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Ziba Is Back In Business

March 22, 2013

Okey dokey, the Ziba Shop is up and running again!

I am currently selling some really great natural and organic French skincare products.

But check back again soon, as I will be adding more to the shop.

Eventually, the shop will have many unique and niche beauty products from around the world. They’ll all be carefully selected by me. And if you read my product reviews, then you’ll know that I have some high standards!

Please keep in mind that for now I only ship to the U.S. and countries in the European Union. Prices are in dollars. Shipping is a flat $7. Unless you buy products worth over $100.

Then in that case, shipping is free AND you get a cake.

Ziba Shop Screenshot


Visit the Ziba Shop: http://www.ziba-shop.com



2 thoughts on “Ziba Is Back In Business

  1. caroline

    Oh too bad you don’t ship to Canada, the products look amazing. No matter, hopefully I’ll soon be living in Europe and then I can take advantage of them!

    1. Kareen

      Hi Caroline! Thanks for stopping by. I’m definitely working on opening up shipping to more places. And Canada is definitely up there. Will keep you posted 🙂


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