauty tips and drawing up product reviews. And, oh yeah, I still need to do Part 2 of Touristy Things To Do In Paris.


One quick important announcement!!  

I’m extending the Caudalie Product Giveaway. Which means, I’m allowing one extra week for people to sign up. So if you like your friends and family, please pass the word along!

Alright, my loves. I have to run now! But we’ll chat again soon. mwah xoxo

8 thoughts on “I’m A Hustler, Baby!

  1. Luchessa

    Omg i hope you will come one day for adventures & stories to Berlin 😉
    Can’t wait for you report. Btw its always nice how the cat fits into the lill bag as well 😉

  2. Sunny

    Wait a minute: is that your cat??? I just went through your About Me again. We have the same problem! We’re both allergic to cats (I was diagnosed 5 years into my cat lady career. I swear it was all fine in the beginning but then it took a really bad turn. It’s OK though. I take antihistamine and I ain’t gonna die)! Is it a he? He has a friendly face so it could really go both way, but it’s a rather sizable cat so I’m guessing a he. If I guessed wrong I hope she won’t be offended!

    1. Kareen

      Hahaha!! It’s so unfair, isn’t it??! Why us?? The ones who love cats the most…

      I wasn’t always allergic either. So strange how allergies develop over time like that! I take allergy meds pretty much every day. It’s probably bad for me, but I couldn’t bear the alternative, which is to have no cat!

      And yeah, my cat’s a he. His name is Sarkozy, just like the ex-president of France 😀


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