Hannah With Crazy Eyebrows from Girls

Mad About Some Bushy Eyebrows

March 28, 2013

Not plucking my eyebrows has been one of the most painful things I’ve had to endure.

I can’t even remember when I decided to stop plucking my eyebrows. It must have been over 4 months ago. At least.

Every time I saw my eyebrows in the mirror, I had to fight the urge to break out the tweezers.

Back in the days, my eyebrows used to be my favorite part about my face. I loved how thick and shapely they were. And it’s not like I ever went tweezer crazy.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that my eyebrows have gotten much thinner in shape and in volume. This is actually something that happens to everyone.

As we age, there are some things we should know about our eyebrows.

Our eyebrows eventually become:
1) Sparse
2) Longer
3) Coarser
4) And wayward

The first point should be reason enough to make you stop plucking your eyebrows. Like really. Stop it. Right now.

Thick eyebrows give you a more youthful appearance. And it’s too easy to become tweezer happy.

Not only that, the shape of your eyebrows is really important for framing your face. So you should leave any kind of re-shaping to a professional.

So, actually. For the first time ever. I went to a professional yesterday to have my eyebrows groomed.

I told the lady I wanted thick eyebrows. Like Brooke Shields caterpillar thick eyebrows.

She used a tweezer to pluck off any stray hairs but left the shape basically untouched.  Somehow, the way she did it felt less painful than how I would ever do it. In fact, I got so sleepy that I almost fell off my chair.

To assure me that the shape of my eyebrows were symmetrical, she filled in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil. I thought this was incredibly nice of her.

Nevermind that the color of the pencil was a lot darker than what I would ever put on my face!

Then I thought about that episode of “Girls” when Hannah had those crazy eyebrows.

And I imagined what Hannah would have said to me if we had bumped into each other in the street…

Mad Eyebrows


Ok, in the next post, I’ll get into how to choose and properly use an eyebrow pencil. And eyebrow gels. And other stuff like that.

Until then, leave your eyebrows alone! ~.^

Where I went to get my eyebrows did:
Nayenka Institute
9 rue de Turbigo
75001 Paris

2 thoughts on “Mad About Some Bushy Eyebrows

  1. Sunny

    Hey Kareen,

    I LOVE this post!!! My eyebrows have always been sparse. I might have overplucked a bit when I was younger (not because I wanted tadpole brows but because I just didn’t know what I was doing), but it’s mostly genetic (my mom and I have very little hair to be spoken of, with the exception of what’s on our heads!). I went to Benefit to get my brows done some years ago, and I also had to stop plucking for quite a while for the lady to have enough to work with. I didn’t like the result much however, probably especially not the part where she filled in my brows too dark and recommended products that were too dark for my brows. They were a bit overdone! I’m glad I have more or less got my brows under control now. I no longer trim them, and I only pluck out wayward hairs. I fill them in with Hourglass Soft Brunette, which is a really really great shade and works better for me than powder (need a bit of wax to keep the hair neater). Glad to hear your experience is rather positive! Can’t wait to read about your product recommendations!

    1. Kareen

      Hey Sunny!! Lol, tadpole brows!! Okay, I (like a lot of women!!) have been guilty of over plucking my eyebrows. I used to just pluck stray hairs, but then slowly over time I began to chip away into the shape without even realizing it! It’s common for people to have to stop plucking for a while in order to have “enough to work with” again. As for finding a good shade for my eyebrows, I’m actually having a tough time finding a shade that I like. Since my “how-to” follow up post got a bit too lengthy, I’ll have to come back again to this subject and next time I’ll include product recommendations!


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