Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto Perfume

How Perfume Became My Breakfast At Tiffany’s: Manifesto By Yves Saint Laurent

February 1, 2013

How does one even begin to describe a fragrance? Sweet, flowery, opulent, sensuous…

These are the words that I would use to describe the Manifesto perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. A perfume that I am very much in love with.

Before moving to Paris, I didn’t care much for perfumes. In fact, I didn’t know anyone who wore perfume. Not really. But then upon coming here, I noticed how some of the french girls I’d befriended always had the same signature scent when we’d greet each other with a bisou on the cheeks. And after we’d part ways, their scent would always softly linger on.

I liked that.

I liked how the French love perfumes. This should have been obvious with all the perfume shops that you’ll encounter at every turn of the street. So it came to pass that I developed a habit of popping into perfume shops whenever I was on my way somewhere, just to smell and discover all the different perfumes.

Slowly, the world of perfumes became my Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Whenever I would feel a little bit sad, all I had to do was go into a perfume shop and spritz a bit of perfume and give it a sniff. This never failed to brighten my mood. But I’d never actually dare to buy one for myself. I wasn’t that type of girl.

My first crush was Addict by Dior. A very pert, floral and summery fragrance. Chanel No. 5 made me wrinkle my nose and brought to mind the image of batty old ladies with stuffy fur coats. I’m sorry, but it does.

Over time, I noticed that there was one perfume I kept being drawn to. That was when I realized I was in love with Manifesto, the latest fragrance created by Yves Saint Laurent.

I carried this crush secretly for months, but there must have been someone who noticed because I received this little gold package for Christmas.

This was a very pleasant surprise…

A Golden Gift, Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto

Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Perfume

The colors of gold and purple make for quite a regal pair, don’t you think?

The bottle’s cinched shape is very feminine, which is an attestation to the fragrance itself. The creators wanted to create a Manifesto of Femininity whose fragrance would evoke “an attitude, a burst of laughter, a tone of voice, a presence.”

When it comes to the scent, the top notes are blackcurrant, bergamot and green notes. The middle notes are jasmine and lily of the valley. The base notes are cedar, sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean.

For me, I really adore this combination of the blackcurrant, jasmine and vanilla. Perhaps my only critique of this perfume is that its scent does not last long enough. Others have complained that the scent is not bold enough to distinguish the Manifesto from other perfumes. But for a first perfume, I think the Manifesto really is just lovely.

I take great pleasure in walking around and catching whiffs of this perfume on myself. Sometimes I will just bring up my wrists to my face to inhale it. When I wear this, I do feel like I am making a statement of femininity.

And it’s something that I wear for no one but myself!


Discover: Manifesto Eau De Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent
How Much:
 $62 (1.0 fl oz), $82 (1.6 fl oz), $102 (3.0 fl oz)
Watch: A bit over the top, but if you haven’t seen it yet this is the ad featuring Jessica Chastain, the face of Manifesto…

Jessica Chastain, the face of Manifesto by YSL


And you, have you tried the Manifesto? What is your favorite fragrance?

12 thoughts on “How Perfume Became My Breakfast At Tiffany’s: Manifesto By Yves Saint Laurent

  1. Sunny

    You’re right: the bottle is adorable! Not too sure about jasmine or lily of the valley, but I’d still like to take a sniff at some point! Before moving to Belgium I only liked very light fragrances (think Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue), but after I came here I realized I have much more freedom to play with heavier and more complex scents. I’ve never looked back! My signature scent for the past several years is Miss Dior, and my recent crush is Byredo Black Saffron.

    1. Kareen

      Hi Sunny! I didn’t know you’re based in Belgium. Cool! So I’m new to this beauty world and I think that’s why I really like perfumes like Dior Addict and YSL Manifesto, they’re quite light, fresh and girly. But I imagine overtime, as my senses develop I will gain appreciation for more complex scents. At least I hope. I do like Miss Dior as well and also La Vie Est Belle by Lancome, which is very flowery and powdery. I haven’t heard of Byredo but I will certainly keep my eye out for it. There’s such a universe to discover with fragrances! 😀

      1. Sunny

        Yes I am! We’re kind of next-door neighbors 😉

        There is a huge universe of perfumes. There are many niche perfumes brands that I have never heard of, which is cool if you don’t want to go out smelling the same with someone on the street! For example, I really like Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire, but they did a pretty aggressive campaign and it’s just a little weird to smell the same with someone else.

        1. Kareen

          You know, I didn’t even think of that! It would be like, stopping at a street corner and then noticing that someone standing right next to you is wearing the same exact trendy sweater. Awkward. Actually, whoah! That happened to me the other day! Haha… funny. But kinda not. x_x

  2. Mel

    I haven’t tried this perfume out before, but this is a great review. I love your story behind it. When I eventually test this out, I’ll sure to give you my thoughts on it , dear.

    PS: I LOVE Chanel no5, but I guess it’s not for everyone. There was a time that I didn’t like it. It also smelled like old lady to me (my nose and on my skin) but a few years on – it smells like bliss on me, absolutely stunning. I’m wearing it right now 🙂

    1. Kareen

      I’m glad you liked the story! I sometimes get carried away with my writing. About Chanel No. 5. It makes me really sad that I don’t like its smell because it’s Marilyn Monroe’s favorite perfume. And I adore everything Marilyn Monroe. But of course, maybe over time I will grow to like it. I mean, I used to hate the taste of olives and now I’ve finally learned to like it. So we’ll see… And yeah, let me know when you test out and review the Manifesto! I’m sure you’ll love it:D

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  4. LittleMissSCB

    I haven’t tried Manifesto but I will on my next trip to the shops. I love the bottle! Thanks for photographing it so well 🙂

    I love Addict by Dior – It’s what I put on when I’m feeling girly. My signature scent however is Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier.

    I used to cringe whenever I smelt my mum’s Chanel no. 5 but I’m not so against it now that I’m older. Maybe it’s one of those scents that is appreciated as we age. Unfortunately for us women, our sense on smell decreases with age and we need stronger scents 🙁

    1. Kareen

      Hey! I’m going to make a note of Classique. I think that’s what happens! I think as you get older you appreciate more sophisticated scents. I would be sad if I lost my sense of smell completely.

  5. Sonia

    Ah! Manifesto! Je aime ce parfum comme rien d’autre. (Pretentious much?) I had to Google Translate that to French to really capture the emotion this evokes in me. Like someone on Fragrantica rightly said, it feels like a more grown-up and ‘womanly’ version of Britney’s Fantasy. I love, I love, I love. You should also try Lancome’s La vie est Belle. GLORIOUS! 🙂


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