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New Addition To The Shop: Paperself Lashes

April 10, 2013

I am so obsessed with Paperself Lashes! So I’ve decided to add them to the Ziba Shop.

I’ve picked out 5 of my favorite designs. 

Also, I’ve finally managed to figure out how to point the address to my tictail shop. It’s easier to remember, right? So from now on, you can just bookmark that address to get to my shop.

And for the people who were asking about shipping… I’ve included Canada in the countries where I ship to.

Now go have a look at the designs and tell me which one is your favorite! 


Paperself Box


Paperself London Skyline Closeup

Paperself Collection


Paperself Designs


19 thoughts on “New Addition To The Shop: Paperself Lashes

    1. Kareen

      They are! Lovely and funky! That’s why I love them so much. Also, you can cut them up into smaller pieces for a more subtle look. And they’re reusable, up to four times. UGH! I totally should have mentioned this in my post.

    1. Kareen

      Hey there! Yeah, you should definitely try them. They’re great for festive occasions, maybe even for Victorian parties 😉 Also, they’d be easy for you to get in the UK. Hmm… I don’t know if they’re easier to apply than normal fake lashes. But I’m going to find out for you! 😀

  1. Luchessa

    Omg what a huge stash of lashes 😛 I really hope you do a review on each and everyone of them. I like the peacock one, its so extravagant 😀

  2. Myndee Washington

    Truly love these. I design costumes and these would be such a great addition. I really want the Peacock style for myself.

  3. Jen

    These are awesome! I read that there are some in the Hunger Games movie. Going to have to watch that to try and find them=) I personally would rock the Lace Garden or the Peacock. So hard to choose…=)

  4. Emilia

    The Bird lashes would be a great detail to the perfect Spring dress. Light & feathery – ‘Tis the season!

  5. Heather Rose

    I love the “Birds” paperlashes. I still have yet to try these out but I have used feathered eyelashes in a fashion show and they are absolutely gorgeous! love your blog girl! 😀

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